Before Li Hanguang went out, he specifically told him to pay more attention to these people in Huashan. After all, Huashan has even killed two holy masters, Tang Xiaofeng, who killed the delicate and charming double mother Xu Lirong and Yan Zigan, and the ancient iron dragon corps helped the Qinling side to break the dragon.

After Li Hanguang came back, he didn’t ask a few words about Li Hanguang, but he said, "It’s hard to say that if I didn’t want my brother to evaluate the’ aunt’ alliance, my brother would have nine words."
Sima Chengzhen asked, "Which nine characters?"
Li Hanguang said, "It’s terrible, it’s ridiculous and it’s terrible."
Sima Chengzhen said, "What do you mean by this?"
Li Hanguang said, "It depends on these two humanists, Meng Yunzhi. I have seen her arranging troops in Huashan, but there are unpredictable ghosts and gods. What’s more, her arrangement coincides with Taiyi, Liuren and Qimen. More importantly, it is possible to do this only if you study the number of heaven and earth to the extreme. If you know the number of heaven and earth, I am afraid there are graceful girls in this life."
Maoshan is the home of Daomen, and he also has a deep understanding of the number of daoist magic, but what he said is that Maoshan is less talented than these two girls, which makes Sima Chengzhen smile bitterly.
Li Hanguang added, "Brother Tang Xiaofeng, a fighter, never saw him start work, but he couldn’t even fight with his brother, who killed two holy masters. But many incredible innovations in Huashan were created by Tang Shaoxia, and I don’t know if he wanted to come out and join Huashan. If these people are ordinary people, they are afraid that they can’t manage everything, but Tang Xiaofeng and Meng Yunzhi, the two men’s commanders, can achieve strict military discipline, but they have lived in Huashan, the director of each exhibition, for two days. I know that it is by no means unreasonable for them to say that they have been able to win
Sima Chengzhen said, "What about this’ nonsense’?"
Li Hanguang said, "Whether it is Miss Zizhi, the leader of Huashan Mountain, or Tang Xiaofeng, I feel that they are fighting for a lofty goal, but they are playing, and many things in Huashan Mountain are unprecedented."
Sima Chengzhen said, "What about’ terrible’?"
Li Hanguang said slowly, "Isn’t it a terrible thing that a group of people get together with extraordinary means, incredible energy and unpredictable, and treat everything as a joke? No one knows what they will do in the end?"
Sima Chengzhen thoughtfully for a long time and then nodded his head.
He knows that his younger brother has an extraordinary vision. If he says that these people are fierce, ridiculous and terrible, even they are really fierce, ridiculous and terrible.
Tingting and Honghong will take Jinfeng to stay outside the palace and Sima Chengzhen will guide Zizhi, Yan Zigan, Zaishi sisters, Yang Moxiang and Wuying to enter Huayang Tiangong together.
The people outside were surprised to see that the patriarch Baiyun of Maoshan had paid so much attention to these little girls.
Maoshan Sect is the Lingbao Sect of the Qing school. The main difference is that the Qing school is the Yuan Tianzun and the Tailaojun Lingbao Sect is the Lingbao Tianzun.
There is a Sanqing statue in Huayang Tiangong, where the Yuan Buddha is in the middle, the old gentleman is in the left and the Lingbao Buddha is in the right.
The heavenly palace is staggering.
In the temple, people from Yingjie Qinling have already gathered. Bian Bi and Yuan Haoyi, the leader of the Jianpai Sect in Zhongnan, are here in Sima Chengzhen. They also introduced Huangyan, the leader of the Tenth Temple in Luofu Mountain, Hu Huichao, the true Tianshi of Jingzong Cave, and Zi Xuan, the leader of Qingcheng Jianpai Sect.
Hu Huichao’s sage-like style, if it is said that Sima Chengzhen wears a Taoist robe and gives people the impression that he is a Confucian, then Hu Huichao is the real Taoist school of Maoshan Tiandao, and Jingzong Gate can rank second, but the first and second expectations are much worse.
The first master of Jingzong was a fairy, Xu Xun Xu Xun, who was called to heaven by the Emperor of Heaven, and often took twelve brothers to save the world.
Although Jingzong also respects Yuan Tianzun and Tai Laojun, the concept of "God" in the doctrine of Qing school is not the same, but it is closer to the "Zhai Zhi" of Lingbao school and attaches great importance to filial piety. Everyone can be born in the world thanks to his parents’ kindness. If parents are unfilial, what about immortality? The so-called "heart is not good at feng shui benefits; Parents are unfilial and serve god; Brothers are not good at making friends; Therefore, it is also called "loyalty and filial piety", that is, "those who are loyal to one thing do not bully those who are filial are all in love"
Although Jingzong was founded in Xu Xun, Xu Xun was not well known when he was humble to the world. It was not until Hu Huichao took over Jingzong that he presented "The True Gentleman" to Wu Zetian in Tang Gaozong to explain the teachings of Jingzong. Gaozong Li Zhi was a filial piety, and his filial piety was deeply valued.
The real heyday of Jingzong was the funeral of the Yuan Dynasty.
The Qingcheng Sword School and the "Aunt" League of the Ten Temple Owners in Luofushan all have some real people who robbed the Xuan Tianbi Zixuan on the day of the festival. Tang Xiaofeng and Xu Lirong were personally hunted down, while Tang Xiaofeng, Yan Zigan and others in Luofushan clashed with the monks such as Huang Hu and Huang in the Ten Temple Owners.
However, the enemy is naturally released before the current festival. Besides, Huang Hu, the "killing monk" among the ten temple owners, is a highly respected and modest old monk who has helped the people in Lingnan. He is a Lingnan person and naturally respects this eminent monk.
Everyone is being polite. Outside, Mao Shandi sings, "The monty clan patriarch realizes the fairy princess."
Chapter 34 Shame on you!
Sima Chengzhen, Master Huangyan, Hu Huichao, Zi Xuanzhen and others are all moved.
Although Monty Sect is one of the magic doors, it has destroyed many magic doors recently, and even the original situation is not weaker than it. The unified magic door destroyed by Asura Sect has a great potential.
Five random flowers were the most successful time for the magic door, but the magic door itself fought for more than killing each other, which gave it a chance to regain its vitality. Now the magic door is unified again, which naturally makes it possible for the Buddha and the Taoist door to be unified. These leaders are extremely worried that more monty sects will soon change their religion and merge all the treasures of the magic door together, saying that if the magic door is really allowed to complete this feat, the tragic situation in the five random flowers in that year may really reappear.
Seeing that at the beginning of the year, the ten temple owners in Luofushan were on the verge of being enemies "positive monks", Huang Yan personally led the ten temple owners to stop the river and intercept the boat, preferring to fight to the death rather than let the three flower boats enter Lingnan, so we can know that the Buddhist and Taoist schools attached great importance to Monty Sect.
Hu Huichao whispered, "Isn’t Princess Monty the girl who dreams of her heart? In the past two years, the magic door that has been unified by Monty Sect is the dream princess. "
Sima Chengzhen hesitated. "The magic door has always been mysterious. Maybe it’s Monty Sect. What’s changed for the patriarch …"
Purple cheese is aside hee hee smile "don’t you know? Jin Xin has left Monty Zong and joined the’ Gu’ League. She is my hand now. "
Tybalt slain …
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere