He ordered while playing "kill all these guys behind first! !”

Neru suddenly felt a chain of wind blades coming, and quickly blocked his arm armor, followed by a piece of ice, ice and arrows. He quickly dodged the range attack and then locked the source of the attack, which was a girl flapping her wings and flying halfway.
Hang Xiaobai knows that Nilu is very strong, and he may not be close to his opponent to distance himself from his flight advantage.
Nilu received several attacks from Hang Xiaobai in succession.
This process can be said to have suffered a little.
He realized that the other side is a man with strong control ability and innate flight advantage. If it is not solved quickly, I am afraid the battle will become endless.
"Hurricane impact!"
A hurricane shock wave hit every other way
Hang Xiaobai guessed that he dodged before moving.
But Neru also guessed that Xiaobai’s reaction took the opportunity to jump in and quickly narrow the distance. His left hand swung out and shot a light rope, which caught Hang Xiaobai and jerked him back, dragging him to the front and burning his right fist quickly.
"Explosive impact!"
This blow is going to be solid.
Hang Xiaobai is also hit hard when he dies.
Hang Yu’s flicker teleported, and a bullet appeared in Nilu Xiaobai’s body in an attempt to destroy Nilu’s heavy blow. Nilu continued to wave his fist and prepare to involve Hang Yu Xiaobai in the attack range.
Violent quarrelling!
A blood-red breath broke out in Neru Xiaobai.
Neru’s left hand holding the light rope was dispelled, and the burning anger of his right fist was weakened, and finally he hit Hang Yu.
It didn’t work!
The eruption flame is absorbed.
The fire element Wang Xin counteracts the fire damage.
Hangxiaobai’s recovery was protected by the contractual force, but he was not injured by Hangyu. Throw a flash to interrupt Nilu to continue his attack.
Hang Yu took the opportunity to switch weapons.
Holding the scorpion axe in the left hand and the evil bone sword in the right hand.
He killed Neru and ordered, "Xiaobai will deal with him. I will deal with this bear goblin!" "
Hang Xiaobai flapped his wings without hesitation and stepped back to his senior bear goblin.
Neru saw that Hangyu was not simple.
Judging from the momentum of the other side, there is also a complete third-order bearing
Besides, the two weapons in his hand are blue weapons.
This guy is not inferior to himself in all aspects except his rank. It is very likely that he is the leader of this race and the Lord of Desert Town.
Bear goblins have been losing ground.
The front huge shield soldiers were unilaterally attacked and suffered heavy losses.
They had to retreat and rush to the rear to fight.
Can play hundreds of ready-made figures to kill the gate of deserted valley town when the bear goblin retreats
"Don’t let go of one!"
There are too many.
Most of them are higher humans.
In addition, the mage soldiers and Gong Bing also followed closely with fire support.
Bear goblins have been completely disrupted and the loss of healers is too great. How can this situation stop the attack from both sides of human beings? The number of bear goblins is rapidly shrinking due to the crazy attack of human forces.
The goblins didn’t realize that something was wrong until now.
The root of the barren valley town is a trap. These guys are no less powerful than Heisha Town!
Nilu discovered that it was too late. At this moment, he had been entangled in Hangyu, and there was no way to get out. Hangyu’s speed and strength were extremely high, and the two weapons were sharper and had sufficient backup. Even Nilu could not fight this situation.
Toxic splash!
Hang Yu’s right-handed tomahawk cuts quickly.
A mass of venom spilled on Neru.
Let Neru’s poisoning state become deeper, and he feels that his attributes are declining.
Hang Yu’s left hand quickly stabbed Neru through the defensive gap and hit Neru’s chest. The curse released by the gray rune immediately enveloped Neru.
And at this time.
Face encirclement and suppression has been temporarily.
Human beings fight in an orderly way, and the division of labor is definite. However, the number of bear goblins being quickly eroded in the encirclement has become less and less.
Call here
The battle is settled.
Neru knows today is over!
Bring your own troops, even to annihilate here.
He took a bitter look at Hangyu and suddenly found a breathing space to pull back. He took out a dagger full of runes from the object and stabbed it into his chest without hesitation.
This dagger seems to be able to absorb vitality and drain the body very quickly, causing Neru to directly fall to the ground and explode several objects including blue balls of light.
Everyone is a face of Meng.
This guy committed suicide!
Chapter 37 Make a fortune in war
I didn’t expect this guy, who is very strong and mostly the Lord of Heisha Town, to commit suicide.
Hang Yu is not surprised that the bear is clever enough. He knows very well that if he does not choose to commit suicide, the consequences will definitely be more serious once he is captured alive.
If he is really the Lord of Blacksand,
In case the seal is captured alive and thrown into the dungeon.