At the top of the smoked mountain, in the attic, an old man with a Confucian shirt was playing a game. The red-haired girl snorted a pale golden eye and saw the teenager in front of the stone tablet through heavy clouds.

"Empress will be angry"
She gave a light smile to Yi’s kind-hearted elder.
"Palace so like him! Face-to-face reported that he came to the hospital, and I reluctantly came to accompany the teacher. As a result, this loser dared to embarrass me! See how I can clean him up when I go back! "
According to Taitai’s face, he directly lifted the chessboard in front of him.
"Don’t rush to conclusions"
The kind elder raised his hand and waved it over. The chessboard was scattered all over the place, and immediately returned to black and white positions along the landing trajectory.
"This just how can you conclude that the child is not? Just like the empress, if you don’t finish this game, you must make sure that you have lost? "
What the hell am I doing here in Xunshanyuan …’
Listening to his ears, he kept yelling and questioning the two people. There was confusion in his eyes, as if he had been awakened from a dream, but he couldn’t tell the truth from the truth for a while.
"I even turned a blind eye to tens of thousands of people’s life and death? Isn’t this just like the devil? Reach out and you can save their lives. "
Stinging Zhao’s mistake is the phrase "ten thousand lives can save hesitation"
Ask yourself, and at the same time, doubts float in his heart.
The hand holding the pen also trembled violently.
What I can do is not to let others die because of me, but is it something I should do? I’m not the hero, am I?’
People live all their lives but beg for shame!’
The deafening roar exploded from his mind again!
Self-pity is not what you do! Do what you think is right! Ask yourself if your heart is still sincere!’
"I want to do what I should do …"
Zhao wrong muddleheaded eyes immediately become awake! He held a wolf’s pen in his right hand and fell again. This time, the stone tablet was written smoothly.
"Master Zhao Xiaogong broke evil influence in his heart!"
Exclaimed in the crowd.
"Knowing mistakes can improve a lot."
Mr Wen nodded with a smile.
"Master Zhao Xiaogong, but how can an empress value people?"
Shang Sima Yu, the punishment department, remained unchanged and said, this is just that he dug a hole at will. Failure is also called failure
The officer doesn’t believe you can write anything shocking.’
"I knew this kind of pass couldn’t be stopped."
Zhao Shangxin breathed a sigh of relief, dignified and white oval face showed a little smile and looked at several male students around him.
"Is the teacher right?"
In the high pavilion, the elder with a crane’s hair will be completely defeated according to the black held by the queen mother
"I hope that the frozen river hunting of Sui saints can also kill the quartet."
Empress Dowager once again turned her attention to the teenager before Liyanbei.
"Give birth to what I want …"
She read Zhao Cuo lightly and took the lead in writing that half sentence.
"Give birth to what I want; Righteousness is what I want, and neither can be obtained. Those who give up their lives and take righteousness are also. "
Zhao cuo wrote his thoughts in his heart seriously at this time, but he also knew that he was not so great. Saving the more than 50,000 implicated koo would put his life in danger, but from all aspects, it was only this time and it would not kill him. He could risk the choice now.
It’s worth doing even to make yourself feel better.’
If you save those who are implicated, the result will be death … Zhao Cuo’s decision at this time may be the opposite.
Mr. Wen praised it excitedly!
"Give up your life for justice? This is a great righteousness! Blame is an ancient sage! "
"What Master Zhao Xiaogong just said turned out to be self-sacrifice?"
Many students are also showing their faces and admiring the gentleman for a while. It is a reader’s theory to cherish one’s death, but there is also a saying that it is difficult to die only through the ages! Being able to write this sentence in an upright manner can prove that Zhao Cuo really has the determination to sacrifice his life for justice.
"It’s really a national scholar!"
"Someone is willing to worship the wind."
"It is worthy of being the heir of the Zhao family who has guarded the lock demon city for generations!"
The face of punishments is already dark at this time, but then it is lightly sighed and raised its hand across to Zhao Cuo.
"Be born like Zhao!"
"What lay down one’s life for justice …"
The only frown is Zhao Shangxin.
"Empress has a good eye."