Liu Dazhi hand this more than ten people are all famous villains in Yexian county, and all of them are very hard to fight, and they are very imposing. Seeing their horses, they rushed to the front, and Liu Qingyun could turn around and leave.

"He also carried a beautiful bitch on his back, hahaha, brothers. Then everyone will take turns to play!"
"Ah, play pussy!"
"I want to be the first one!"
This group of scum shouted that Liu Qingyun couldn’t help but speed up the pace. If he fell into the hands of this group of villains, there was nothing to pick up. But if Ling Bo fell into these hands, it would be a great sin.
No matter how he runs, he can’t pull these scum away from both sides, that is, he will eventually let Liu Qingyun secretly worry in his heart through a decade or two.
Liu Dazhi was even more depressed than he was and scolded, "I can’t see that this small one can really run!"
It turned out that Liu Qingyun, a weak man, was not diligent in his limbs, and his physical strength was no better than that of his brothers. He also carried a big living man on his back. I didn’t expect that running was unambiguous at all, and he chased out half a mile or couldn’t step on his tail.
A scum called "Brother Dazhi, let’s signal!"
Liu Dazhi has slapped the past "fart! I don’t want you to give away 12 thousand gold! "
On the night of the exhibition, a thousand lingshi prizes were awarded, but a lingshi and gold can be exchanged for dozens of taels of gold when the price is high, and several taels of gold when the price is low. Therefore, the black and white road simply said, "The exhibitor gave a reward of 12 thousand gold!"
Liu Dazhi’s hand and a fairy signal sent from the exhibition night rain to ignite and put a hundred miles near to arrest Liu Qingyun will come to help Liu Qingyun even if he has superhuman powers.
Is Liu Dazhi worry instead these to "help" people he big drink a way "bastards! Take out the treasure we spent money on, and this time play with this bitch! "
"The boss said well!" This group of scum took out a series of khaki magic hands from the waist and tore their legs. As soon as the running speed was accelerated by 30%, the distance between Liu Qingyun and Liu Qingyun was quickly narrowed.
"damn it! It’s a divine symbol! " Water Ling Bo can see clearly "Run quickly!"
This magical charm is the most common spell in the cultivation of immortals. It has little effect, but it is a great loss of vitality, and it costs 30% to speed up in a quarter of an hour.
This time, Liu Dazhi had to catch a debtor, gambler, to buy these more than ten divine symbols.
This gambler is not good at his skill, but he has learned a little flying skill. Unfortunately, he got stuck in a gambling game in Liu Dazhi and ran away with a large amount of gambling debts. This Liu Dazhi paid a lot of money from a registered brother of Tianxingzong for this magical operator. I didn’t expect it to be late today.
Seeing that these villains are getting closer and closer, Liu Qingyun also runs the psychic force before running. After all, he is a weak man with a water on his back. Even though Ling Bo has a congenital psychic body, he looks at them as they get closer and closer. Looking back, he sees that Liu Dazhi is one or twenty steps away from himself. Even his moles and coarse hair seem to be clear.
He ran wildly, but it didn’t work. The water in Ling Bo was even more nerve-racking. "Oh, my God … don’t … I’m going to end up like this?"
Now she can drive smart, but little by little, she can’t cast effective spells, and hundreds of spells and lingshi in all the bags were consumed in fierce fighting last night.
"I need a fireball spell is enough …"
But she couldn’t find a spell in her hand. The thought of falling into the hands of these villains chilled Ling Bo’s heart. Hold Liu Qingyun’s neck tightly with both hands. "Liu Gong, what spells can you do besides teaching you how to tunnel the emperor?"
The tunnel emperor tactic was the first spell successfully cast by Liu Qingyun. Besides, Liu Qingyun knew that the spell had a "I can shine light around the big dipper pivot star" but it was not officially issued after a rehearsal. "
Fortunately, he has innate psychic power. Although he doesn’t go at the speed of escape, he doesn’t spoil the broth by running. "That’s all …"
There’s a water Ling Bo LiuQingYun back andao "was this chicken rib spell …"
This spell of "Light around the Big Dipper Pivot Star shines on the field" also has a stream in the major repair schools. It is said that it came from ancient times. It is said that the first six layers of refining gas can make a few groups attack spells.
There are only a handful of people who can practice group attack spells due to factors such as spiritual strength and physique before refining gas. This "light shines around the big dipper pivot star" is one, but it is almost universally recognized as a chicken rib.
This spell pays attention to starlight and dazzles people. When it is used in the early stage of gas refining, it can also make people conveniently block the light from him. However, if you have the strength in the middle and late stage of gas refining, you don’t like this chicken rib spell.
But now Ling Bo can be a dead horse when a moving horse is cured. "I’ll shout one, two, three, and you can cast this spell out. I’ll block it for you for a while …"
"Stop … one …"
Liu Qingyun immediately turned around and saw that Liu Dazhi and other villains had rushed to the future with horse-chopping knives and iron bars, but they were still driving according to the instructions of water Ling Bo. "Light goes around Beidou …"
Ling Bo, who is carrying water, is also forced to drive that little spiritual charm to sing a "come …"
As soon as the voice fell, there was already more than one fire color giant bird on her head. The two exhibitions were ten feet wide, and the plumage was reddish and handsome. She was very energetic and a flying jump had protected Liu Qingyun.
"Lingchong?" Liu Dazhi this group of villains first stopped at a stare, and then look at this Zhu bird carefully. He looked a little exhausted and immediately burst out laughing. "Brothers, this is Lingchong! We are rich! "
Before there was such a giant bird to protect itself, Liu Qingyun’s heart was greatly accelerated, and Ling Bo continued to shout, "Two, three … Turn around!"
Liuqingyun forefinger forward a little according to the water Ling Bo advice immediately turned to run eyes is a piece of white light.
Water Ling Bo is reluctant to give up in his heart, but he is determined to prepare this Zhu bird to fight with this group of evil thieves to the death, but his eyes are full of brilliance. Brilliant than Guanghua, he comes into view. At that moment, he saw almost everything.
"It’s beautiful …" Water Ling Bo praised in his heart. "It was the light that shone around the big dipper pivot star … no …"
She suddenly woke up Liuqingyun cast "light around the big dipper pivot star shines on the field", which is far from being driven by the early stage of gas refining. Look at this Guanghua cluster, which was circled by Fiona Fang for more than ten feet. It is even more dazzling and beautiful. Even her eyes are dazzled by this uh guano.
Fortunately, her eyes have been practicing hard for many years, and her spiritual strength has returned to normal after a little operation.
She was delighted to see the scene in front of her, and Liu Dazhi, a dozen villains, were holding their eyes in their hands and shouting, "I can’t see! I can’t see anything! "