"Little girl, I know you are little Jack’s daughter, and the old lady will change the light stone with you. That annoying guy will never come in." A toy kangaroo jumped out from the left and the toy was about one meter and five meters high, and his eyes were fixed on the light stone.

"No, don’t come here. I have a laser sword. You stay there." Pearl Krabs took out the laser sword from his waist and hacked it to stop the toy kangaroo from approaching.
"Ha, ha, ha, before the old play laser sword when little jack sword or I teach! He kept his promise and didn’t give his sword skills to others, including his own daughter. "Kangaroo’s mouth opened one by one and made a hoarse voice. Suddenly he deceived himself and went to Pearl Krabs to catch the light stone.
At this critical juncture, Pearl Krabs’s clothes suddenly spewed fog, and the whole toy filled in. At that time, it was hard to tell the difference between southeast and northwest.
"Asshole, this gas is weakened." With the sound of a large fog being pulled away, a strong fog gathered in front of the toy kangaroo a moment later, and Pearl Krabs had fallen into the arms of the young man.
"Don’t you think it’s boring to find a good hard toy kangaroo? Come out for air "Lin momo smiled and looked at the toy kangaroo.
"Smelly kid, I know you deliberately interested the old man in the light stone, but how did you get in?" The kangaroo jumped a few steps forward to open its posture.
"It’s very simple. When I was sorting out my clothes, Pearl Krabs put a weakening agent on her collar. In addition, these agents are used to display moving coordinates, so I slipped into this place. It’s not as good as my predecessors to live in the Phantom of the Opera for a few days. There are still many such interesting agents that will definitely make you enjoy yourself." Lin Sisuo smiled and began to dig deeply and dig Jack’s corner.
"Phantom of the Opera, is that your ship? If I promise those four toys, I don’t want them. "The toy kangaroo’s skin falls off to reveal a body. Surprisingly, it is not human, but the intelligent life of catfish-headed people.
Lin momo looked at the catfish man who was one meter tall and shook his head and said, "One yard belongs to one yard, and four toys can’t be less unless you teach me a few swordsmanship skills."
Volume 3 Out of bounds! Mirage Chapter 153 Sword Skill
Jack, the Phantom of the Opera, bowed respectfully to the catfish man and said, "Mr. Leo, you didn’t want me to meet you for 20 years. My brother really let you down, so please ask the teacher to punish you."
"Hum, when Jack was young, he still had some ambitions, so he was depressed. Go and see what you have done over the years. Don’t you and I know that when the small boss is drunk all day? Actually, I see everything in my eyes, and my brother is sad. Fortunately, you have the last trace of blood. Knowing that this mirage is your hometown, outsiders will disturb the quiet life here. Besides, I don’t want to change my residence and drive away those scum. "The catfish man sat on the deck bucket and severely reprimanded Jack.
Big Jack Hoo bowed his head and choked, "It turns out that the teacher has been paying attention to me. I am an asshole. I am really an asshole!"
"Come on, come on, don’t play clown in front of me. You’re a big bastard. I’ve been scolding you for so many years. Are you just beginning to understand now?"
Leno sighed and continued to be old-fashioned and said, "My brother is so slow to respond as a teacher. The Phantom of the Opera is much better than the star cruise ship you borrowed. I promised Lin Xiaogui to stay for a few days and get ready quickly. It’s not far from the competition day."
Jack wiped away his tears and looked up and said, "I know that the teacher must help me with the ownership of the mirage. At that time, I agreed that my brother couldn’t forget that I didn’t even teach my daughter swordsmanship. But you see, these girls are becoming vases. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if you were old in the family?"
Leno "Teng" got up, and the catfish eyes swept Jenny and Pearl Krabs’s two sisters sneered, "Who dares to joke that they are tired of living and let them settle down in the Phantom of the Opera? I have my own arrangements, er, I almost forgot important things! Where’s the toy that Little Jack gave the teacher? Take it out quickly. "
Lin momo just felt that Leno was somewhat superior in a cold sweat on his forehead. As a result, Uncle Catfish didn’t show his true colors for long and had a fight with Harley with dual personality.
Jack doesn’t have a problem with the residence of the Phantom of Leo, so he left two girls as beautiful as flowers to learn swordsmanship with the old catfish.
Captain Sasha motioned for a light cough and begged "Leo’s predecessors are good predecessors! Teaching one is also teaching two and teaching. Please bring us with you if you want to teach skills anyway! "
"Yes! Mr. Leo, we are willing to learn from you. "The size of the ship was encouraged by Lin momo. Yukona has the nature of booing and mostly prays together."
