"Yes, it is the BOSS." Yaori also nodded and smiled at him.

"Quack! That’s the big robot! "When answering, the thunder also deliberately lengthened the voice.
"Wow! Are you going to challenge that robot? "I have seen the robot Labra exaggerating and calling out." That robot can’t win even if it finds one hundred people, can it? 」
"That is to say! "The new killer chimed in with different mouths." How will the giant bully fight? Is this too big to play? 」
"After all, it’s A-level. How can you not make it bigger? Yan Xing, a game designer, suddenly appeared behind us with a sly look and smiled at them. Is that robot of yours a decoration? 」
"That’s right! "Labra granted expression nodded in response.
The new killer followed suit and said, "It’s more suitable for decoration! 」
"What did you say a level? Where is it? A level? "Others heard the level and saw us say a face of Naida was curious to ask.
"If the BOSS is a robot, it should be the orange state, right? Another player replied, "I heard that that continent is a robot continent."
"Cat members even if I told the iron a! "God music came from the second floor. Behind him, he followed the iron color and wanted to talk to In the snow Sakura.
"I didn’t expect you to work out so quickly. It’s amazing! "Iron crazy praise with a smile.
"I also want to go to the cat! "In the snow sakura heart came running towards me." Although I’m not good at fighting monsters, I have learned a few large magic circles, which can help me! 」
"I also want to attend! "Labra raised his hand and said," I heard that the super-difficult one is rare to have this opportunity to see one! 」
"hey! I also want to sign up! Ok? "There was a militant follow-up in the crowd immediately.
"Me too! Count me in! 」
After a noisy registration, we formed a large team with a total of 132 players. Almost all the players in the Chamber of Commerce participated in this.
"Before you leave, everyone should remember to replenish the supply! "The new killer took the opportunity to attract business." It’s time to buy things and repair weapons. When you get there, you can’t make up and repair them! 」
Listen to the new killer, all the players have to check the equipment, and the chamber of commerce is more lively than it is.
"This way will be too big? "Looking at the crowds in front of me, I really feel a little too exaggerated.
"Don’t rely too much on the number of people. About three-quarters of people here go sightseeing and serve as meat mats." Yan Xing made a vicious comment with an elegant smile.
"Not so bad? "The new killer casually named several people and responded," God Music, Iron Fantasy, Labra and Ah Dou Zi over there, Hunting 997, Three-point Guard … They are all good. "
"You said people plus us a few less than twenty people. Do you think this kind of way is enough? "Flame star four gherardini rhetorical question.
"I don’t know all these people. Maybe there are many masters in this! "The new killer retorted.
Although it is also possible, Flame Star has always been unsure of the account without fighting. "Anyway, A-level has failed ten times. After this time, everything will start all over again. To ensure the smooth completion, we still need to find a few high-level people."
Flaming star usually doesn’t make an unconstructive discussion. When he can say these words, he means that he has found someone.
"Do you have someone to choose? "I asked.
"Well, I told them in secret just now, but they are all too busy to come later now." Without saying the name of the master, Yan Xing smiled unfathomably. "We can go for an experience study once or twice first and let those people have a good visit."
Before returning to the ruins for the second time, the team members were very excited. When we stepped into the ruins, robots, spiders, mechanical beasts and other monsters had occupied the land, and IR was the central waiting for instructions.
"wow! The monster here is really spectacular! "Seeing such a huge monster group, many people sent out wowing WWE.
"Wait a dozen must be very enjoyable! "Militant copy has been gearing up.
"I haven’t come here to challenge the monster here looks quite strong! 」
When we entered, the monsters didn’t attack immediately. They seemed to be waiting for someone to give us an order …
"Ha ha ha ha ….." The same laughter appeared. Pride reappeared in the middle. "Do you want to save people? Then you should pass IR first! 」
Pride’s words are like action shots. After he finished speaking, the monsters and IR also moved.
"Everybody take care of yourself! "The new killer was the first to rush forward to fight.
He held a huge umbrella, and then a hail burst into the monster group, and then he threw the spell into a golden light that spread everywhere like an arrow, and more than a dozen monsters were shot through.
Flame star altruistic cloak flies to lieutenant general, throwing several paper cards like magic into fire dragons, lions, eagles, bombers and so on. Flame star command and dispatch make a determined effort to rush to the monsters and defeat them one by one.
During the whole melee, everyone brought out their own moves, and they shuttled through bullets, magic, darts and other weapons. Sometimes a huge rain of arrows will appear instantly, and several iron bars will pierce the bows and arrows, long swords, broadswords, axe and other weapons one by one. When confronting the enemy, the weapons will shine brightly with the moves.
Wizards learn from each other’s magic. They constantly release magic circle, summon monsters to fight against magic, summon skeleton monsters from the ground to fight with spiders and mechanical beasts. Magic colorful light explodes in every corner. Black fire dragons roll several robots into braided hair. After a white snowstorm, a monster is frozen into icicles …
"It’s a gorgeous battle. It really takes a lot of people to fight monsters." While blaming me, I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery in front of me and the special effects made the ruins more dazzling.
"Flash nearby! The "Earth-rock Flow Dafa" is going to be put on! "On the other side several wizards shouted.
As soon as this is said, people around you can run as far as they can.
"Earth-rock flow? What magic is that? "I’ve never heard of such magic. I’m curious to ask Yaori.
"I don’t know," Yao Ri also wondered, "I haven’t heard of a move called earth-rock flow."
"alas! That’s a spoof by several magicians! "The nearby players smiled and explained to us," Simply put, it is soil magic and water magic. "
The magician who is in charge of this kind of spell is divided into two halves. One half releases the earth magic such as cave-in, stoning and so on, and the other half releases an endless stream of water, which is like waves.
After the combination of the two, yellow sand, earth-rock water and yellow mud water are washed away everywhere, which seems to be devouring everything. Whether monsters, our players or buildings are destroyed, it is a powerful move that does not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy.