I know that Guo Xiaosi nodded when I heard Tang Xiaoqian talking about it. He was clear about it. After all, he also got a lot of good things in the underground palace of the magic statue. Then Guo Xiaosi’s eyes were surprised and asked, Is it true that the magic statue war was also a thousand years ago? Guo Xiaosi seems to be able to think of what he seems to have encountered through the ages.

It’s true that Tang Xiaoqian nodded, immersed in memories. I once heard that the magic statue was actually a master of cultivating immortals from the spiritual world. He didn’t know that he got half of the cultivation or great strength. Compared with the master of Yuan Baby, he didn’t show much. It was this magic statue who was trying to gather people in the human world. The main purpose of the monster was to seize the cultivation method.
Paused, Tang Xiaoqian recalled a little, and went on to say that the fairy’s attention was attracted by this spiritual cultivation tactic. Many masters from the celestial world sealed the magic statue and killed its remains together.
Although Tang Xiaoqian said it simply, Guo Xiaosi could still hear that there was a huge murder in it. You know, it can cause the immortal to quickly kill and kill directly. This shows that the celestial world attaches great importance to this spiritual cultivation tactic
Moreover, the immortals sealed the magic statue but didn’t finish killing it. You can also see that this cultivation method is terrible. Guo Xiaosi is white. These immortals are definitely not kind-hearted, but they kill it and seal it with the magic statue.
What’s more important is that the celestial body wants to kill the magic statue. Is it that the celestial body doesn’t want to let the cultivation of immortals contact with the cultivation method, or that it is because the magic statue has done too much fire? Guo Xiaosi wanted to think about it, but he didn’t think that the magic statue had done too much fire. It is also the celestial body that forbid people to practice the cultivation method.
At the same time, I’m afraid Guo Xiaosi guessed that it was endless to practice the dharma tactic. I think it’s the magic statue and the celestial body, and this may be why the celestial body didn’t kill the magic statue.
Suddenly, Guo Xiaosi’s mind flashed Wei De’s story, and he remembered the mirror of heaven and science. He couldn’t help but feel a shock in his heart. Is it true that there has never been a battle in this celestial world, but that people practice half of the cultivation method and then need the mirror of heaven and science?
The more I think about it, the more likely it is that Guo Xiaosi can’t help but be curious about this spiritual cultivation tactic, which can cause the celestial world to peep. This spiritual cultivation tactic must be a good thing, and at the same time, he can also think clearly about what happened in the underground palace of Ji Xian, which is rarely wanted. It should also be that people have entered the underground palace of Ji Xian and then got the spiritual cultivation tactic, and then this spiritual cultivation tactic went.
So who in the end got the magic formula? Guo Xiaosi thought silently and then threw this doubt away. Or it’s not these things that need to be done at present, but how to get there
I really didn’t expect that the method of cultivating gods turned out to be from the underground palace of Ji Xian to Tang Xiaoqian. It’s not a fool to combine what she knows and think about it. It may be that people get the method of cultivating gods in the underground palace of Ji Xian and then go to the spiritual world, and then they get half or both.
We can’t talk about this matter to others for a moment. Guo Xiaosi said to Tang Xiaoqian and Li that this is for our safety.
People’s hearts are sinister, that is, the cultivation of heaven is the heart, but some cultivation of immortals will still be disgusting in great interests. Even if Guo Xiaosi three people don’t get a glimpse of the cultivation of gods, they will certainly not believe it, but will bring fatal disaster to themselves.
White heard Guo Xiaosi wake up Tang Xiaoqian and Li nodded, and they also nodded. Why would Guo Xiaosi say that? After all, it is very white to people from the human world to the spiritual world.
We walked Guo Xiaosi, waved to Tang Xiaoqian and Li Zhao, and walked towards this boulevard. The body and spirit were slowly running, and at the same time we were thinking about the meditation method.
