Jia Tian faced and stopped the vicious method of Jin Chan, as well as the sharp array of guardians to kill many ghost kings and evil spirits.

But the golden toad’s severe method is not over. Toad’s mouth is still open, swallowing and spitting!
In one swallow of smoke, most immortals were drained of their souls and spirits, and they accumulated all the splendid and colorful strange lights through thousands of years of practice, which were swallowed by toads together with 77 thousand miles of gray smoke;
A spit of a gray needle Jin Chan spit out a needle, and all the evil spirits in the abdomen condensed this needle.
Seventy-seven thousand miles became a needle inch long.
When toad spat out the needle, the executioner laughed loudly that the king was dead, and he was not the only one. All the ghost kings in Lingzhou were completely killed, and the ghosts were smashed to pieces.
Jia Tian can’t hide from this needle. In the final analysis, he is an external body facing a large array of ghosts and exerting his strength to avoid this needle. However, Jia Tian laughed and drank a "good toad!" Toss one’s head and wear a crown to fight forward.
The ghost king is dead, and the little golden toad is still alive. It spits and swallows again and again, and it also tries its best to fly to the ground and crawl to escape.
The emperor’s hat easily caught the golden toad; The golden toad easily stabbed the emperor with a needle.
A moment of "bang" adds a body crack sound "goo-goo", and Jin Chan screams and entangles with loud noise!
a breath
From Jia Tian flying out of the doll’s head to crash and burn, the blue rose state is 77 thousand miles away, and life is dead in just one breath
After Jia Tian went out for a breath, the thief knew how to "let people go" again. When Su Jingyue came out, he borrowed a needle from Jia Tian’s head and smashed it into pieces, leaving a head still intact.
There’s no one in Youlan Rose State. Lingzhou is smashed into dust. There are dolls and Su Jing’s place, and there’s less than ten miles left. This ten-mile stone can be "left". Of course, Jia Tian struggled to maintain the result. The thief can’t move to keep her body and ground before collecting Lingbao.
Catching Jia Tian’s head Su Jing suddenly had warning signs flashing in his heart and looked up at hundreds of miles ahead … There were people in the leaky abyss who were lucky to be four feet tall and fat in vain, and the king grinned at Su Jing with a smile and waved, saying nothing but turning around and flying away and disappearing in an instant.
Jia Tian, who has left his head, is still alive, mumbling "There is one left". After that, he coughed and changed his smug tone. "What do you owe the Lord protector?"
There is only one mysterious figure who has lived, and is more like a friend than an enemy. Jia Tian destroyed the seven destructive kings of Leaky Deep and more than ten ferocious kings by himself. This is the arrangement of magical powers such as magical powers!
This armor can’t be added to the body
Since it’s a real Jia Tian outside the body, he won’t die now or be his Lord in Kowloon. At most, he will be injured and nursed back to health for a while, so there will be no problem. His companion is still alive, and Su Jing can’t talk about grief and indignation, but he is shocked and admired more.
Then there is … I know it’s not appropriate, but when I hear Jia Tian asking himself "I am like", Su Jing still can’t help but say, "After I step out of this territory, before you leave here, the whole Lingzhou will be another creature except you and me, and then you will be joking behind closed doors, that is, if I brag, I will be dismembered."
Su Jing repeated what Jia Tian had said before. He wanted to be the first to play. After repeating it, he paused. Su Jing endured or couldn’t help laughing. "At last, a ghost king lived … pursuit is really an honest monarch."
Jia Tian froze for a moment, then his face burst into laughter, but the laughter quickly faded. Before he died, he struggled to say, "Give me that toad when we meet."
"Rest assured" Su Jingwei smiled and nodded seriously "Thank you for your position"
"I toad …" The golden toad flew to Su Jing’s side by itself, and was quickly withered by the income of Jia Tian’s head. A shiny piece of dust drifted away with the wind to Su Jing Jia Tian to talk. In this time, the thieves came out in turn, but they didn’t stay long, but they were also paid by Su Jing’s income and entered the mountain without listening.
World War I killed 77,000 miles ago, and all the immortals who followed the blood river were destroyed. Far away, all the immortals were scared out of their wits. Further away, a beautiful fairy was surrounded by a golden dress. Hankou was flying. "I was a sun ancestor, but fortunately, the fairy had the foresight not to get too close. Otherwise, I would have to save you. Saving you is nothing, but I worked hard and forbeared, and I would be found out if I didn’t get it …"
Hard work, forbearance, and ignorance have attracted a lot of attention from the immortals. Things will be possessed, saying that the immortals have also cultivated their brains, and they are half crazy and half epileptic. After seeing the madness, they look at the fairy around them. The girl looks dignified and generous. I don’t know if she is hanging out with a crazy man in golden clothes.
The immortals waited for a while to see that there was no movement ahead, and they all got the nerve to move forward slowly, close to each driving treasure and guarding the side carefully … They got into some places and soon found that Lingzhou only had that ten-mile star stone, and a young man was sitting on it.
Fairy family is really strong, but there is a limit to being strong. At the moment, it is too far away for the group of immortals to see the face of the man in the stone, because they think the outline of the man is familiar.
Suddenly, the stone youth waved his hand and a banner slowly rose around him, and soon it fluttered!
People can’t see people clearly with a small flag, but the two giant characters of the flag are clear to everyone. Immediately, there was a noise of "bang" among the immortals, and it was him again!
The flag "Away from the Mountain" is eye-catching and swaying. How long has it been since the fierce battle in the state? No one has forgotten that day when the flag was erected in Anzhou.
The second time, it was said that Lingbao was born, and a "treasure" jumped out. This time, Lingbao was born again, and the treasure jumped out again.
Su Jingting’s heart waved far away. "Today coincides with the reunion of his wife and daughter. Heaven is planning to hold a small ceremony to celebrate the presence of your immortals. Thank you again."
It’s not easy to start with the ceremony ceremony. Su Jingxian thanked everyone.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-nine Eat watermelon the fourth word
Su Jing’s words were finished, and it was quiet around the broken stars.
People among the immortals dare to get close to each other and talk, and no one will take the initiative to pay attention to Su Jing and the gift before … until a moment later, a strange call of "suddenly" broke the silence.
Sixteen jumped out of the small light ceiling and spit out a big watermelon with a big mouth, and then dumped Su Jing’s tail.
The theory of "accepting gifts" is purely a joke. Su Jing is just telling the truth, but sixteen people all think that there is a correct meaning in Su Jing’s words, but reunion and reunion should be a small celebration.
The sixteenth spit out a watermelon.
After the senior brother Ye Fei came out, he drew his sword and cut the melon.
It must be good to cut watermelons with good swordsmanship. All watermelons are cut into ten crescent moons, and then everyone files out at the top of the small light. Everyone takes a tooth of watermelon to eat.
This is why Su Jing didn’t listen to the reunion wedding banquet. Watermelon is very sweet and crisp.
Melon pulp is a delicacy, and melon juice is used as wine. Even Ye Fei, who is so awkward, picked up watermelon to eat, and gave Su Jing a rare smile "Congratulations".
It’s just a symbol. It’s just a heart. Everyone eats a tooth.
There are not many watermelons left in Xiaoguangding, but Su Jing smiled at Sixteen. "There are not enough people, so be generous and have more watermelons."
Sixteen is a melon farmer. He has several watermelons in an acre of sweet potato garden. He won’t be greedy and spit out more than ten watermelons in succession. The sword in Ye Fei’s hand is still ten cents per melon.
Ten miles of broken stars and stones, a waving flag, a dull puppet, a group of middle-earth fierce watermelons in red soil
Su Jing looked up and looked around, smiling and not talking, but his meaning couldn’t be more white. I have watermelon. Who will eat it?
No one dares to eat his melon before.
Just when the atmosphere was a little dull, a song suddenly came from far away, and there was a little melancholy in the soft voice. "The world is busy with wine and flowers, and I don’t know if the palm print hides my life. San Qian is full of acacia."
Qu Qing’s lyrics are not high, but the sound is very beautiful and beautiful. With the euphemistic song, the fierce Hu Tingting curled up in front of the stone.
Waist twist Qiu must face Su Jingdao’s "Monty Brother Sao, Qi Donglai congratulations on the reunion of the pavilion". After a gentle and lovely speech, there was a pause and a faint sigh, whispering "The palm print hides San Qian’s life and it is full of acacia."
"It’s still a little too much for him to walk without twisting his waist." Su Jingxiao.
With a straight face and a smile, "You hate it"
Su Jing made a tingle in his heart.
This Qi Donglai is pretending to be a real poet, annoying, and innocent. This person is more or less affected. Although they are all different in details, Su Jing and Qi Donglai are so familiar that they can easily see the flaw.