Kelan just put on his underwear and an automatic dining car appeared at the door of the ward. Kelan hit the dining car cover and frowned …

Such a large metal tray has a porridge bowl the size of a small handleless wine cup, and there is half a bowl of incredibly thin paste-like objects in it-judging from Kelan’s appetite, this half bowl of porridge can top a dessert at most.
"That’s it?" Ke Lan couldn’t help asking, "Just give me half a bowl of gruel?"
Ke Lan glanced at the porridge in the bowl, and there were wisps of white objects torn into filaments. If he guessed correctly, it should be an old era food called bird’s nest. Many ark-born people have never heard of this kind of thing. If they say "bird’s nest" directly, their first reaction is to build a constant temperature bird cage with metal and glass in the ecological warehouse …
This kind of food is a valuable market at the end of this decade, but it’s a pity that Koran has an idea in his head at this moment …
"I want to eat meat"
"You haven’t eaten for four days …"
"I don’t care if I want to eat meat. I want to move my L level limit … eat meat!" Kelan bite a tooth and said
This time, Mary didn’t refute Kelan’s move. If the order doesn’t directly violate the "Three Laws", it must be executed conditionally.
In less than five minutes, the second dining car appeared, and Kelan smelled an attractive meat smell coming out of the gap of the cover without even lifting the cover.
"Grilled rib-eye steak with charcoal iron plate fried pork belly with iron plate fried goose liver, bacon, shrimp and asparagus … all the ingredients come from the exclusive farm of Marceau Consortium, and there are no artificial compounds and additional additives. I hope it suits your appetite." A woman came from the side and looked around-it was not Mary but a young woman wearing a black professional dress. She had dark brown curly hair and her head was tied in a high bun.
"And you are?"
"I am your full-time secretary responsible for assisting you with your daily life."
"What’s your name?" Kelan asked while poking up a piece of foie gras dipped in sauce and sent it into his mouth.
"You can call me Yuyi."
"Are you Yamato?" Koran looked at her beautiful face, although it has a trace of Asian shadow, but the whole is still the outline of Europa white
"I am a half-breed, my mother is a Yamato woman, but my father is not," said Yu Yi.
"Oh, oh ….. but Chief Caroline told me that this special consultant has nothing to do, and there is no need to match me with such a full-time secret." Kelan said casually while chewing a rib-eye steak that was properly roasted by charcoal fire, and his heart was already alert-this woman should not be sent to spy on herself, right?
"That being said," a charming smile appeared on the garment face and gently touched the hair at the forehead. "But I am still your housekeeper at the same time, and I will be responsible for your daily life …"
"It’s enough for the housekeeper to have that guy Cooper, and it’s crowded enough for me to live alone in my small broken place." Kelan realized that otherwise even the honey trap would come out. If I were an old dog, I might really fall for it.
"The consortium has arranged another residence for you, which is a four-storey independent villa with simulated weather simulation system, ecological garden and swimming pool, and …"
"Stop, stop, stop" Kelan interrupted her again. "To tell the truth, I don’t like living in a big villa. I’ll just live in my original place. Don’t follow me. When I finish this meal, you can go back and forth from where … If the consortium has something to find me, just call me directly."
What a joke to live in SOMA consortium villa … Even if you don’t want to live under their noses all the time? If it were Koran before, it wouldn’t matter, but now he is pregnant with these secrets and he has to be careful everywhere.
"Good" is a bit unexpected to Kelan. This "full-time secret" called You Yi did not insist, but readily agreed, "Do you want to leave the hospital now?"
"Well" Koran nodded and swallowed the last piece of pork belly, pulled up the napkin on the pad and wiped her mouth.
Kelan asked the clothes to help him after he was discharged from the hospital, and he left himself. It was a leisurely stroll around the nursing home. In the process, Kelan saw a lot of beautiful nurses, which made him secretly lament that the old dog didn’t lie to himself. This nursing home really has live nurses …
However, these nurses are all active on the first to fourth floors, and the fifth floor of the VIP ward is completely forbidden for them.
These are all asked by Kelan from a young nurse who looks less than twenty years old. According to her, only the head nurse can enter the fifth floor in a limited way … But these days, just two head nurses have something to ask for leave, which will give Kelan an an AI illusion in a nursing home.
"Hoo … can finally go home"
Walking out of the gate of the sanatorium, Kelan stretched himself and raised his head-"the rich area" South Zone 2, where the domes are all made up of modular environmental mimicry screens, showing that the sky is almost exactly the same as the earth.
"Oh, it’s a bit far …" Kelan’s residence is located in the North Fifth District and the South Second District, which spans almost half an ark distance. If you walk back, it will take at least a few days. There is no way for Kelan to make a map-fortunately, there is a maglev train less than 500 meters away from the nursing home.