"It seems that I have to go." Chen Yi shook his head and said to Liu Xinyu, "Leave Jiangning for the time being after you have selected people, and then find North Industries to give them new orders."

A ground-to-ship missile can knock out an entire allied fleet during World War II, but it is really lack of confidence to face the dragon Chen Yi.
Chen Yi, who left Yin Senyong as a bodyguard, returned to Jiangning and immediately met the Moscow representative. This is a furry woman with long legs and a deep career line. From the point of view of eye movement, she is a bit like Zhu Guangliang.
Su Yuanchun is quite concerned about her. "This woman can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean and certainly English. If it weren’t for her poverty, it would be really exotic."
The woman’s ears are very clever, but she giggles at a distance of 1 meter. "This woman’s name is Pavla, and my English is not as good as Chinese. Mr. Chen Yi, thank you for coming quickly."
"You’re welcome. What happened?"
Su Yuanchun embarrassed smile retreated to the back.
Pavla’s voice is very rough. "One dragon has destroyed everything in Black Harbor. The longest flight distance is 2 kilometers. We want to ask Mr. Chen to come forward and discuss a countermeasure. In addition, we hope to transport more weapons into the western continent."
On the strength of the passage Committee, in the final analysis, it is necessary to transport his magical power through Chen Yi. Usually, the whole train can be covered, and all kinds of special objects such as missiles, nuclear bombs and other arms can be found by random sweeping.
It is better to ask Chen Yi to discuss countermeasures than to say that they want to solve the problem by themselves with powerful weapons and equip themselves by the way.
After all, the number of weapons can’t be just right
Chen Yi smiled and asked, "What weapons do you want to transport?"
"Here alone" Pavla has already prepared the list for exhibition, which is 5 cm long.
A S3V ground missile battalion
Six Ka 52 helicopter gunships
A Kilo-class conventional submarine
Four Su-3 fighters
Chen Yi shook his head in his heart when he saw the first item. Moscow is going to use the dragon as a fighter plane to fight the missile battalion. Perhaps in their eyes, individual missiles and anti-aircraft guns can penetrate the skin of the dragon and definitely stop the explosion of standard missiles.
If it were that simple, the dragon would not dominate the western continent.
Chen Yi pie pie said, "I’m afraid you can’t resist the dragon with this configuration."
Pavla flashed her eyes and said, "That’s enough."
Look at his appearance. Chen Yi looked at the list again. Only then did he wake up. What’s more, all the weapons they sent to the western continent were state-owned weapons.
"Well, you should try it." Seeing this idea in Russia, Chen Yi is naturally too lazy to say anything more.
Pavla is happy and even thanks.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Black Harbor (2)
Pavla has reason to be happy.
At the same time, it also gave her the economic and bottom line, including hundreds of millions of cubic meters of cheap natural gas contracts, tens of millions of barrels of cheap oil contracts, high-end arms procurement, and she was also given vague Siberian status as a last resort
All these things are saved after Chen Yi’s airy words, so these are all Pavla’s achievements.