"You human beings just like to be crazy when you see others learning, and you have to learn by yourself. Different languages have different characteristics, different people also have different strengths. It is not necessarily a good start to bring things from others." Leo smoothed his tentacles and the old god said that he was foaming all over the sky.
Jack secretly curled his mouth next to his heart and said, "It’s worthy of the teacher’s rhetoric. I heard it fifty years ago. After fifty years, I didn’t change a word."
"Well, let’s stop here today and see what’s interesting about your Phantom of the Opera." Leno’s eyes turned like a thief, and there was no constant child forced to drill into the cabin.
Lin momo winked at Payne and told the gentleman, the most patient animal trainer, to keep an eye on him and not let this guy get into trouble.
"Wait a minute. Let me show you the Phantom of the Opera!" Fat has always played the role of sister flower, but he is doomed to be beaten.
Jenny’s coquetry voice is full of temptation and laughs. "Well, people like chubby little handsome guys best! Let’s go. "
Connor went to Linsisuo with a dull head, but he didn’t see Xin lend Jenny’s hand to teach Xiao Pang a lesson.
When everyone dispersed, Jack Hoo patted the boatwas and said to Lin Sisuo, "These days, our every move is in Burton’s sight. The other party knows that I pulled the Phantom of the Opera into the partnership. Today, Teacher Leo can’t escape from the other party’s surveillance. It’s really a little thin to compete in the business association alone. At present, six helpers are invited to count the Emerald as seven ships. According to the information received, Burton has a total of 12 star cruise ships."
"Seven to twelve? There’s no chance of winning. I want to know the details of the adventure guild release. "Lin momo looked at Dahu and asked.
"Now it’s not enough to put an end to the disadvantages. It’s random. I hope there is not much demand for the number of people this time, and there may be a hope of winning. Whether you win or not, I will go to the B-class mirage. If you buy the right equipment, you will definitely make a lot of money before the auction." Jack licked his lips as if he smelled the smell of sharks running pubs for more than 20 years, and Hu was full of money, thinking that it was not fighting and killing, but business.
"Well, the Phantom of the Opera is not a big alliance, but I will try my best to help you win the license because I need a strong platform to support a port that can shelter the Phantom of the Opera from the wind and rain." Lin momo turned his attention to the star sinking blade fragments, and perhaps there is a corner hidden in Xinghai, and the out-of-bounds galaxy has no ideal place to stay, which will limit the development speed.
"good! I didn’t see the wrong person. You are a good captain. You know what’s best for you. You want me to be the manager here. Then the Phantom of the Opera will take refuge in the next 30 years, even if you get into trouble outside. Although our family has declined, friends have traveled all over the world to keep you safe. "Hu Dengyuan assured the young captain with confidence, but he didn’t know that Lin Sisuo’s troublemaking collar was first-class.
One night, Leo boarded the ship, and the next day, the bundled propeller arrived. Pei Lin took the arbitrator robot to install it, which was much more efficient than before, and everyone on the deck was learning swordsmanship.
"Tell me about fencing in the first class today?" Leo played all night and asked with a yawn
There is no spirit in the face of the people being tossed by the old catfish, but Cui Hetang is energetic and first replied, "My sword skill is to make the laser sword fighting skill a means to defeat the enemy and let us play a stronger role."
Leo rolled his eyes and disdained to say, "these are things that are in order. I like some special answers."
"If you want me to say that swordsmanship is red, black, red and blood-black, it’s a conspiracy." Connor suddenly interposed yesterday that he was hypnotized by Jenny and woke up in the middle of the night to find that he was lying in the salsa bathtub with a pair of pants stripped off. The most hateful thing is that he was covered in ketchup. The red color is unforgettable and injured, so he had this answer early today.
"Well, Xiao Pang is good and very appetizing for the old lady." Leno nodded approvingly and then looked at others.
Lin momo sat at the back and said, "You can learn a lot without bending down. One thing is to think for a moment and answer," The laser sword is sharp and has many characteristics such as cutting, cutting, melting, stabbing, retracting and releasing. The sword skill is to balance the characteristics of the laser sword. "
"Still fairly, but you said the word checks and balances is very important. What is checks and balances? Checks and balances are leverage to pry one’s own advantage away from the enemy’s advantage. "Leo took out a laser sword and hooked his finger at Connor." Xiao Pang attacked me with your sword and said that you can grow rapidly in actual combat. "
Connor turned his small eyes and smiled. "Teacher Leo, I am afraid that I will hurt you and give the opportunity to others!" For example, the bald man who answered your question first. "
Cui Hetang is eager to try, and he despises being fat and timid. You know, this is a great opportunity to learn from the predecessors.
