"I’m sorry that I can temporarily stabilize the captain’s injury with medical drugs. The captain’s cells are badly damaged. It seems that there is a force that is catalyzing the drugs to compete and repair the cells. The situation is not optimistic. I want to make further observation and please give me some time." Christine looked at the crew nervously. Is there an old-timer who is more qualified than her?

The Phantom of the Opera is a very United family. The captain has always been generous to the crew and full of love. Naturally, no one blames Christine.
Everyone is surprised. How long has the little girl been on the boat? Look, she has a strong way of dealing with the wounded and examining the captain. Sure enough, it is not normal to train an assistant who is weak and weak.
Sasha thinks that someone should come out to preside over the overall situation at this time, and it is not suitable for the high and low adjutant to lead everyone back to safety.
With this in mind, Sasha got up and flew to the boat and said, "Leave a few people to look after the captain, and the rest of you will hurry back to work. The radiation near Zhongxing exceeds the standard. It is a miracle that the butterfly can hold on until it receives the Phantom of the Opera and needs to return quickly."
The crew are battle-hardened and know that it is not advisable to stay here for long. Pei Lin and Christine and Xuanyuan Cangyun stay in the clinic to look after the captain’s girl. They are more careful. They can stay here.
Sasha and incarnate son turned back to the main control room when they came to face the shape force field. It was Lin momo who used the ship’s lighter skills to cross over and return to the road. It was far from so simple because the adjutant did not have the skill to use the ship’s lighter skills.
"There are still two layers of matrix to make the captain unconscious now, so we can support him." Sasha gave a wry smile. She is an adjutant and part-time cook with more ingredients. Without the captain’s command, she always feels at a loss except to sail back according to the steps. I really don’t know what to do.
"Well, Sister Sasha is an adjutant. According to the current situation, you can get the acting captain’s limit. I must do a good job in assisting the Phantom of the Opera to return." The incarnate son seems to have grown up a lot and deeply blamed herself in her heart.
In the concept of incarnate son, Lin momo is the captain of Phantom of the Opera after incubating her father and affectionate couple. Although this kind of love beyond race is unrealistic, this silly and constant-wave tree man is very heart-warming. She loves Lin momo deeply and sees Lin momo being tortured to suppress her heartache.
Hengbo Shuren is an ancient race and the guardian of star cruises. Even if it lives for tens of thousands of years, it is possible. It is said that the ancient tree of Hengbo has a long life for hundreds of millions of years, and I don’t know if it is true or not.
While distracting herself from the data in the main control room, Charm extended her spiritual strength to Lin Sisuo. She felt that she should do something, and it would drive her crazy if she didn’t do something.
Christine frowned slightly, and the captain’s breath became weak. This situation was very bad. Suddenly, a familiar smell came to the medical room and there was a gorgeous magneto-optic.
"Incarnate son is that you? What do you do? " Pei Lin was puzzled. The incarnate son’s behavior seemed to be abnormal.
"Don’t worry about the captain. If something happens, I will let the boatman be buried with me, and I won’t exile the boatman. The captain is me and me." Charm’s medical room screamed hysterically, while Charm’s master control room was working as a salsa worker.
Pei Lin and Christine were really scared, and the enchanting voice was creepy, while Xuanyuan Cangyun next to them looked thoughtfully, and the magneto-optical reflection on the surrounding face seemed uncertain.
"Smelly woman human have what fantastic? If I were a human being, I would have been Momo’s wife, and you all don’t deserve to compete with me. Hahahaha, I have an idea to make Momo grow up with me. If we all become a constant wave of tree people, we can never be separated together. "The incarnate son suddenly appeared in a trance, and a twisted light tree appeared in the medical room. The branches of the tree were tangled in many places, and ugly words could come into shape.
"No, I can’t let the incarnate son succeed. You help me." Pei Lin wiped away her tears and got up. She waved the laser sword again. If it doesn’t work once, it will be ten times. If it doesn’t work ten times, it will be rushed out of the clinic a hundred times.
