According to the memory of this middle-aged man and woman, they are indeed the owners of this house, male 37 years old and female 35 years old. It is impossible for them to have a daughter as big as Wang Lan. In fact, for some reasons of the woman, they have no children so far. He also read that the couple are planning to adopt a child.

"The room is real. There is indeed a wang xing couple living here, but Wang Lan is not around. Everything is exactly the same as I used to live in Nanjiang City, but there is another ordinary person. But only Wang Lan is not. Who is my ex-girlfriend?"
Su Li’s thoughts erased all the memories of the wang xing couple just now. They can’t remember Su Li.
After Su Li quietly quit and disappeared here, it was a trance for the couple, and everything returned to normal.
If they pay attention to the outdated one second ago, they will find that they skipped a minute in this trance.
This minute is just when Su Li came into contact with them, because the memory was erased in this minute. Plus, they didn’t deliberately note one second ago, and they didn’t even know that they had disappeared for a minute. Afterwards, they would feel that this period passed faster.
It’s like when most people do something, they suddenly feel surprised afterwards. How can it pass so fast today?
Most people simply think that happiness is always short-lived, but it never occurred to them that maybe we experienced some special things in this process, which could not be known by ordinary people, and then were erased, which led us to lose this memory.
It’s like an hour, but if we are erased for ten minutes, then we will remember for fifty minutes, and our bodies and brains will tell us that today’s hour seems to be faster than usual.
However, we never doubt that we will comfort ourselves with a sigh, perhaps because we are focused on something and feel too fast, or because we feel too fast when we get together with friends.
We always have several excuses and reasons to explain this phenomenon.
Su Li disappeared, one building after another reappeared and returned to the ancient city wall in the distance.
At the moment, Chai Yawen is still talking about depression and tea, and she has asked no less than this Mohan mainland affair. Chai Yawen has always been diffusely answering one by one.
He looked at Su Li’s sudden disappearance and sudden return, and his attitude became more respectful.
Because he couldn’t see clearly whether Suli was leaving or returning.
This made him secretly horrified and doubted that this was definitely beyond him, the third order true god.
"What is the origin of this group of people? I can’t see through one. Are they all fourth-order true gods? It’s unbelievable that a group of fourth-order true gods can dominate the Moho continent. "
Chai Yawen politely invited everyone to visit his "Nanjiang Palace" while thinking.
Su Li and others have long sensed that there is a palace suspended in the heavy clouds at the virtual end of Nanjiang City, which should be Chai Yawen’s saying that "Nanjiang Palace" is also the place where Chai Yawen first lived in this group of true gods.
At the invitation of Chai Yawen, Yu Tea looked at Su Li.
Su Li nodded slightly.
Yu Tea laughed. "Well, let’s go and have a look."
Chai Yawen noticed this detail and his heart moved. Is this young man the leader of these people?
Su Li launched the dream domain, and then the ancient city, together with all the people inside, was taken into the dream domain, and suddenly disappeared, leaving the four emperors Yu Cha, Yin Candle the Great, Shao Hao the Great and Di Jiang outside the ancient city.
It is not surprising that Chai Yawen saw the disappearance of the ancient city. He can also do this by bringing ideal city into another magical power. He is polite to salute the five Suli people and then take them to the "Nanjiang Palace" where he lives.
He left the boat to two families to go back by boat, and accompanied Su Li and five others to fly to the depths of the heavy clouds in the distance.
"You are the God of Nanjiang City, and you usually govern this Nanjiang City?" Su Li suddenly asked
Chai Yawen said politely, "Although I am the God of Nanjiang City, it belongs to my domain, but we will not specifically intervene in the governance of Nanjiang City, but will select the spokespersons who also belong to ordinary people to be responsible for the governance."
"We have Nanjiang city encountered any major danger or disaster is likely to secretly help"
Yu Tea said, "I know you gods are behind the scenes?"
Chai Yawen smiled and nodded "Yes"
Yu Tea said, "Since you don’t manage this city, you have to take measures to settle the accident. What is the significance of occupying this city’s sacred area?"
Chai Yawen zheng thought how could they not know the significance of occupying this sacred domain with the true God? However, he still explained that "we really need mortal souls to obtain divinity. These mortal souls can be our source of divinity after death." He paused a little here and said, "Don’t you need them?"
Heard him say that Su Li and Yu Cha looked at each other and realized something.
Eternal universe wants to achieve the true God, and it needs to enter various Vientiane Sanskrit to obtain divinity, but there is no Vientiane Sanskrit in this Moho continent. It seems that if they want to achieve the true God here, they need mortal souls after death.
Su Li’s heart suddenly moved and suddenly thought of magic acyl.
In order to quell the anger of the magic acyl, many creatures were sacrificed to satisfy the magic acyl and then quell the anger of the magic acyl. Now it seems that the characteristics of the true god of the Moho continent are somewhat similar.
Su Li did not move, but there was a faint feeling in his heart that maybe he could really find some truth when he entered this Moho continent, probably because of the magic truth
He gradually became interested in this Moho continent.
"Brother Chai, have you ever heard of magic acyl?" Sudden exit of Suli
Listen to Su Li mouth call yourself brother Chai Yawen some flattered feel busy shook his head and said, "magic acyl? Haven’t heard of … "
He suddenly paused here for a moment before he hesitated. "Do you mean the magic acyl?"
Yu Tea, Yin Candle the Great and others immediately looked at Chai Yawen’s Di Jiang urn and shouted angrily, "Magic acyl first Luo God?"
Chai Yawen nodded. "It has always been said to our Moho mainland that it is the highest demon acyl group created in this vast border continent. God doesn’t know if you just asked if the magic acyl group is the same."
"Creator of Moho mainland ….." Yu Tea said, "Do you know where this Moho first god is?"