Looking back to Zuo Chaoyang, "Old and crazy, deaf and dizzy, your legs and feet are not good. You have to listen to your mother, take good care of the old, sleep on a couch, and pat me to sleep …"

Zuo Chaoyang was amused. He said, "Be good and I will treat you as an ancestor all the way."
Zuo Jingjing also smiled.
Then an old man and a young man beat the horse with a smile and left.
Zuo Chaoyang and Wang returned after a meal. Lin Yi also quietly left the house with Huyanyuer.
The two packages were sealed out of Hezhou and headed for Fengxiang.
On the evening of the third day, Lin Yi and Hu Yanyuer entered a town, and they were going to stay for the night before continuing their journey.
Lin Yi found an inn and then they went in.
Huyanyuer went in and was stunned. She saw a table by the window in the west, looking back and Zuo Chaoyang.
Huyanyuer is now both eager to see Zuo Chaoyang and afraid to see Zuo Chaoyang. Her heart is always full of complicated Mao Dun, and Phoenix Liancheng insults her. The picture always jumps out like a poisonous snake and bites her soul. Sometimes she feels very dirty, which makes it harder for her to face Zuo Chaoyang.
Huyanyuer recovered and looked at Lin Yi complaining.
Is this a chance encounter or is it specially arranged by Lin Yi?
Huyanyuer Trail "Brother, let’s change hotels"
Lin Yi also replied in a low voice, "This broken town is such a decent inn. Anyway, they don’t recognize you. Don’t worry, I will never reveal your identity."
Looking back and Zuo Chaoyang also saw Lin Yi.
Looking back at Lin Yichao’s hand, he said, "Haha, it’s really hard to meet in life. Isn’t this the old Tang family Sun Xiaotang? Come and eat and drink together."
Chapter 23 Golden Nine Buddhas (3)
Looking back, Lin Yi and Zuo Chaoyang both laughed, and two people looked back in vain and called Lin Yi "Little Tang"
Lin Yi goes to their table HuYan Yuer or in the past.
The two left Chaoyang and they sat opposite each other.
Zuo Chaoyang met Hu Yanyuer when he killed the blood monk in the ghost town. At that time, Hu Yanyuer avenged his father’s death, and Zuo Chaoyang was deeply impressed by her.
Zuo Chaoyang smiled at Huyanyuer for a moment, and Huyanyuer also smiled, then looked away and pretended to look elsewhere, but his heart was upset.
Zuo Chaoyang poured Lin Yi wine and asked with a smile, "Xiao Tang, why are you here?"
Lin Yi looked back and said with a smile, "I don’t trust the old Tang. I will come after I have settled everything at home."
Zuo Chaoyang realized that Lin Yi also wanted to go to Yehuling with them.
Zuo Chaoyang, a colleague of Lin Yi, is very happy.
But Zuo Chaoyang is puzzled. Lin Yi took this girl.
Zuo Chaoyang deliberately asked, "Xiao Tang, can you introduce this girl?"
Lin Yi said, "Her name is Hu Wanling. Because she is thoughtful and hardworking, I will take her with me and take care of me …"
Lin Yi this excuse to make yourself feel funny.
He also said this on purpose to make Zuo Chaoyang suspicious.
Sure enough, Zuo Chaoyang immediately became suspicious after hearing Lin Yi’s lame excuse. But it’s unreasonable that the son-in-law of the Southern King and Su Qinghou should take a girl to take care of him all the way, and he is widowed.
If Su Jiner knows, it will be great.
But look at Lin Yi’s performance, he is not afraid of Su Jiner knowing.
Zuo Chaoyang felt that there was something else to hide.
Huyanyuer tried to change the tone of her voice so that Zuo Chaoyang couldn’t hear her. She said to Zuo Chaoyang, "Thank you for the ghost village, otherwise I can’t repay my daughter for a glass of wine."
Huyanyuer took the wine and toasted Zuo Chaoyang. Zuo Chaoyang went to pick up the wine. His hand met Huyanyuer’s finger and Huyanyuer shrank his hand. Zuo Chaoyang took the wine and drank it off. Then he ordered some food for four people to eat and drink.
Xi Huyanyuer is taciturn and keeps drinking wine.
In the face of the man I love most in my life, it is really hard to describe the pain in Hu Yanyuer’s heart now that she has lost her beauty.
Wine into sorrow depends on how much sorrow it fills.
Huyanyuer tried his best to control his emotions, while Zuo Chaoyang watched Huyanyuer without moving.
The abnormality revealed by Huyanyuer failed to deceive Zuo Chaoyang.
After a full meal, all four of them went to the upstairs guest room to rest. Although men and women are different, Lin Yi and Hu Yanyuer both treated each other as relatives and appeared in the northern government site. For safety reasons, Lin Yi slept with Hu Yanyuer.
Lin Yi pulled a long stool to be slept, and Huyanyuer slept on the bed.
Huyanyuer felt more groggy after drinking a lot of wine because of his melancholy, and soon fell asleep.
After falling asleep, two lines of clear tears flowed from the eyes and wet the pillow.
Zuo Chaoyang lives in the same room with Wang Huigui. When he returns to the room, Zuo Chaoyang wants to talk from Wang Huigui.
He said, "Brother, this girl Hu is not Brocade, is she? Otherwise, Xiao Lin takes her to live in the same room … "