Incarnate son avoided his crew and brought Lin momo back to the core cabin. The ugly light tree is a constant wave of tree people projecting dry branches. Lin momo tidied up her clothes. The Phantom of the Opera may be in the worst crisis ever.
Volume 9 gods! Zuzhi Chapter 529 Live
Phantom of the opera clinic sword light interweaves Pei Lin with Christine and Xuanyuan Cangyun chopping magnetic field is magnetic field from blue blood meteorite will not go out for a while.
Sasha in the main control room is injecting the front square force field, and the charm son carefully calculates the hull defense number. Once entering the shape force field, it is the speed of life and death.
Phantom of the Opera, his crew didn’t know that the captain had been transferred from the clinic to the core cabin. Even if someone was worried about Lin momo’s situation, he would have to wait until his ship met to visit.
Ships have rules. Star cruise ships often encounter dangers when sailing in the universe. When there is no fighting, they have to enter the secondary combat readiness state. No one thought that the ship was brewing a storm.
Momo Lin is the backbone of Phantom of the Opera and the soul of Phantom of the Opera. Without his command, Phantom of the Opera is much weaker in all aspects.
There is a strange scene in the core cabin. The dry branches cage Lin momo, and then the branches bring the handsome captain to the middle of the charm, and the integration will be on the right track
Phantom of the Opera is now in the bottleneck period of Class C, and the core cabin has become loose, and it is no longer as narrow as when it was Class E.
See Lin momo body slowly fly to the light tree incarnate son practice constant wave Shuren is definitely a big negative, it serves to show that her mind has been distorted.
Lin momo frowned slightly, as if he was aware of the outside world. It was his effort to stop the incarnate son from manipulating and reflecting the chaos.
The reunion of three pieces of fallen debris is of great significance, but it is too late for the fallen blade to return to Lin momo. It is very difficult to reverse the variation of catalytic agents, and it takes a lot of energy to make up for the loss of vitality of cells. Even if the incarnate son does not intervene in this matter, Lin momo is in jeopardy, and the situation can’t be worse.
Light tree figure gradually overlap and Mr Lin until now also didn’t attack the clinic charm son smart how can leave a hand tail? If it weren’t for Lin momo, the situation was really dangerous, and the ugly light tree projection might kill Pei Lin.
"Sisso, you are everything to me, and I won’t let you disappear. Only in this world can I make sense. I love you more than myself." The light tree projection suddenly cracked two long and narrow gaps, which seemed grotesque, staring at the handsome face.
In the core cabin, generate’s myriad pieces of broken energy interweave into blood vessels and pierce Lin momo’s body. This process is very slow because the incarnate son is very careful.
At the same time, the main body consciousness of the master control room condensed out, and the human body screamed, and then she fainted and disappeared.
"What’s the matter?" Sasha was frightened to disgrace and looked at the place where the incarnate son disappeared. Cui Hetang quickly stopped the hull and didn’t let the emergency affect the Phantom of the Opera.
"Boom" Pei Lin finally split the door of the clinic and three women rushed out. They called and went to the core cabin, which was surrounded by a magnetic field outside.
The core cabin is the number one forbidden area for star cruise ships. Except the captain and adjutant, no one is allowed to set foot on it. The protection ability is naturally strong. If you want to attack it, it is suspected that the whole ship is doing the right thing.
"Sasha elder sister is coming. Go to the core cabin to save Momo’s incarnate son. She is crazy." Pei Lin was in tears with the laser sword. She had never felt so hard.
"Don’t worry, make things clear." Sasha realized that things were very serious, and Harley and others rushed over when they heard the crying.
"The three of us were looking after the captain’s charm son suddenly appeared in the clinic. At that time, the charm son’s mood was extremely unstable, saying that Pei Lin had taken away the love that belonged to her and wanted to live with the captain. In addition, the form revealed by the charm son was very terrible. It turned out to be …" Xuanyuan Cangyun was eloquent, and she described the cause and effect of the incident to everyone, saying that the image record of the clinic had been tampered with and could not adjust the audio-visual materials.
