Many people, such as Wang Jishu, suffered great pain before they shared their discomfort.

"Jin Yuwai …" Laojiu Sunlight shook his head and gave such an evaluation
Middle-aged people’s eyes have become a little horrified … At present, the old man seems to have such strength at random.
Although the other side knows things all the time, but I didn’t expect it to come to this. Wang Jishu asked himself that he was not an amateur in kung fu. Although he had never experienced the war personally, he was also careless. It was difficult for more than a dozen people to get close to him. He took advantage of his prime of life and confronted Laojiu with a few blows. He thought that even if he could not win, the situation would not be ugly.
But the result … made him accept it in some ways.
Although he lamented that the old man was terrible, Wang Jishu also knew that the other party’s moves were already kept. Although his appearance seemed relaxed, it was also because martial arts attainments reached that stage with ease.
Generally speaking, the master pays attention to other people’s tricks and conservative strength. If there is 100% strength, then 37% has reached the extreme, and the remaining three points can be used to cope with his situation, especially for a master like Laojiu. If there is anything here that can make a reservation, it should be extremely important.
"That student … is so valued by the old gentleman?"
Wang Jishu stone steps Zhang Wuzhi still trembled slightly.
"That’s my younger brother …" Laojiu cast a glance in the direction of Linxianlou, then turned his eyes to look at Wang Jishu condescendingly. "What do you think?"
"Huashan things you’ve got enough benefits … you’re not broad-minded. It’s long known that things were the same as old men, but you’ll pay attention to the wrong place today. If it’s the case, then it will be like this. If Xu Xuan has a problem … you’d better pray not to be found by old men." Laojiu said that he was indifferent and retreated a little, and then glanced at Wang Jishu and bowed his hand politely. "Wang’s adult …"
Put some exquisite dishes in front of the Xianlou building and put them together temporarily. Even if you want to give everyone an explanation, you just have to eat a few dishes to make a deal. It was not necessary to do so much, but Xu Xuan did it anyway.
At present, dozens of dishes can be found with the eyes, and everything can be made. It is the essence of Linxian Building. Today, we also take this opportunity to show a face in front of everyone, which is a marketing promotion. Although the result is hard to say, it is better to make it than not to do it.
In addition to propaganda, some of these dishes are eye-catching food supplements-all made according to incomplete recipes and prepared for everyone to see.
Zheng Yunwang looked at the dishes in front of him, only in terms of appearance, which was the top meal he had ever seen in his life, even though it was better than some high-end restaurants in Hangzhou.
Signature dishes have always been the foundation of a restaurant, Linxian Building. In this respect, it is surprising that there are so many spare places to support a restaurant. In addition, Linxian Building, which is more important, also has a distinctive "emblem brewing". Needless to say, many restaurants in Huizhou Prefecture are modeled after Linxian Building.
Look at the coming fairy building. The reason why people hate it is also from the fact that there are
"So Xu Gong …" Zheng Yun shook his head to drive away some emotions in his heart and then smiled at Xu Xuan "Please"
After he finished, he picked up chopsticks by himself.
There was a rustle of comments in the crowd that Zheng Yun was obviously going to share a plate of dishes with Xu Xuan, so everyone thought that Dr. Zheng was really helpful and asked everyone for a fair reason to do it himself.
"Please!" Xu Xuanwang gave him a look and then nodded with a smile.
Zheng Yun’s first chopsticks fell to Xu Xuan’s similar explanation sound.
"Steamed Stone Chicken Shanjian Stone Chicken is the main ingredient, accompanied by mushroom soup, a special product in the nearby mountain area. The meat is tender and delicious, because it is covered with a bowl, steamed and original, fragrant and attractive …" Such words are purely emotional for the dishes in front of him. After he finished, he looked at Zheng Yun with a smile. "What is the taste?"
This dish is very important in the food supplement of Linxianlou. Yuping Building has accumulated a lot of popularity by stealing this dish. That Tang Changwang is a loyal fan of this dish. Every time he comes to Yuping Building, it is a must-have dish. It is made according to the wrong recipe, which proves to everyone that this dish is not wrong, but it is not a problem.
Zheng Yun chewed it carefully, then nodded secretly. His angle was not at fault with this dish.
This is a typical Anhui dish, and the chefs in Linxianlou have obviously mastered the essence of cooking methods. They are good at burning, stewing, steaming and exploding, cooking with less heavy oil, and emphasizing color and fire. Some main characteristics of this dish have been reflected.
The food is a good food, but … It’s a pity that the food swallowed Zheng Yun’s heart and secretly sighed, then looked at Xu Xuan.
Gherardini expression appeared in Xu Xuan’s eyes, but he didn’t stretch out his hand to pick up the chopsticks that Xiao Er handed me. Zheng Yun slightly leng leng, and then his eyes were surprised to look at the previous life and take the dishes away from the fairy table.
This movement makes many people wonder.
