As he shook the whole hall, the smell became stronger and stronger, and he finally despaired.

"what! What could have happened! What the hell is going on here! " Mumuma rage is like a monkey screaming and jumping in the same place.
"Master …" Several of his disciples tried to persuade him, but Kimuma angrily accused him, "It’s you! It must be you! You’re jealous of me. You stink my wine! Isn’t it! Isn’t it! "
"I didn’t …" Mumuma accused his brother of defending himself when he was so furious that he lost his mind.
But Kimuma is not a person who accepts other people’s excuses. What’s worse, he is furious at this time and completely loses his judgment.
He suddenly dropped the jar in his hand, which could hold two kilograms of wine, and hit the big brother’s forehead, making him bleed.
And the rancid wine splashed all over my brother, and it also splashed far away. Most of the hall was full of this revenge liquid.
Not far from this village, I couldn’t help patting Xiaofu’s head. "Let’s get out of here!"
Xiaofu grabbed the backpack not far from Zhuang and flew to the door. He fell into a tree not far from Zhuang. He barely survived and gasped wildly. Well, this stinks and the wine is terrible!
The waterway smells as bad as it smells.
In the Munuma Hall, I kicked and beat my big disciple, but I didn’t dare to fight back. But after all, the big disciple has status and status, and he is over half a hundred years old. He got a few feet and couldn’t help shouting, "My master is crazy!" Turn around and run.
Mubog chased a few steps without holding his knees and gasping for breath. He couldn’t stand the taste in the hall and ran out of the door.
At this time, Munuma discovered that it was wrong outside.
The strong smell of wine outside the hall really doesn’t melt, and all the guests are staring blankly at the brewing monkey.
The monkey works like an analog.
After stirring and saccharifying, let it stand and ferment, then take out the wine and filter the impurities.
One stroke, one style, is actually very good.
What is even more surprising is that this wine is surprisingly excellent. Everyone is a master brewer. Just sniff a few mouthfuls and take a look at the color of the wine, and you will know that this jar of wine is better than what they have brewed …!
How is that possible?
That’s a monkey!
What is even more surprising is that the saccharification and fermentation speed of this wine seems to have been accelerated several times.
The whole process seems to be accelerated several times, and it takes dozens of days, but it takes more than ten minutes for the monkey to ferment and brew all year round.
Of course, they don’t know. First, it caused such a sensational effect. At this time, brewing made the barrel not an ordinary thing. It was an old boom, which was specially built to reduce the size of the pub. The body of the winemaker was already saturated with the power of blood.
The brewing monkey is naturally a monkey. Although it looks like a monkey, it is not difficult to play with the winemaker in the pub with agile skills and excellent eyes and the help of the manor servant ID card.
Dressed in white, my father Zhuang has a negative hand and occasionally gives a word or two, but he always waits and sees with a negative hand.
Brewers usually have good wine. Where can they stand it when they meet good wine?
Just now, I was reminded by the wooden marsh wine. At this time, I couldn’t help scratching my head one by one.
"Is this wine drinkable?"
"I really want to try it …"
Then they heard what Dad Zhuang said.
It’s a pity that Zhuang’s father is Chinese and they can’t understand it.
They can ask their suite or translate "what did he say?"
"I don’t know …"
"Why don’t you know? Aren’t you a translator? "
"You don’t know Fusang!"
"The problem is that he said it was not Fusang!"
"What do Fusang people say if they don’t speak Fusang?"
"Don’t you understand in another dialect?"