Wang Foer listened to Yan Longqing’s snow suggestion and finally said with a faint face, "If this time I can save the whole city, Yan Longqing’s sister will ask Wang Foer to do her best not to refuse!"

Yan Longqing Snow smiled and shook his head, saying nothing. Wang Foer was in a hurry, and he did not consider looking for a quick seal from his arms. He sealed the town that had turned into a corpse ghost, herding clouds and dreams, and transformed it into a bird that greeted Yan Longqing Snow.
Yan Long Qing Xue, although a little embarrassed, also knew that it was urgent and didn’t refuse. He carefully crossed over to Wang Foer and immediately flew away.
Going back from the East China Sea and going to the Guanghan Palace from Muyun City, Wang Foer did not dare to relax a little. "The rules of Guanghan Palace are strict. If I kill the tearful city, I will kill thousands of people. What’s the point?"
Wang Foer, who is in a hurry, is too slow to change from chaos. The speed of flapping his wings has been rising again and again. Even he said that he had to put together his protective qi to resist the wind in the sky.
I want to comfort Wang Foer by saying that I don’t have to worry so much about the whole city of tears, but when I saw Wang Foer incarnate as a big bird and flapped my wings, Yan Long and Qing Xue suddenly added a layer of worries to my daughter’s family.
"This beautiful sister is really lucky. I don’t know if there is such a reckless man willing to risk my life?" Yan Long Qingxue was born in Dong ‘ao, a noble family. Since his birth, several people have cared for Dong ‘ao as treasures. Although he is far away from the East China Sea, he has never been protected by his ancestors, Taikoo black dragon. The submarine shrine is richer than coral agate tortoiseshell pearls, and everyone does not cherish it very much.
Yan Long and Qing Xue have never lacked anything. Worship the warrior Bai Cang’s position behind the door is even more respected. Even the heads of Dong ‘ao clan should respect her.
But now, at this moment, Yan Long and Qing Xue suddenly feel that they are missing a pair of powerful arms around them, just like Wang Foer, who can take himself to the clouds …
Chapter 337 YanLong proud snow
Guanghan Palace was established in 1000 years, and Guishan Mountain is close to the extreme north, and further north is the snow-capped mountain.
Different from other sects, the ancestors sent their brothers to carry forward. The specific source of the Guanghan Palace is not verifiable. According to the ancient news in the Sect, a brutal dynasty recruited several able-bodied men to build a city to defend against the invasion of Sidi demon clan. As a result, there were not half of the men in thousands of miles. Later, those women heard that their husbands, children, fathers and uncles had been urging the court to speed up the construction of the city, so they could not bear to bury the bones directly.
In the end, 100,000 women gathered to travel more than 20,000 miles to find their husbands. Dad came all the way because of the war. These women fell dead along the road. In the end, more than 200 people arrived at the fortification, but none of them could see their living relatives
These women cried bitterly for ten days and ten nights, but they were shocked by the resentment of women. An unknown evil spirit gave these women a strange collar in their sleep.
Woke up the next day, these women killed tens of thousands of officers and men guarding the city and collapsed the wall to find the bones of their husbands, flesh and blood, elders, and went to the extreme north to establish the Guanghan Palace in the cold.
It is for this reason that there is such an absurd story. Although the Guanghan Palace is a Taoist holy land, there are very few male brothers in the school, and they hate war very much. Often, there is a war in Sidi and Midland, and Guanghan Palace will send assassins to assassinate the generals of both sides.
Later, the brothers in Guanghan Palace gradually changed their taste, and the elders of Terran gradually occupied the wind to kill Sidi demon clan, and also set up Yaochi Hidden Vein to train killers specially.
The Yaochi pulse killer is not only well-known in China, but also well-known overseas. It is also known as the Muci Yi Sect of the famous assassin camp in Xizhou, and it is known as the Muci Yi Sect. It is proficient in all kinds of strange means to kill people. The Yaochi pulse is a beautiful assassin with high martial arts and strong style.