Xu Xuan didn’t mean everyone’s eyes, but took the dishes and put them on his nose and sniffed them slightly. He said in a low voice, "It’s delicious …"
Then he crouched slowly in the crowd’s gaze, and his left hand slightly gestured to the front. The little yellow dog that was waiting to eat jumped over. Xu Xuan immediately put the exquisite dish lamp in front of it, and the dog’s tail shook as if it were going to fall off. Generally, the first two paws couldn’t wait to stand up from the ground. When Xu Xuan put the dish lamp on the ground, it pounced on it and ate it. Xu Xuan reached out and touched its head gently, which made the dog’s mouth "whoops" sound extremely painful.
After these actions, Xu Xuan got up and patted his hands gently. Then he looked at the crowd and said with startled eyes, "The food was made but I decided not to eat it." He said that his eyes looked aside and some Zheng Yun laughed. "What’s wrong with the fairy building? Do you come to make trouble and expect me to do as you ask? "
"I can’t see the problem if there is no problem …" Xu Xuan shook his head and stretched out his hand at the distant crowd. "But there are so many people here, Yuping Louding, the shopkeeper Jin Feng Louhu, the shopkeeper Zhu Yue Xuan Liang … and that, uh … I can’t name you, so many people are here." The voice said that there was a pause here. "But I don’t know what you really want to do if you just eat a few dishes … where is it so simple? If I really eat it, I’m afraid I’ll fall into a trap, "Xu Xuan said, looking aside at Zheng Yun." Brother Zheng, do you think it’s unreasonable? "
Zheng Yun seems to be stunned by his actions. He looks down at the yellow dog with wait for a while’s eyes. A kind of fear in his heart is suppressed. When the yellow dog eats, he can no longer suppress it.
Some people in the crowd could not help cursing when they saw such a scene.
"This is simply too much …"
"Does Linxianlou treat us as animals when it gives food to dogs?"
"It’s outrageous!"
"Brother Zheng?" Xu Xuan didn’t mean that everyone drank and scolded and noticed that Zheng Yun had some strange expressions. He held out his hand and waved it in front of Zheng Yun’s eyes, then pulled his consciousness back.
"No, it’s not …" Zheng Yunwang Xu Xuan looked a little frightened and flustered.
Xu Xuan gave him a confused look, and then his eyes fell on the yellow dog. "Don’t worry, this is a little rough, but … er …"
Xu Xuan here eyes fierce a clot.
"Blare …"
The original eating puppy suddenly gave a fierce meal, followed by a very piercing whimper in its mouth. It seems that the dog suffered great pain as it fell to the ground and kicked all its feet.
"This is …" Xu Xuan frowned hesitantly, and then some thoughts were opened. Everything is the biggest evil thought today. It turned out to be …
When this idea came to mind, many people realized that someone had slipped out and called out, "The dog is dead …"
Black blood flowed from the crack of the yellow dog’s mouth, and then the ground became a sticky pool.
Oh, shit …
Zheng Yun felt a slight gloom in front of his eyes, and it seemed like a sudden coldness. It was simply too dramatic for such a thing to be revealed. Some thoughts changed because of this, and some methods were connected. I don’t know how long it took. He looked up and noticed that the opposite student was looking at his eyes, and his mind flashed with horror. This shame and anger suddenly rushed out of his mouth. "There is something wrong with the food in Xianlou!"
He stretched out his hand to cover his lower abdomen, which seemed a little painful.
"Good doctor zheng poisoning go to the doctor …"
It’s a bit funny for the crowd to shout like this, but no one pays attention to it at this time.
Chapter 3 Ending (6)
Everything happened in the afternoon, but the sun passed through the ground, but many people were not calm. Although what happened in Rock Town at this time was like occasionally turning up a wave in a long river, even there would be no waves as time passed, but when things happened, the parties still made their due response.
In the quiet small courtyard in the suburbs of Rock Town, the woman in white has combed things clearly, which also gives a rough idea of the outline of things. She naturally can’t figure out that many things in this world may be unreasonable. For example, for Xu Xuan, because of her, Zheng Yun has killed her heart, which is a matter of figuring things out.
The female eyes fell on the courtyard wall, and the wind blew past, and the hair on her forehead was a little messy, just as she was a little messy. She looked in the direction of the Xianlin Building, and because the four corners of the courtyard wall were far apart and blocked the line of sight, she still couldn’t see anything, but she still stubbornly looked at it and then took her eyes back.
Since the student was in trouble because of her, something had to be done, and some decisions were made.
"Although it is possible to come in the past now …" lady white snake Beikou gently closed her calm voice to a certain extreme, but it made people feel somewhat complicated after all. "I still have to take a look at it in the past … I also want to ask my brother a question."
"Ask him why he did that …"
In the past, several people were talking in the pharmacy, and Shang Changwang was thrown into the wing. For the time being, some people in the Tang family were comforted by their masters. After a while of hesitation, they finally came to find out about the situation. lady white snake and others had dignified faces or silent expressions, and their eyes were all pessimistic about Shang Changwang’s situation
For these lady white snake is also a little explanation that the problem is not big, so that the other party can feel relieved. Later, the drug boy got the order and took the horses out of the yard after a while
For a woman like lady white snake, the best means of transportation is naturally a carriage, which is a symbol of a rich family as well as a carriage and sedan chair. When lady white snake came to Huizhou, he didn’t plan to stay for a long time, so the carriage was not prepared, and the horses were left by the original owner of this house.