Immediately follow Jiang Feng from behind.

They’ll intercept, but all the way is clear
Just Jiang Feng is not long away.
Suddenly find a breath behind him.
Jiang Feng and others immediately became nervous, but the bearer was not the old abbot.
"Abbot of Qingshan Temple?"
Jiang Feng leng one.
What did he come to do? They didn’t dare to be careless because they knew the details of the abbot of Qingshan Temple, Yang Yunshui.
"The abbot won’t listen to the Dharma?" Jiang Feng narrowing her eyes and asked
The other party immediately laughed when this was said.
"I am the law, so I can’t listen to it."
"So why don’t the old abbot come here?" Jiang Feng asked.
"Ha ha!"
The old abbot smiled an irrelevant answer.
"The abbot of Tianshu Temple is a good teacher and has won the admiration of all monks."
Jiang Feng nodded.
Good way, he is a little heard.
"If I guess right, you should be Jiang Feng?"
The abbot’s voice just fell.
Jiang Feng fried Mao immediately, but remained calm.
He changed hands, and the other party should not find out it was him.
"What did you say? I don’t understand. "
"Ha ha, don’t continue to pretend. I recognized you at first sight, but don’t worry, I won’t treat you like this."
Jiang Feng was silent for a long time.
I have no idea what he means.
"Do you know my identity?" Before Jiang Fengkou could answer, he had already said, "To tell you the truth, it is my brother who has offended the Demon Buddha."
"Brother?" Jiang Feng also froze.
He never dreamed that when he first came to the Buddhist world, he ran into the demon teacher younger brother.
"What do you want?"
"Don’t worry, although we are disciples, we have different monasteries. The old man doesn’t like fighting and killing."
"On the contrary, I will help you."
Jiang Feng more confused.
May be saw Jiang Feng doubt each other straight answer.
"Actually, my brother’s cultivation is the ultimate way, and both of us are the most promising people to achieve the heavenly emperor."
"You should have one person during the day."
This Jiang Feng is much whiter.
Although the Buddhist world pays attention to abstinence, facing immortality and facing Gao Tiandi.
They still have ambitions.
"How do you want to help me?" Jiang Feng asked
"I think you didn’t come to the Buddhist world to save the six abyss of the Buddhist world, Kei Tani. That’s your real purpose."
Jiangfeng noodles don’t change color
In my heart, I really set off a storm.
I didn’t expect such a thing.
As it happens, he is also going to visit the Six Abysses.
"During this period, you can live in Qingshan Temple first and teach you the real way to hide your identity."
Jiang Feng smell speech slightly want to a.
There is really no place to live now.
I don’t know if the other party is aware of his identity, and if I let others know.
Then there will be a lot of danger in their Buddhist circles
Jiang Feng nodded and agreed to come.
The abbot of Qingshan Temple is also very satisfied with Jiang Feng’s decision.
A line of people quickly flew away in the direction of Qingshan Temple.