Zhao fault did not easily hand over this token that can freely enter and leave Zheng Guogong’s house.

"You have given it to others!"
Flame lady flat mouth and said
"It’s not necessary to give it back to you … but there’s one thing I have to make clear to you first."
He carefully looked at the beautiful woman who still couldn’t hide her plump figure in a loose lake green robe.
"I’m not going to fight the Empress Dowager for the time being, which means I won’t help you with your revenge. Besides, I also advise you to practice hard and not aim too high."
After hunting in the frozen river, Master Zhao Xiaogong once again realized that the devil wears a monstrous power and stands for millions of years, and Daozong was also taken lightly by her. The Queen Mother can not only mobilize three less torchbearers, but also has a powerful role. The most terrible thing is that she holds the military forces of heaven!
The emperor’s inviolability lies in the soldiers! He won’t confront bad women again unless he has to. It’s pure suicide.
It is no exaggeration to say that the Queen Mother Dayu wants him to die in the Zhao family, which is also a look.
"Flame son, of course, also won’t Zhang Dan to touch the woman’s eyebrows …"
Mrs. Yan recognized the heavy loss in his words and hung her head. The enemy was invincible. How could she not count in her heart?
"The goal is too far away, you might as well look at the present."
Zhao wrong rubbed her little head with a smile and said
"Flame son hasn’t been trying to practice? This is the most correct way to do it. Of course, horses should relax even when the festival is over. "
"You are not allowed to call Yan Er …"
She beat Zhao with the wrong hand.
"Don’t you still want to continue practicing with me?"
Zhao Xiaogong ye snorted and said
"Give it back to Yaner!"
Mrs. Yan immediately descended on him to get the token back.
"Here you go. Here you go."
Zhao cuo also agreed with the continuation of this way of getting along.
Flame son grabbed the token and stuffed it directly into his arms. In an instant, he had forgotten the sad tone just now and threatened it with joy.
"Zhao is wrong. If you bully others again, you must definitely tell the master to let her stab you again!"
"Then I can get back from you."
Zhao fault cheerfully mouth at the same time, she sat to the side a little bit you’re welcome, shoulder to shoulder without conscious flame son also don’t know to hide.
"And don’t call me by my first name," Grandpa Zhao continued. "You are allowed to call me by my first name."
"Is that woman who got the right word?"
Flame son also don’t know what is thought of, a smile bent beautiful eyes, little face showed joy, corners of the mouth raised radian become warped higher and higher.
"She gave you a word to let Yan Er call … blame?"
"Be normal"
Zhao wrong nai raised his hand and pinched her white face.
"You’re hurting the flame."
Mrs. Yan disgruntled to hide his hand.
"What is the situation of Daozong now?"
Zhao wrong suddenly asked