Don’t say that a Buddha mother is a real Buddha, but this anger may not be able to see through these treasures’ false power "color"

Who can know the truth of the law except Su Jing and his gang?
Except Su Jing and his gang, no one will know that these treasures are all furnishings, and no one will doubt that several powerful treasures are about to bloom and arouse the killing!
The old nun is not unguarded, but she never dreamed that this situation would be like this. Every one of them has a killing effect. The Buddha can overwhelm himself with flames and countless treasures fly away!
When the array method suddenly changed, the old nun was just behind the junction of the old and new fairy roads, and the old road was less than 100 miles behind and it was still collapsing. The new road was spread steadily and flat thousands of miles before her. Beside her, there is a companion who has just cast spells and is now unable to help.
If the old nun has profound magic power, what should she do? The most serious consequence is that she will be bruised and bruised, but how dare she! The treasure comes from the front and goes forward again, picking up its own egg and hitting the stone; There is no room for retreat when Xianlu collapses behind him!
The old nun ignored the young Buddhist mother’s cry that the other brother saved me, and the old nun sank down and sat down with one hand, unable to move the seal, and the other hand pinched the chisel, and the wind knocked on her zenith, eyebrows, people and the middle of the mountain, holding a spell in her heart and suddenly urging her to drink "seal, ah!"
Life and death are on the line. The old nun will call for Buddha’s blessing and body seal.
It’ s true that it’ s a treasure!
Buddha has magic power, while Buddha has wisdom, which is blessed to the Buddha’s mother’s body. With all kinds of changes, she can make a thousand miles. Let’s say this according to the old nun’s mind.
If the old nun is hungry, she will be full of food and drink immediately;
If there is a mountain in front of you, it will break the mountain, move to another place, or lift it for a while, and then the old nun will come back to the original place.
There are problems in front of you, such as whether the strong enemy can’t beat the seal and kill, maim or capture alive unscathed;
It’s hard to say whether the real seal of the Buddha can break the vicious array of the ancestors, but less Fo Yin will try to break the array.
What the Buddha can’t do with a seal can’t be done with an old nun, but in any case, one thing can be done with a seal, and it can be done at once.
The old nun fled at once!
It’s not to break the array but to escape. This is that the high people are frightened, horrified and scared to death, but they can still make accurate judgments when their minds are still in the most urgent situation.
If you rely on the power of the fire in the array, the old woman still doesn’t feel that her own treasure is enough to break the array; But then I saw so many magical treasures being played … That changed things. How powerful and terrible it is to command so many good treasures? Can it be broken with the seal of Buddha?
The old woman can’t break it. She recognized with her own eyes that there are so many pieces in the group of treasures that the power won’t be inferior to her Fo Yin! Whether you can break the array is uncertain, but you can’t go. Not sure!
What if the enemy lines are not killed after the printing? It is necessary to know that the array of fire burning and protecting the treasure covers 36,000 miles every time it is launched, and it also covers the territory. In the fall of 36,000 miles, any flag-returning spell and nest-returning spell will all work. Even if the intruders cultivate deep knowledge and can support it in the fire for a moment, they can’t cast spells and move through the great dun.
Treasure seal magic a golden light from the old nun’s heart turned out in an instant wrapped in insulation, and soon the golden light rushed out of the fire and escorted her directly to the outside of the array.
Spells compete for glory, and flint almost escapes from the large array. At the same time, there are several magic weapons in thousands of places in the uneasy state. When the old nun runs away, she still falls and hits hard!
The old nun sighed in her heart, not regardless of her companion, but she couldn’t take her own life because of her companion. Just now, the situation was close at hand and she escaped without the Buddhist mother who took off her power … Later, she chanted and turned over.
A thousand miles away in Anxious State, cries and screams kept coming, and treasures like hail hit the weak Buddha mother’s head.
The old nun who escaped alone couldn’t bear to hear the third cry, and she felt that something was wrong … There was no place left for the heavy treasure to kill the body. There would be such a sad and endless cry.
Not only did all the fairies outside her see something strange, but the Buddha’s mother was badly smashed in the fall array. Her nose was bleeding and her eyes were bruised … But that’s just it. That’s almost like a mortal being beaten and not too hard to look at, but her bones and muscles were not injured
The Buddha’s mother who was smashed couldn’t get up, mainly because she took off her strength quickly. She learned to be smart, curled up and put her head on her head. She no longer felt much better. She was backward and had a residual bridge that had not been broken by the residual fire and had not yet fallen into the sea of fire.
Did the Buddha mother not die in the fall array? Outside the array, all the immortals become speechless, and their hearts are confused, and then they move on to explore the true knowledge … When Qunbao first appeared, it was magnificent and brilliant, but now it is obvious that the immortals are dispersed and the true knowledge is cast before a look, and then it suddenly dawns!
A treasure that has long lost its power has no magical power to display. Waste is a treasure … but also a stone! They are different from stones except that they look different, and their roots are the same thing!
Xiu Yuan, an old nun, is better than an ordinary fairy family. Now everyone is white. What’s going on? She won’t be confused. When the truth comes out, the old nun really feels a grievance at the bottom of her heart! It’s stones that have stones themselves, but these stones waste such a precious seal.