When Wang Foer carried Yan Long’s clear snow and rushed to the extreme cold in the north, he couldn’t see the ground in the middle of the snowstorm, and they were a little lost.
Wang Foer is in a hurry, and he will make a breakthrough all the way through the sun and the snow.
Or is it wise for Yan Longqing to persuade him to say, "Now that we have come to Guanghan Palace in the far north, it’s not a difficult place to find. Even if you are in a snowstorm, you can’t break through. If you really make too much noise and show it to Guanghan Palace, wouldn’t you have no chance to save Sister Tears?"
Although Wang Foer was anxious, he immediately accepted the ancestor’s change and trekked with Yan Longqing.
"If I can get into the Guanghan Palace this time, I will have more chances to save the whole city. Just change my female body and get in!" Wang Foer walked with Yan Longqing for half a day and finally found a familiar path. Wang Foer didn’t say much, but the magical power of the Buddha quietly changed into a beautiful woman.
Yan Longqing snow suddenly saw Wang Foer change so much and was taken aback, and then laughed. "Sister changes are also beautiful, but it’s a pity that I’m not a Lu man and I’m not qualified to pursue your beautiful little girl!" But what identity do you want to enter the Guanghan Palace? "
Wang Foer just a thoughtfully and said, "Just say that I am my sister Yan Long Aoxue!"! I came to join the school because I admire the martial arts of Guanghan Palace. "
Yan longqing snow poof bursts into a smile jiao replied, "I also have a good sister now. The name Yan longao snow is really cold and proud, and I am afraid that many men will admire it!"
"Hum, I’ve killed all such perverted men."
Look at Wang Foer, it seems that he is not willing to this joke. Yan Long and Qing Xue also kept silent. It didn’t take long for the two of them to walk along the path and see a group of women wearing light fur and white clothes coming from the front. Those women were very surprised to see them.
"There is a snowstorm these days. These two women are so thin that they can move freely in the snowstorm. They are both good collars, but they don’t know what to do in our Guanghan Palace?"
This group of women came out to look for a new female brother who was separated in the snowstorm. When they saw Yan Longqing and Wang Foer, they immediately shouted, "What are the two sisters doing in my Guanghan Palace in this weather?"
Wang Foer didn’t dare to answer at random. She smiled at Yan Longqing Snow and said, "I’m from Yan Long’s family of Dong ‘ao nationality. I’m here to look at the sisters in the family. They all worship the elders of Ling Bo in Guanghan Palace."
One of the girls in the team was tall and white and greasy. It was the leader who heard the news and immediately laughed. "Several sisters in Yan Long’s family are all talented and intelligent people. It is said that they are all practicing laurel dharma now. I wonder what their sister’s name is?"
Yan Long Qingxue smiled and said, "My sister’s name is Qingxue. Which elder door is it? It seems that there are at least six skills and it is about to break through the fifth!"
The leading female brother praised Yan Longqing’s snow with a smug smile and said, "My sister’s martial arts is high. I can’t see where you are. The East Aozu Sadness Method and the East China Sea Dragon Fishing Tactics are all unfamiliar to us."
Wang Foer was too lazy to talk to these Yingying Yanyan about the cold weather, so he left all these conversations to Yan Long Aoxue without saying a word to play the role of the leading female brother and to find the missing new master. It didn’t take long to let a cousin take two people to the Guanghan Palace and his party went on to look for people.
Wang Foer finally said to Yan Longqing’s faint psychic sound, "Those female martial arts are weak and vulnerable. You still praise them as if they are all great masters."
Yan Longqing Snow smiled slightly, and the female brother, the guide, couldn’t hear the sound and said, "How many Wang Foer do you think there are in this world? If everyone can get into Xiaotian to rob the land in less than ten years, China, Middle Earth and China would not be like this long ago. Now, besides our little teacher Bai Tai and you and your master Kumomo Gupta, most of them are 200 years old, and 60% of them are more than a thousand years old. Don’t look at the dream of herding clouds. He is also a centenarian in your hand! "
Wang Foer was slightly surprised that he knew that Shou Yuan would be greatly extended after the Armageddon, but he didn’t expect Yan Longqing to clear the snow. This seemingly gentle and amiable woman turned out to be a figure over two hundred years old.
"The white eunuch looks like an old man, but Yan Long Qing Xue is called a little younger brother here. It’s really good luck and interesting!"
The corners of the mouth are slightly wide, and Wang Foer is also rare. He was immediately overwhelmed by concerns about the whole city of tears.
"The two sisters are in front of the Guanghan Palace. If you want to go in, you have to put your body on the lance. This is our eternal rule of Guanghan Palace. Don’t take it amiss!"
Wang Foer was slightly stunned, but he was unarmed. What kind of magic weapon, the big Lei Yin Temple, was put in Beidou? He had already lost these real soldiers, but he had many sealed towns, the value of which far exceeded the magic. How could he safely deliver them to others?
Yan Longqing Snow saw that Wang Foer’s face was a little worried, and he immediately turned his face and smiled and said, "My sister Aoxue and I didn’t come here with a weapon. If you don’t believe me, you can search her!"
The younger brother of Guanghan Palace smiled and replied, "Guanghan Palace is not an unreasonable place. How can the two sisters tell lies and check what is abrupt and beautiful? Come in with me!"
I heard that it was a relief not to check Wang Foer’s heart. He said, "I have found all the materials to make a set of mecha. I have to design it cleverly and put all the towns in armor, so no one can find it."
The Guanghan Palace is built on the mountain, and the Dalantuo Temple is generally covered with Guanghan Palace buildings from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Because the walls in the far north are always cold and icy, it will never melt. Therefore, the walls built by the ice in Yuegui Mountain look very grand.
Wang Foer followed Yan Longqing’s snow and entered the Guanghan Palace. Immediately, he carefully observed and wanted to see where it seemed that his brother had made a mistake. If he could see the whole city of tears, he would not rule out the idea of forcibly playing out if he robbed someone.
But it seems that he can’t see any clue. Yan Long and Qing Xue couldn’t help laughing and saying, "If you don’t look around, even if the whole sister is locked up, it’s mostly the back hill, which is a new entry-level brother’s practice. Where will someone show it to you!"
Wang Foer thought that he was also ashamed and walked towards the mountain with this Yanlongqing snow.
"I’ll go to find the practitioner here at YanLongGu to find out a message. You must not make trouble with me, even if you see the whole sister, you must be patient and I will act with you at the latest, otherwise it will be bad for my YanLongGu event."
Wang Foer nodded and said that Yan Long Qing Xue helped him. Wang Foer was also very grateful. Anyway, it’s not bad. If you want to see the tearful Wang Foer for a day and a half, there is always a way to save people from walking.
After the guide brother entered the Guanghan Palace, he saw Yan Longqing and Qing Xue, who was very familiar with the architecture of the Guanghan Palace, and left. She was not afraid of what was wrong with these two people. After all, tens of thousands of brothers in the Guanghan Palace were skilled in martial arts, even if two enemies were mixed in, they took it conveniently, so the palace was not strict.
Now there are seven generations of disciples in Guanghan Palace. The news that the punishment jade has been damaged in the East China Sea has not alarmed people in Guanghan Palace. After all, the disciples of Jiuling Yuanmai’s pulse continued to lead a large array of lives. They all know that Hang Daozhuang asked his younger brothers to send a message saying that the punishment jade should be restored as soon as possible. It is doubtful that they will return to the mountain in Guanghan Palace for a while.
Now in charge of the Guanghan Palace, it is the six elders of the same age as the punishment jade. These six elders have a profound skill and stepped into Xiaotian one by one than hundreds of years ago.
According to Yan Longqing’s snow, Elder Ling Bo is the second generation brother of Guanghan Palace, and he is over 100 years old. Yan Longjia worships Elder Ling Bo’s door. It is really Yan Longqing’s snow, and some distant younger generations can’t learn it. Anyway, Dong Ao people simply defected to Guanghan Palace by martial arts. If the repair progress is good, there is still a chance to become a master.