They were silent …

I would say, "Forget it. I have to walk there without a dog. Don’t say that people there are very important to me. Even ordinary people can’t go to from ruin, right?"
Master Sun made a tingle when he heard this.
Jiang Sansheng saw this stamp and said, "I’ll go with you! Although I have a old bones, I can still glow! "
Master Sun couldn’t help saying, "Jiang Sanbao, you m, don’t give me acting. Play with your uncle’s risks! What the hell are you going to do? Can you drive a sleigh? "
Jiang Sansheng’s face turned red, but he still stuck his neck and said, "But I don’t go there much!"
Master Sun said, "Fuck off! Let me go! "
I will not be moved to see the two masters, but I still said, "Don’t go there, two of you. I’ll take rhubarb with them … but I have to give me some weapons. There are wolves over there …"
Cui Jue said, "You go first and I’ll find them. Let them set out to chase you as soon as possible."
Yu Huifei nodded. He knew that Cui Jue’s fighting capacity was good, but he was far from going alone. He went to the mountains to find a cow’s head. They came to a bargain. The cow’s head and horse’s face were all flesh, and the body was strong. Black and white were often running errands, and the speed was also a must.
Let’s not talk about the roaring dog. It’s definitely a tough fight for this guy to climb over a small group of wild boars by a dog.
Calling them here is the best solution to the problem.
Master Sun said, "Can you drive a sleigh if I don’t go, Xiaoyu?"
I can’t help laughing. "You always forget that I used to ride a rhubarb sledge. Although it’s not this sled, it should be ok … Besides, you don’t believe I have to believe in rhubarb, do you?"
"The problem is that you can go alone? There are wolves there! " Master Sun is worried that he has seen wolves and knows that wolves are terrible.
I took out a dagger from my arms and bought that hunting knife for the first time.
Master Sun shook his head when he saw this. "Nice Dao, but not against wolves."
At this time, Cui Jue took out a double-barreled shotgun from the house and said, "Is this possible?"
Yu Huifei said in astonishment, "Where did this come from?"
Cui Jue said, "After you left, that crew cut sent me. He said that the wild animals on the edge of our village came out. This is the first and most dangerous thing for us to defend ourselves."
I will be grateful to smell speech in my heart.
Brother ping or brother dog, these guys have been cleaned up by him, but after heart-to-heart, he really thinks everywhere.
He felt that he really owed Brother Dog and Brother Ping a loan shark this time, and it was difficult for him to repay that kind of loan shark.
Jiang Sansheng couldn’t help cursing at the sight of a pair of shotguns. "This group of sons of bitches is still hiding this stuff? ! Fish, I tell you this has to be confiscated! "
Master Sun shoved him and said, "If you want to fuck off, you have to confiscate it when you come back."
Master Sun told Yu Huifei that "the small fish gun is fierce, but those wolves are not thieves who save oil lamps. It is very important that they should be hungry in the mountains before they take risks …
I don’t think you can scare them off with this gun. It’s a key moment or a running strategy, you know? This bullet is not much to find the right opportunity to hit the wolf king, and it is more likely to be born. "
I will not bear in mind that Master Sun ran to Dahuang’s side. "Dahuang’s old buddy is your friend. It depends on you and Thirteen Pacific Insurance to go out this time! If you can bring me back, you can definitely bring them back to refuel! "
Dahuang barked twice. Although he is old, he still shows his attitude and high spirits, just like that!
"Good brother! Go! " Master Sun patted the rhubarb head.
The rhubarb barked and the dogs barked for a moment. Thirteen Pacific Insurance rushed out and pulled the sled all the way out of Xiulin Village.
As the dog barked away, many people leaned over the window and saw this scene …
Many people are aware of the seriousness of the situation.
But the snow is too heavy, and their roots are afraid to go out for fear of going back.
Now I see that I am not alone and fourteen dogs have rushed out, and my heart is full of mixed feelings.
Some people sigh, some people pray, some people shave their ears and drink after drinking …
Some people picked up the guy and wanted to go out, but in this snowy day, people could go out by hand.
Finally, I can sigh in vain …
Jiang Sansheng and Master Sun watched the rest of the meeting go far away.
Jiang Sansheng said, "He looks like you."
Master Sun said, "Not as handsome as I was."
Jiang Sansheng said, "But it’s harder than your life!"
Master Sun said, "He must be our Xiulin!"
Jiang Sansheng grinned. "You didn’t say that before."
Master Sun proudly said, "Today he is."
I have to sit in a sleigh and squint at the distance. Although rhubarb is familiar with the road, the driver still has to concentrate on it at this time. After all, sometimes people make mistakes and dogs make mistakes. He must always grasp the direction and information to complement each other.
At the same time, I will send messages to Liu Xin from time to time to ask about the situation there.
"The wolves came too suddenly. The driver’s master just repaired the car and was stuck in a traffic jam. I don’t know what happened to him. I dare not go to the door."
"You can’t help him if you go out in the car!"
"But I heard him scream … I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t … I couldn’t do anything."
"Don’t cry, don’t be afraid, don’t go out, I’ll come and wait for me!"
"I … I’ll wait for you"
"Wait for me, just like this time, if you hold on, I will come from the sky and take you home!"
"Well …"
After a muffled sound, I would look up and see the mountain. Some trees were crushed by heavy snow, and a huge snow mass fell off the cliff.
"rhubarb be careful!" I will not shout loudly
Rhubarb barked with thirteen Pacific Insurance, and turned to avoid the snow.
I’ll be a sledge. I’ll almost brush that pile of snow and rush over!
I will not know that it’s not just the snow here, but also the broken trunk. If it is smashed, it will die or be disabled!
I will not secretly wiped a cold sweat …
He knew it was just that.