"It’s just a coincidence that the master is ridiculous." Liang Yi is rarely modest.

"After the practice, you can refine the elixir by yourself, and I will let people send it to you."
Liang Yi "er-"
"Your spirit is a star meteor sword? Let me see "’irresponsible’ threw an alchemist back to Liang Yi, then ChiYu cold asked Liang Yi to take out his star meteor sword and give it to himself.
Star meteor sword was refined by Liang Yi with the help of demon fire before setting Dan. The material is not precious, but its quality is slightly better than that of ordinary magic weapon. Although the power of geothermal cultivation has increased after decades, it is already a chicken rib for Liang Yi, who is full of mana and has a mixed sword.
"Poor material refining technique is also so-so to throw away" ChiYu cold a slight frown waved Liang Yi stay in the star meteorite sword surface warm mark to erase and then throw it aside.
"This" is, after all, something that has been with him for decades. Liang Yi’s consciousness is somewhat reluctant.
"Spirit is the biggest reliance when we witch people fight," Chi Yu said coldly. "The Terran monks are good at communicating the forces of heaven and earth, and their spells are exquisite and powerful. The demon family is not bad in this respect, and they have a strong body, while our witch witchcraft is powerful, but it is a bit superficial. This is our weakness."
"A good spiritual instrument can make up for this deficiency. You are the future main spiritual instrument of the witch temple, and you should not be hasty in choosing it." Chiyu said with a cold face.
"Knowing the master" Liang Yi was slightly ashamed that he had been treated as an auxiliary root by Liang Yi all the way to the end of the road and refining his body, and he had not taken it seriously.
"I will take time to help you prepare a spiritual instrument when you practice by yourself." It is very reassuring for Liang Yi to be conscious of Chi Yu’s cold in practice, which can be seen from his insistence on taking a three-fold medicated bath despite the pain.
The next day, after Chiyu Han made a cultivation plan for Liang Yi, it was like people evaporated and no longer appeared.
However, Liang Yi didn’t put the cultivation into the gravity array to exercise and soak in the medicated bath. For the witch master, Liang Yi not only did not implement it at all, but also secretly increased the intensity.
After all, Chloe, they are still waiting for their return to the underwater abode of fairies and immortals. If they don’t make a breakthrough early, Master Witch will never let herself go back even if she takes a few days off, so that she can get good treatment.
From the witch temple Liang Yi temporarily didn’t intend to witch temple less main identity, bring great practice convenience is not easy to give up.
On the second day of Liang Yi’s arrival, the Witch Temple received a command from the Lord of the Temple. The command was very simple, and it was necessary for the Witch Temple to collect all the top refining materials in this world.
Chi Yuhan never cared about things in the temple and rarely ordered people to do things. However, the more so, the less the elders dared to neglect the indifferent temple master. She gave orders and soon got the maximum implementation. Some rare treasures in this world kept flowing from the major ethnic groups of the witch to the treasure house of the witch temple.
“ ` ` w w w
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter DiErSiSan Accident
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter DiErSiSan Accident
On this day, Liang Yi is sweating profusely in Chiyu’s cold gravity array with a weight of 1500 times. He has been practicing the monty’s body-refining tactic over and over again. The power of the four-layer gravity array has been adjusted by Liang Yi, and the weight of 500 times is equivalent to 1,500 times that of each other. The purple mansion is locked by five big babies, and the novel is hand-written by hand, and Wushu is displayed freely by physical strength. At this moment, it is slower than the pressure on almost every move, which is close to the physical limit.
Arguably, the temple elders and the status of Liang Yi are not much different from each other. In some practical aspects, they are even better than Liang Yi. However, at this time, the seven elders’ lives have been taken care of in the strange hands of the temple in the coming year. This sin is that the stool is big and the small can be small.
At this time, ChiYu Cold is not in the valley, and Liang Yi has the final say.
"Chasing traitors?" Liang Yi took a funny look at Chang Fei and laughed. "Is there something wrong with your apprentice? Are you stupid to be a strong drug when you defect? "
"It’s a crime to hide the young master, and I hope that the young master will forgive the family if he wants to offend the young master." The seven elders of life and death had to grovel and beg for mercy. "They are willing to offer fifty pieces of lingshi and fifty thousand pieces of lingshi."
