He has a lot of strength in the military. He wants to check the identity of a person, but this person is really mysterious.

However, Han Yan has his own body. big noble is confident and fearless. He looks straight at Mu Tianhuan and asks, "I really don’t know the truth, but I know that Ye You tried to keep my daughter and my daughter was injured that day. Is this nothing to do with him?"
Mu Tian-hen’s eyes were dignified, and what happened that night was so chaotic that he felt that the strength of these brave demons was enough to reach the level of terror, and at the same time, it made him feel better about Ye Yu’s senses, so he didn’t want to see Han Yanduan accuse him.
But now he can’t answer something. After all, he doesn’t understand it. He can say, "I can refute your words, but I can be sure that there is no Ye Yan, which will cause more serious consequences. He has paid a lot and is a commendable warrior and should not be despised by you."
Han Yan was about to push Wenke over there in a wheelchair for two days to recuperate, which made her look much healthier and more elegant and quiet.
"Mr. Han asked me to take the liberty to say a few words. If you still understand and recognize that Ye Yan needs to take responsibility after I finish, I won’t say any more, but I hope you can seriously think about what I say."
Wenke folded his hands and legs, his expression was dull, his tone was gentle and full of etiquette, and he also unswervingly expressed his attitude. Soon Wen Xin Qiao walked behind Wenke and smiled at Han Yan.
Han Yan’s eyes flashed and finally said, "Of course I’d like to listen to Miss Wen. Please say it!"
"First of all, I have to apologize to you first, and at the same time I have to say sorry to the painting." Wen Ke bent down slightly and looked guilty at the side of the painting and continued, "What I did that day was very abrupt and impulsive because it was very important to me, and because I misjudged myself, I was a little proud and arrogant. I begged Mr. Vientiane to leave the painting with a careless idea."
"This is where I need to apologize to you, Mr. Vientiane, and to the specific development of things in the painting. I told you that it was really dangerous, but I didn’t fulfill my promise after the incident, which caused me to be injured in the painting, and I was seriously injured and comatose. I am really sorry for my dereliction of duty."
Wen Ke speaks in a sincere and sincere tone, and these words are also true expressions of her heart.
The fact is that Wen Ke is not only guilty of painting, but also guilty of Ye Yi, Lu Zhou and Ke Ge. She should be the backbone of this team to undertake lifting protection for these young children.
But she didn’t make people hurt and share the responsibility. The disappointment with herself made her feel that she had made a big mistake.
"I’m really sorry that I didn’t take care of you that day. You trusted me, and then I thanked you very much. If you didn’t play an important role at all times, maybe the situation would be worse now. I’m a senior and I need your care in the end. I’m sorry."
It’s very unpleasant to see her idol talking like this in a small painting. She doesn’t blame anyone at all, but she can’t say for sure something and she is really upset.
"Dad, I said it’s my own business, so don’t say it, okay? It’s my own desire to go with them, and they have taken care of me very seriously and hard. I’m angry at you now."
Small painting drum with two big eyes stare at Han Yan don’t want to see this situation again.
Han Yan’s expression is as calm as hydrological words, which is equivalent to taking all the responsibility for himself, as if Ye You didn’t.
But before he spoke, Wen Ke suddenly changed his momentum, and his eyes became sharp, and he exuded a strong heroic voice. "I have already said Mr. Han’s apology, and these are the real facts that have affected you. I will try my best to make up for it, but I also hope that you will stop painting Li and Ye You, both of whom are very important friends of mine. I can not only do my best to protect them, but also want the whole literati to be their backup. Please rest assured that similar things will not happen again."
What Wen Ke said is equivalent to moving the writer out and warning Han Yan in a gentle way.
Wen Xin Qiao Gen didn’t expect Wen Ke to be so bold to say anything, but he couldn’t brush Wen Ke’s face, only silently supported him without saying a word.
Han Yan’s face became ugly. He didn’t expect that he wanted to pursue Ye You’s responsibility and keep him away from the painting. What inspired Wen Ke to move out of such a radical family?
However, let him more didn’t expect things to come out after Wen Ke’s statement.
"Mr. Han, I am honored to be able to cooperate with your company, and I am also very happy to meet a girl like Hua Li. It can be said that Hua Li has great kindness to me and saved my life. Similarly, Ye Yan is my very important friend and partner. I made a great contribution to them that day, and I have an unshirkable responsibility for the injury I suffered in Hua Li. I am willing to make up for it. I will be the most loyal friend in Hua Li after that."
Although Chu meteor didn’t move the whole Chu family out, his identity and attitude just now are firm and serious, and Han Yan can’t ignore it.
Chu family and Wen family are two deep-rooted families in Yanjing. Han Yan can be confident that he is not afraid of these two forces, but he does not want to see such two enemies, which will be a terrible situation.
A Ye Sui caused Wen Ke and Chu Meteor to pay such attention at the same time, and another non-military figure Han Yan suddenly lost his mind.
How else can he guess what happened that night?
The atmosphere in the room became heavy because of this conversation. Xiao Qiao couldn’t figure out what these people said, and it seemed that they were all very powerful, while all the onlookers looked at Han Yan’s attitude.
Ye Yan is a friend worthy of maintenance for them.
Han Yan has become in a dilemma. The other party has made the words so clear and taken all the responsibilities. Can he have the cheek to say anything? But let him compromise in this way and feel unwilling.
After a long silence, Ye You, the sickbed, spoke.
"Brother Wen Kechu, thank you for affirming that I regard me as your friend, but in fact, I didn’t do anything and I really didn’t protect my living in the painting."
Ye You looked at Han Yan calmly and said, "Uncle Han, there is nothing wrong with you accusing me. I gambled on my anger that day and left the painting behind. I thought about things so easily that I couldn’t make up for the injury in this painting because I had to take care of all of us. I am very sorry that you didn’t want to let her get hurt a little. You are a good father. I apologize that day."
Han Yan’s expression eased a lot of Ye You’s attitude and words unconsciously, which made his anger less turbulent.
"In this case that you-"
"But I can’t do it if you want me to stay away from the painting," Ye You interrupted Han Yan. "I don’t want to see any harm in the painting as much as you do. This mistake has made me more aware that I can leave her as you think. I am willing to compensate me for my mistakes and work harder to protect her. Please don’t make it difficult for me or the painting. Let her make her own decision."
Han Yan just softened his face, and the horse became more gloomy and stared at Ye You mercilessly.
Even others didn’t expect Ye Cong to throw out these words, which was really unexpected.
"Dad," the little picture shouted softly.
Han Yan looked down at the picture and wanted to ask such a question, but he couldn’t help swallowing it because he felt that he might not hear the answer he wanted.
"I underestimated you before Ye Yu, but I still don’t like you-"
"Uncle Han, to be honest, I don’t like you either, but I won’t abandon the painting, never."
"Then let me see what you have."
Say that finish Han Yan will pull the hand in the painting and leave the ward. What kind of small painting will flicker and hide next to it? It’s hard to look at it with your mouth closed. Han Yan feels her heart hurt and slowly puts her hand back and leaves the ward in silence.
Looking at this situation, people feel relaxed, and there is Ke Ge who is unhappy and muttered, "I can really talk and never hum-"