If you really want to pursue your claim according to this, you should also ask the European Union District of Milian District first, right?

According to the Huaxia area, these two students found that they were seriously injured and their heads exploded. This gene evolved in a strong environment. This Doka called for reinforcements!
In other words, it is the Dokari level.
Although this genetic evolution environment is not only from the outside of skin color, it should be from Milian District of the European Union.
If so, the real person in charge should come from the European Union District of Milian District, right? "
Nyirabu one stand hand and smiled at the people in Milian District and the European Union District. "Of course, I didn’t mean to target you.
It is practical. "
Mai Peng ‘ao, deputy director of the Gene Committee of Milian District, also laughed first. "There are also many Indian-American rice in Huaya District, right?"
Laughing and pie mouth "I don’t know what it is that Commander Gaisheng initiated this emergency meeting.
That’s right. Let’s wrangle?
But I think let’s pass the buck. Commander Gaisheng still announced the specific situation of World War I!
I strongly doubt that two students have lost the genetic evolution environment! "
"Don’t always judge people’s hearts with your shame!"
Gaisheng, the commander of Huaya Mars Base with a hot personality, directly directed at Mai Peng Aoyi, deputy director of the Gene Committee of Milian District.
"You two don’t have a heart suspicion!
Do you suspect me of calling this emergency meeting?
Would you please pump your brains for three minutes before questioning?
Everyone can see that it can’t be characterized by ethnicity.
It happened that you guys fought first! "
"I called this emergency meeting to warn the commanders of the five bases and those responsible for the joint area!
Wake up, some of you want to do something, not find someone to blame through mouth guns! "
This spit star is almost sprayed on Maipeng’s face.
But it’s not over yet.
Gaisheng in the conference room slowly looked at all the people again. "I say someone wants to do something."
The target may be one of the five existing Mars bases!
Behind the scenes, it may be an alien invader, a traitor spokesman among them.
It is also possible that the Dawn Redemption Traitor Organization represents several major organizations.
Of course, some people are also suspected! "
Gai Sheng’s words made Mai Peng ‘ao’s face slightly gloomy, and Nyirabu, deputy director of the Gene Committee of Guangyin Joint District.
Bang bang bang!
At the same moment, Plesian, deputy director of the Gene Committee of the Russian Federation, took the lead and clapped his hands, which became warm.
"Commander Gai warned that we all received it. It can be seen that once the plot is succeeded, one of the five Mars bases may be in great danger!
So what kind of response and counterattack should we make against such a conspiracy? "After the palm cover column xi’ an and took the speech discussion became warm again.
Raymont, the commander-in-chief of the main and extraterrestrial lunar bases of the Bluestar Gene Committee, said nothing at the meeting except a few words!
Silence and watching!
Because of this, meetings are often nothing but a little more saliva.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Hunting list battlefield
"The hunting list is out. Do you want to see it?"
Suddenly YanLieYin let directly into deep sleep through meditation to restore the spirit Xu retired and woke up.
Suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, it took about a second for the whole person to fully recover from body to spirit.
Is completely woke up.
Of course, it is Yan Lie, a comrade-in-arms who has obtained a certain degree of reliability, who dares to take a deep sleep and rest to recover.
Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to make a refund.
"Hunting list? Sent out so soon? "