The manager looked at Longyou with answers and some guilty feelings, but Boss Zhang comforted him and believed in himself.

Ten minutes later, Director Xu finally arrived at the mobile phone shop. He was in a hurry. He just received a message. It turned out that Longyou called to say that Longyou was afraid and loved. If Longyou had not brought down Zhang Zicheng’s head, he would not have been promoted. Even if he could not entertain this great god well, he might lose his job one day.
"It turned out to be captain Xu." Boss Zhang saw an acquaintance’s eyebrow eye smile, and the manager also took a cross look at Longyou.
Captain Xu ignored him and went straight to Longyou. He handed Longyou an envelope and respectfully left without even looking at Zhang Boss.
Longyou took a look at the envelope and it was 100 thousand yuan. Everyone was shocked.
Boss Zhang stayed where he was, and the manager was dumbfounded. The contrast in front of him made them feel a little slow for a moment.
Chapter 5 Surprise
To say that boss Zhang is an operator, he has to apologize quickly, which can make director Xu respectfully. Young people can’t afford it by themselves.
"This little brother is my dog. Give me a break."
"Not once did you go" Longyou didn’t want to dispute with him.
Boss Zhang quickly thanked him and hurried out of the mobile phone shop. Longyou looked aside and the manager quickly shut up and came forward with a flattering smile.
Longyou ignored the reason, packed the mobile phone and paid the money, and walked out of the mobile phone shop.
Longyou has been worried about going back to renting a house. What should I do? You know, Miranda Kerr and Chu Er are not on good terms. Now, with two mobile phones, maybe they can be eased a little.
Longyou imagined that two girls were so happy when they got their mobile phones that they ignored themselves.
It is natural to say that there are two peerless beauties in the rental house to let others go.
Although Miranda Kerr, a foreign girl, has only known her for a short time, she is cheerful and lively, and she is not too worried. There is also a gentle Zhang Chuer who knows how to be cool and generous. It is simply a fairy day to be with them.
But now is not the feudal era, and no woman likes to work together. If it weren’t for yesterday’s special situation and the hotel’s uneasiness, I really don’t want to put Chu Er and Miranda Kerr together
Longyou is overwhelmed with organizational language
Is "I’m back" a bit of a treasure house? I feel no, no, no.
"Are you all right?" It’s not like how long it’s been gone.
"I bought a mobile phone for you. Let’s see if you like it." This is a conversation between a father and a daughter.
Longyou slapped himself. When did you become so stupid?
Longyou found that Gen didn’t know what to say to the two girls, because he didn’t know anything about their situation now. Maybe the rental house has evolved into a small battlefield.
When two people come, they don’t agree and have contradictions, and they don’t know what will happen.
Miranda Kerr was spoiled since childhood and Chu Er was so shy.
Longyou thought about thinking about being scared in a cold sweat by himself, and his imagination was really the enemy.
If you are quarreling, you will die if you go carefully. This is also my fault for introspection. I shouldn’t put them together. What should I do now?
No matter what, just look at it and you’ll know. I’m calling it knowing that there are tigers in the mountains or two tigresses.
Longyou leaned over the taxi, reported the address and chatted with the driver.
"College students, let’s see what you are doing with this big bag." I have to say that people don’t get along.
"Die" Longyou didn’t promise to come and blurt out.
When he saw the driver looking at him strangely, he reacted "Oh, oh, go home"
The driver stopped talking and was ready to call the police. He didn’t look like a normal person, but Longyou always thought about how to meet two chicks.
There was a wind blowing outside Longyou rental house, and he shivered a little. He took a deep breath and looked at the seemingly quiet room in front of him, hesitating.
He listened at the door and was almost regarded as a thief by his neighbors, but he heard nothing.
Imagination is strange again at the moment. He thought about many situations and didn’t expect it.
Click on the key and hit the door, buying them lunch in hand and holding a mobile phone bag in mouth.
Then Longyou was stunned by the moment. The two girls sat on the sofa together, watching and eating and laughing.
It seems that during this period, the two chicks talked very much, and it was unnecessary to worry about themselves. He looked at the two girls and found nothing wrong.
Longyou thought about it again and again, but he let it go with his heart hanging.
Longyou put several bags on the table, but he snickered. This situation is what he most wants to see.
Everything is ready. He smiled and looked at the two girls.
"How did Chu Er’s Ali die?" Miranda Kerr tilted her head and asked.
"Stupid death" Zhang Chuer way
Longyou found that the two girls didn’t pay attention to themselves. He swept the floor silently for a minute.
"Sister Chu Er, are we going to dance today?" Miranda Kerr asked.
"I’m tired of not going." Zhang Chuer rubbed his waist.
It’s nice to dance and have a small life, Longyou thought.
The two girls kept chattering, and now Longyou became angry completely.
"Are you hungry? I’ll buy it and eat it." Longyou finally couldn’t stand the atmosphere.
"Hungry to eat" Miranda Kerr walked past holding Zhang Chuer’s hand.
Longyou some surprises also gather together in the past
"Husband?" Miranda Kerr said
Longyou felt like crying. These two girls finally talked to themselves.
"hey!" Longyouda avenue
"Go and eat," Miranda Kerr went on to say.
"Uh-huh" Longyou took the bowl a stupidly.
He looked at Zhang Chuer Zhang Chuer and nodded.
Longyou came to the sofa silently and watched the two girls have a mutual heart.
"Come here, this dish is delicious. Try it in Chu Er." Miranda Kerr also took a bite of the dish for Zhang Chuer.
"This is also good. You will definitely want to eat it," Zhang Chuer returned
Longyou sitting on the sofa can’t help but look stunned, even knowing each other’s tastes.
"I’d like to eat, too," Longyou said piteously.
"Squeeze" Miranda Kerr decisive way Zhang Chuer or nodded with a smile.
Longyou thinks it’s not good for me. My world view, he shouted in his heart, these two chicks are unified
His bitter day is coming, which is the first thing he thinks of.