Chapter 22 Fight without blemish
What does it feel like to be hit in the temple by a bullet? The warlock Luo had never felt it before, but today he felt it completely.
His forehead seems to have been hit by a heavy hammer of 100 Jin against the nail.
Then the whole person was taken out by the impact of the head.
Fell heavily against the wall
The warlock Luo covered his head, and the violent impact just now almost made him faint, but the defense of good crystal form was strong enough.
After consuming a certain psionic power, this level of attack can also be abruptly carried by him.
People in the hall heard the sound of similar metal collision just now, and some people saw the scene of warlock Luo flying out.
But most people don’t know exactly what just happened.
For example, at present, Wang Shu, a bald head, first stood one leng and then said with a little consternation and surprise.
"Play ejection start with me, right? Ask you a question. Which way do you mix? "
Looking at the slightly arrogant Wang Shushu Shiluo’s expression, he was vaguely angry. He didn’t have time to entangle with such gangsters.
The threat of long-range sniper just now is so great that he has no way to judge which direction the bullet came from …
"Hey I talk to you? You are a little ignorant! "
Wang Shu is still arrogant, and when he speaks arrogant words, his footsteps are also a step closer to the warlock Luo.
Normally, this distance is a dangerous distance for fighters and warlocks.
However, the warlock Luo faced Wang Shu’s hot pursuit and took out his wallet from his pocket. He grabbed some 1 yuan banknotes from the inside and stuffed them into Wang Shu’s arms.
Wang Shu took the paper money and flashed a smile in his eyes, which was panoramic view of warlock Luo.
But when he stopped, Wang Shu actually grabbed his clothes again.
"Ah, don’t go, just 4 pieces. Who do you despise? Do you know who I am? Wang Shu
Brothers around here have to call me a tree when they see me. You pay me 4 yuan to send me away? After going out, how can I mix this street? "
The warlock Luo’s attention department is a sniper outside. He hides his figure behind the wall and watches impatiently while coping with Wang Shu.
The warlock Luo seems that people like Wang Shu are too greedy, so people with tattoos and bald heads look like Tianrui Lifeng people, which is impossible for Zion citizens.
"I’ll give you one more. Stay away from me."
The warlock Luo pointed out a piece of paper money from his wallet, and Wang Shu immediately laughed when he heard that there was one.
"Ha said earlier, they are all mixed in this area and have something to find me ….."
Logan, the warlock, is too lazy to pay attention to Wang Shu’s remarks. He means snipers outside.
The other side assassinated him, which means that the other side is not Zion official. Renye Fang doesn’t want to cause too much fluctuation, which is what he wants to see.
If you can spend money to make peace, spend money.