The old nun felt that she was really crazy for a short time. She was crazy twice for the first time and scared for the second time. She turned her eyes to see the fairy family around her. Everyone’s eyes were full of respect, but she felt that everyone was hiding sarcasm …
In a short time, the "treasure" fell to the ground, and the aura of the restless state received a 36,000-mile flame. kill array retreated from the bloody evil yang and turned back into a delicate and beautiful Lingzhou large abandoned treasure. Instead of sinking, it slowly circled around Lingzhou.
Without the bridge, the young Buddhist woman will naturally stand firm. She struggled to get up, but dared not move or leave the bridge. Otherwise, a few fires would kill her and she would go straight along the bridge and wait for Lingzhou … It would be better to jump off the bridge and wait for the fire to burn.
Can’t get back. The young Buddhist mother looked back at the old nun outside the array.
Look at the companion. The old nun wishes … that she had never been here! Look what I have.
Without Fo Yin’s protection and a large group of companions, she would not dare to break into the coverage of the law again if she lent the old nun three bravery.
In the past, there was a frequent death of a fairy family, but it was not ridiculous or shameful. The universe is not as good as ordinary people’s skills, but this time, Brother Xidi came to the battlefield with great status and momentum. As a result, the Buddha really printed the Buddha’s mother and fled at random. The second Buddha’s mother was beaten black and blue, and now it is really a big joke. I don’t know how many years the celestial world will be recited.
If we continue to March, Su Jing will soon be able to destroy the "Fairy Road" and kill the trapped Buddha mother. However, he has temporarily closed the flame. Uncle Xiao likes to see the enemy at this time. Su Jing, who looks uneasy, laughs too much.
So many people in the companion array can’t ignore it, but they can’t manage the old nun in vain, and they have no idea. They turn around and consult with the Buddha’s nine disciples.
Quickly came to the front of the Buddhist monk Guan, and the old nun whispered, "At the moment, the Buddhist monk …" Before saying a word, the old nun’s eyes flashed with astonishment, and she found that Guan was dead!
Suddenly there was a strange wind blowing through the crown monk who had been sitting with his eyes lowered, and his head tilted and his shoulders fell.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-one I love dearly
At the moment, all the immortals are paying attention to the move of Shenni. At first sight, the first brother of Buddha has fallen, which surprised everyone!
When will the dead notice him?
Not long ago, Bujinwang urged the Golden Soup to help the Buddha mother break into the enemy line. Who dares to get close to him and cast spells? After that, the monk sat alone in a corner beside him. No one has ever been close to Fiona Fang for miles.
You’re exhausted from practicing magic and running out of oil? No matter how tired you are, you can’t get your head tired from your shoulders. The enemy beheaded the monk when he was weak after casting spells. The monk is not a fool to cast spells. Fatigue is expected. How can you not think about it before making preparations? There must be a small array around him.
It’s not bad to have the array now. Thirteen King Kong seal knots are big, and the array is firmly and properly guarding the crown god. It’s good to guard the corpse array when everyone is dead when the monks are alive.
Seeing the corpse of a monk in the distance, watching the ethereal fairy in the distance, all of a sudden, my heart moved and I remembered the long-winded statement that the monk was weak and easy to kill at this time, and I couldn’t help but turn my eyes to the big man in golden clothes around me.
Fairy heart dark I feel is this person? When my eyes turned away, I saw Jin Yihan sticking his head into the armpit to chew the itchy ethereal fairy and then being disgusted.
Su Jing, 36,000 miles away, also saw the Buddha’s brother dead from the array. It was funny, three points surprised and four points puzzled …
There was a sudden muffled sound next to the body of the monk Guan Shen, and the thin old woman became brilliant. The giant Buddha stood upright and his eyes were bright! The Buddha’s mother changed into a golden body. She is the Buddha’s mother, the Buddha, and the compassionate Buddha for a lifetime!
The merciful Buddha of the first world sank, "Dear immortals, please stay where you are for a while!" Say, "Turn over each knot with your hands, wipe your eyes with a seal, and your eyes will be brighter, and your eyes will seem to melt into a blazing flame."
Buddha eye! She can’t tell who is the real murderer by her eyes, but she can see who is bloody. Most of them have just killed someone … But when she lifted her eyesight, there was a sudden sob in the south.
The tragic death of the Buddhist monk and the murder of the Buddha’s mother were all silent for a while. At this time, everyone couldn’t touch the west, so the sobs were not loud but especially obvious.
From sobbing to crying, it’s a female voice, full of sadness and bitterness. She still tries hard and tries her best to suppress her crying and disturb others, which is even more distressing.
Crying lightly is a young fairy, right?
Almost all immortals follow the cry and look forward to a lifetime, and the merciful Buddha is no exception.
"Crying" is not a magic trick. You can find a fairy home as soon as you follow the sound. When you look at it at first sight, you can’t find anyone. Who cries?
The second eye, and then look closely to see crying … Where is the graceful fairy is a rough man!
A square face, a beard and a leopard’s eyes, three feet of black hair and an upside-down arm, a gold ring, a red skirt and barefoot boots. If he doesn’t know who has some knowledge, the fairy family will praise a "good prestige man" first when he sees his heart, and then exclaim "Mountain Monty Golden Bell Day"!
This person’s appearance is that his ankle is less than that of Big Monty.