"All right, I want to give you a few examples. Don’t worry about baldness, just come." Leno picked up the laser sword and didn’t have the so-called superior tolerance, so he just went to wait for Cui Hetang’s sword on the spot.
"I’m coming carefully, seniors." Cui Hetang practiced hard at ordinary times. Because there was no source ability, he focused on explosive power and various skills. As soon as he swept the sword light, he "buzzed" and killed the crowd.
Leo didn’t even lift his eyelids, deflected his sword slightly to the side, hit the hilt of Cui Hetang and gently kicked it to see Cui Hetang. The whole person flew out of the Phantom of the Opera and fell out to the ground, hitting the energy shield of the berthing platform far away before stopping.
"See? Do you know that you have to fight hard blindly? "Leno turned around and looked at Connor with malicious intent." Give him a denial and come out with a sword. "
"You must be careful with your hands." Fat Connor practiced a pair of good eyes in the group of stars and thieves, knowing who is easy to bully and who can’t provoke the Lord. Although Leo is very short, he is a martial artist.
第3卷 界外!蜃楼号 第154章 指导
"You’re right. Sword skill is a lever. However, Brother Wu has different source abilities. This lever is not so easy to grasp the balance. I have a vague feeling." Lin momo smiled and learned from the enemy. It has always been his habit to learn some skills. The language is slightly pale, and it must be hard to understand.
"Buzz …" Every collision in the strangulation of two swords flashed a halo.
Leno gradually adapted to Lin momo’s quick attack, and then he didn’t look down on the other side. It became easier to take off the sword and turn around.
Lin momo was surprised in his heart. Leno deliberately hid the monastery and didn’t know how many levels he was. Judging from the reaction speed, he was experienced in combat and was like eyes. From which angle, the sword would be easily blocked by the old catfish.
"Hey you this matter? This kind of attack is very cheap for the enemy who is not as fast as you, but once you meet an opponent with the same physical quality, then your laser sword is a firewood stick, and there is no threat. "Leo’s offensive and defensive still has the strength to guide the image to shine in the eyes of everyone.
"Ha ha, speed is my strength, but my endurance is also good." Lin momo’s wrist flips and the laser sword turns to attack and defense, and still Leo confronts.
"Cong sees that I’m going to be cruel to you, so I can be a captain. It’s really different." Leno is playing harder and harder, turning his hands around Lin momo every time.
"Peng Peng …"
After half a minute, Lin momo couldn’t stand the other party’s chopping, took six or seven steps back, took a deep breath and stabilized himself, holding the laser sword god and keeping an eye on the old catfish.
"You didn’t lose, come back." Leo didn’t stretch his muscles for a long time and felt stiff. He wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate to the boat children and measure the bottom line of Lin Xiaogui by the way.
Lin momo has a strong pride in his heart, and then he relaxes his wrist and drags the sword light to meet Leo again.
"Good this sword is good. How does this sword miss? Are you an idiot? Close your eyes to induction. "Leno’s scolding gradually weakened, because he found that the small progress in front of him had just woken up and realized what was wrong. For more than 200 years, this qualification of human beings was few and far between.
"Smelly little turned out to be the kind of monster guy among human beings" Leno stepped up his offensive with a burst of condescension in his heart.
At this moment, Lin momo is sweating like a pig. Every time he attacks and defends, he has to pay several times more physical strength than usual. However, this kind of pay is worth gradually realizing the benefits of laser sword.
Leno is not in a hurry to stop playing, which always makes Lin momo feel that she can’t stay up and has hope to persist.
Lin momo couldn’t cope with it when the sound suddenly sounded in my mind. "Don’t give such a good chance to transplant a mermaid soft bag like a coward. Didn’t I help you transform it?" Don’t you have any initiative when you stay in Level 4 for so long? "
"You mean?" Lin momo heart suddenly suddenly saw a sword light arrived immediately willy-nilly to attack.
Leo was very surprised that Lin Xiaogui became more and more fierce, and the sword light shot down the previous demonstration skills like a rainstorm. In turn, he couldn’t help laughing. "Lin Xiaogui played gravity in front of the density black hole. Isn’t this boring for you?"
Lin momo doesn’t talk, and a sword is as fast as a sword, and it blooms dazzling light and shadow.