Suddenly, Guo Xiaosi stopped and waved the jade tablet into the ring with Tang Xiaoqian and Li’s indecisive eyes, saying that you can’t leave anything that endangers your life
Guo Xiaosi can’t guarantee that others will nip this jade tablet in the cradle when they see its dangerous source. This is the life-saving tactic. In addition, Guo Xiaosi found that this jade tablet is actually a good material for refining. He would rather let it go than miss it, so Guo Xiaosi will kill two birds with one stone.
The three of them are on high alert when walking along the tree-lined path. The more beautiful the environment, the more dangerous they can hide, and the more capable they can relax their vigilance. You know, this is the underground palace of Ji Xian, and it is said that the origin of practicing the Dharma is more important. Ji Xian also said that the road ahead is still dangerous and everything depends on himself.
I have to say that this boulevard is very strange. Guo Xiaosi’s three people walked nervously for more than half an hour without encountering any danger, and this road seems to be endless, which gives Guo Xiaosi endless feelings.
Something is wrong. Guo Xiaosi is the first to be familiar with such a scene. I don’t know how to think of it when I was in the human world, in the peach blossom forest in Taiyue osawa, where I got the violent armor. But Guo Xiaosi has also encountered such a situation.
Simply put, Guo Xiaosi suspects that he has entered the illusion maze.
Smell speech Tang Xiaoqian stopped and his eyes were full of confusion. Something was wrong. I felt as if we were finally walking in circles.
Yes, Li Meiyu’s dignified color turned to look at the surrounding environment, and we seemed to be in a maze.
I didn’t expect this fairy to return to the maze. Guo Xiaosi smiled and immediately felt the aura of heaven and earth and tried to find an old way to crack this maze, which is to help form the aura of the maze. Its chaos made the illusion completely dissipate and revealed the real scene.
See Guo Xiaosi closed his eyes, Tang Xiaoqian and Li Consciousness kept quiet. Both of them knew that Guo Xiaosi’s research on law might be able to break the present situation.
It’s strange, however, that Guo Xiaosi ignored Ji Xian’s means. He found that his roots could not feel any aura, but he also felt the huge aura around him, but he could not feel the aura of forming a law.
Strange to hear Guo Xiaosi say this, Tang Xiaoqian can’t help wondering that among the three people, Guo Xiaosi’s research on law can make Guo Xiaosi shout the word strange, and it’s not generally difficult to want to come to this law.
I want to influence the formation of array aura, but I didn’t expect to feel the formation of array aura. Guo Xiaosi explained the method of array destruction to Tang Xiaoqian, and Li was also puzzled.
Although Bai Guo Xiaosi talked about what it was, Tang Xiaoqian and Li still couldn’t help them. They didn’t have any research on the array method, let alone talking about breaking the array.
Guo Xiaosi also knew that Tang Xiaoqian and Li didn’t understand the law and said these things, but they didn’t start their own consciousness, feel and understand the spiritual forces around them to see these dreamlands
When Guo Xiaosi put his spiritual knowledge into the Woods on both sides of the avenue, he found that he encountered an obstacle to let his spiritual knowledge move forward. He didn’t find anything to grasp the movement law, so he frowned and wondered what this silent fairy was to deploy.
Is it that Guo Xiaosi, who laid the cornerstone of the array on the ground, can’t help but think of the scene he met in the zombie hall. It seems that Lingshi things are buried in the ground and he can’t help but detect his own consciousness toward the ground
However, when Guo Xiaosi’s consciousness penetrated the floor, he immediately found that the corner of Ji Xianbu’s cornerstone couldn’t help laughing. Then Guo Xiaosi Hui Ling opened his eyes to Tang Xiaoqian and said to Li, I think I can find a way to break the array.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-seven The Bird’s Nest Hall
Chapter four hundred and seventy-seven The Bird’s Nest Hall
Tang Xiaoqian and Li felt that Guo Xiaosi seemed to have found a way to break the array when they saw Guo Xiaosi’s mouth smiling. When Guo Xiaosi said this, they should be happy again.