"Bad incarnate son has been studying crossing the force field with my master control room. At that time, I was surprised that the captain was hurt like that. She was the most sad, and then her expression was usually nothing. It turned out that she was busy going to the medical room and I immediately went to the core cabin to catch people." Sasha blamed herself. If she had asked a few words at that time, maybe the situation was not so bad, but her adjutant seemed to be lacking in experience.
Pei Lin nodded, her eyes full of expectations. Sasha flew three meters forward and was blocked by the magnetic field outside the core cabin.
When exactly did the shadow come from the soul of the incarnate son? Everyone learned that it was the incarnate son who was doing something to hurt Lin Sisuo. She had reached the opposite of all the crew members.
"I am the Phantom of the Opera adjutant. I have the right to go to the core cabin and give me the door." Sasha shouted angrily. This time, the incarnate son has gone too far.
Shouting for a long time, Sasha found that the adjutant limit actually failed, and everyone was completely shocked. Can the incarnate son tamper with the adjutant limit at will? This is incredible.
"Bastard incarnate son just now in the master control room, she deliberately asked me to certify the acting captain’s limit. It must have been that time that she quietly tampered with my limit to cancel it." Sasha immediately thought that the incarnate son had calculated her in vain.
Harley’s mouth twitched. He shouted in the previous step, "Listen to me, charm. I know that the mental attack of the blue line zombie has an impact on you. It is a good thing that the dark layers in your heart burst out. You can find out what the hidden danger of the Phantom is. You should think about the captain’s wishes. Will the captain agree with you now?"
Harley deserves to be a wise man. His brain turns to the point quickly. Anyway, Lin momo is the master of Phantom of the Opera and the charm is the helper.
On what the charm has become, she relies on Lin momo’s light tree method to suppress trembling, and the constant wave of tree people flashes in the memory of scenes after hatching.
After a full minute, the charm sound came slowly, which seemed to come from another world, but everyone heard it really.
"Hum momo will forgive me, I am him, so that after momo becomes a constant wave of tree people, the two of us will never be separated again. You may not know that without momo’s successful return to the front of the ship, the force field will engulf everything, saying that my decision is not wrong."
"What how did that happen? Can’t we really go back? " The crew is full of worries. Maybe it’s possible that the ghost son will take everyone back without such disorder. It seems that the Phantom of the Opera is in big trouble.
Harley shook his head and said to everyone, "The charm has not yet settled the captain. We don’t have three hours to break through the core cabin. Now we can pray that the boss will turn to safety."
"We shouldn’t do something." Pei Lin lifted her foot and rushed forward with a golden light. Sasha sighed and withdrew the totem master’s cane.
The core cabin is not so easy to break into. If someone attacks even the crew members, those hidden laser weapons are absolutely heartless, and I don’t know that the charm son intentionally mixed a large number of titanium crystal particles into the core cabin and there is a magnetic field around it. Harley said that it would be less to break through in three hours if there is no near-peak master to suppress it for six hours, even if everyone does not practice in vain on weekdays.
Christine hugged Pei Lin from behind. She worked as a pharmacist’s assistant. Although it is rare to see this beauty founder who lives in seclusion, I heard that Pei Lin was the captain’s wife. It was really uncomfortable to watch her lover step by step into the abyss. Perhaps coma is the best way.
The retro clock of the ship ticks and moves the hands. Since the charm replied to Harley’s words, everyone can’t help but cast a shadow over how outsiders shout.
Lin momo’s current situation is in jeopardy. Charming son does not hesitate to self-destruct to build a blood circulation system. There has never been a constant wave of Shuren. If Charming son succeeds, is the captain of Phantom still human? No one knows the answer, not even the sinking blade.
Phantom of the Opera, the core cabin has prepared a large number of refined crystals. This is Lin momo who has worked so hard to accumulate money. But at the moment, the incarnate son is consuming refined crystals at a speed of 3,000 units per minute. If Lin momo is awake at this time, I am afraid he will be fainted.