"Oh?" Liang Yi slightly moved in my heart and took a glance at the princess lying on the ground. It seems that some people are uncertain.
"I’m willing to give two more copies of three thousand years’ spirit plants," said Liang Yi, the seven elders, who was greedy for money and full of pain.
"Well, you don’t care about the mentoring thing," Liang Yi sighed. "You can trespass on the Xuan Ming Valley as if it never happened."
When the Seventh Elder heard that there was a play, he quickly looked grateful and said, "Thank you for your generosity."
"But ~" Before he finished, Liang Yi’s face suddenly turned cold and said, "You shouldn’t play with a fool with your eyes open in front of you."
At this time, Liang Yi suddenly felt that the palm of his hand was also very good. A master monk equivalent to Yuan Ying’s later period confessed in his own fear.
The seven elders of "Little Lord’s Grace" immediately pleaded with each other forward.
"Xuanwu bring it to me" Liang Yi also ignored to crawl like a dog seven elders long drink a way.
In the sparkling small lake outside Li Xu, as Liang Yi roars and a dark figure breaking the surface flicker, he comes to Liang Yi’s side.
"You want me to die, I won’t let you live." The Seven Elders’ face flashed a ferocious color and they crawled to the ground in vain and approached Liang Yi with a dark spirit sword in their hands.
Almost at the same time, when the sound commands Xuanwu, Liang Yi will cast up the fourth floor lingyun tactic posture of monty’s refined body tactic, and the body will quickly drift back like a smoke, and the ghostly speed will make the Seven Elders suddenly suddenly and violently feel at a loss.
Liang Yi’s strength is not without the strength of the seven elders, but he is in the holy land of the Wu clan, and he dare not expose his identity as a cultivator at will.
Xuanwu is a mysterious turtle with ancient beast veins, and it is also a spirit beast with Chiyu cold life in the middle period of distraction. This is seeking a breakthrough at the bottom of the lake, but Chiyu cold didn’t go out with him, but Chiyu cold specially took care of Liang Yiyan when he went out. Once something happened, Xuanwu could make moves.
A loud and hoarse voice of "Death" made the Seven Elders suddenly and violently ill-posed, and then they saw a thin hunchbacked old man suddenly appear in front of the Seven Elders, and his withered fingers were lightly built in the dark spirit sword of the Seven Elders, and the Seven Elders loosened the hilt like a blow, and then they lost consciousness when they were black at the moment.
"Competitive and distracted medium-term top-level animals in heaven and earth are really extraordinary." Staring at the thin basaltic old son Liang Yi can’t help but feel a little chilling. Just now, the blow Liang Yi asked for it and wouldn’t do much better than him if he was the Seven Elders.
"The best way to make a move is to be able to take three or five interest rates in this veteran."
"This has been imprisoned by me. What can I do for you? No words sophisticated to continue to go back to practice "basaltic sophisticated glanced at Liang Yi light face without the slightest expression, also did not have any complaints about his unauthorized interruption of his retreat is very cool.
"The elder is good at water. Can the magical power detoxify this female body yin?" Liang Yi Nai pointed to lying on the ground and took a look at the girl who was extremely overbearing yin poison. The whole person was lost in mind and kept singing. The body could not help but tremble. Liang Yi’s heart and liver could not help but tremble slightly.
There is no way to remove this yin poison Liang Yi and there is no chance to take advantage of it, although no one will blame him even if he pushes this woman.
"No problem." At Liang Yi, Xuanwu Road praised the withered veteran. Suddenly, a black smoke cloud emerged from Chang Fei’s body with a pinch of Xuanwu Road with one hand, and the fog condensed into a dark bead.
Black smoke wafted out of the trembling princess Chang and instantly restored calm.
"Dragon attracts poison?" Xuanwu Road looked at the hand and the poisonous smoke merged into beads, and his face changed slightly. "What a vicious means! I didn’t expect anyone else to practice this kind of yin work with his brother’s furnace tripod. It is madness." Then he flicker and disappeared.
The seven elders collapsed like a snake, and the finger ring attracted Liang Yi’s attention.
For the Wu clan, Liang Yi doesn’t even have a little affection except for his master Chiyu’s cold. Soon the Seven Elders took their belongings with them and entered Liang Yi’s pocket.