"Big wang! The scenery here is very good, and we have a good time here! " Looked at all the ghosts around, finally looked Zhang Xiaotian jiao said with a smile.

"Big wang! Is this hell? " A ghost repair export asked.
"Ha ha! We were in hell before, but this is not hell, but another place! You will go to hell again soon! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said.
"I say that hell is a ghost world, but when I got here, I didn’t even see a ghost in addition to helping my brothers, and I didn’t have any soul! Although there is soul stone absorption, this practice is too slow! " A ghost monk seems to complain that his brow has a little desire.
"Hell is full of soul force, and you have seen that the number of ghost repairs is hundreds of billions. That is our real world of ghost repairs! Don’t worry, we will go soon! " Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian said after heaven and earth to help the original team eyes shine a pair of eager expression! Other expressions that later joined Ghost Xiu were mixed with a little hesitation besides a little longing, especially those female members who looked at the expressions with excitement and a little inferiority complex. After all, the original team of Heaven and Earth Help is a real person. Later, the members of the team joined the team, and it was still low, not to mention the female members. Not to mention the low level of qualifications, the mind is still extremely low, and I can’t even think about inferiority. If it weren’t for the original team of Heaven and Earth Help, most of them were kids with lively qualifications, and they didn’t despise them at all. What kind of inferiority they might be!
"But if you want to have you in hell, you can’t fix it!" Paused Zhang Xiaotian said slowly a face of serious.
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, except that heaven and earth helped the original people a little angry, other ghosts bowed their heads in shame.
Most of them are in ghost period, but the highest point is in ghost period! This strength is mixed in the secular world, not to mention hundreds of billions of hell in this ghost practice.
"You don’t be angry! With your little strength, even a few ghost-shaped ghosts have some difficulties to deal with, not to mention that ghosts will repair ghosts in the ghost king period, and ghosts will be everywhere in hell, even the ghost king is not a minority in hell! And there are a few dozen or twenty ghosts in hell! It is said that your little strength has no pride in Hell Root! " See the ghost attitude Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"Then when can we go to hell?" Hear Zhang Xiaotian slowly words heaven and earth to help the original team this just show a look of shame after a while Jiang Guosheng export asked.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and didn’t answer "See this array?" With a wave of his hand, more than a dozen lights were scattered around from Zhang Xiaotian’s hand and then disappeared.
The surrounding scenery hasn’t changed, and the naked eye can’t see any changes, but if there is a monk’s spirit to detect here, it will be like being stuck in a mire and can’t move forward.
The tenth large array of narrow escape was just distributed here by Zhang Xiaotian.
When Zhang Xiaotian’s mind moved, a faint fog appeared in the place covered by the large array of narrow escape and X. And gradually covered the surrounding landscape.
"The name of this large array is narrow escape X large array. As the name implies, it is very dangerous for monks to enter this large array! Ten to one! This is a test for your new members in our Heaven and Earth Sect. After you come out of the array, you will become real members of our Heaven and Earth Sect just like them! And if we can’t get out, it’s no wonder that we can die in it! These are meditation beads. If you want to enter, take a meditation bead. If you don’t want to enter, I won’t be forced! If you want to be born in hell, I’ll send you there. If you want to go back to the secular world, I’ll send you back, but from now on, you will help us again! " Zhang Xiaotian tone light said
Chapter two hundred and twelve Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid!
Hear Zhang Xiaotian said today (Monday), heaven and earth to help those new members face is not a change! A narrow escape, a ten-time array? Listen to this name and you will know that this array is amazing!
"I’d like to say one last thing. If you have any disloyalty to our Heaven and Earth Gang, you’d better not go in, because such people will die if they go in!" See the ghost repair expression Zhang Xiaotian light smiled a added and said.
Zhang Xiaotian, the tenth large array of narrow escape, is now the master of this array! After the array process illusion is finished, the array master can control the array illusion to test whether the members are loyal or not! Is also the most wonderful method that Zhang Xiaotian thought of! Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, shuddered at the thought of the wonderful illusion in the tenth large array of narrow escape! He believes that this method can definitely screen out members who are absolutely loyal to Heaven and Earth Gang.
Hearing what Zhang Xiaotian said, those ghost faces couldn’t help but show surprise, and then they were silent, and some ghost faces also showed a little confusion
It didn’t take long for Si Er to walk out of the group of ghosts with a smile and reach out to Zhang Xiaotian with a white and tender hand.
Zhang Xiaotian responded and didn’t speak when he handed a meditation bead.
This meditation bead is not cheap, but it’s not less valuable when Zhang Xiaotian captured the magic weapon of the fix true person in Minstrel! Zhang Xiaotian changed this meditation bead in the meditation workshop. Fortunately, those who practice spiritual power have one drawback, that is, they are easily possessed by fire. Most of those who practice meditation are hands-on! Although the meditation beads are precious, they have been collected a lot after paying a higher price in Zhang Xiaotian.
After receiving the meditation bead, Sier did not hesitate to step into the fog and enter the large array!
After Si Er went in, her loyal hands did not hesitate to come out and took the meditation bead from Zhang Xiaotian’s hand and stepped into the law.
With so many people leading, other new members are coming to Zhang Xiaotian! Take the meditation bead and enter the array!
Maybe they really want to be full members of the Heaven and Earth Gang, maybe the last sentence of Zhang Xiaotian started, maybe they don’t believe that they won’t enter the law, and Zhang Xiaotian will let them go. After all, they will join the Heaven and Earth Gang, and all the new members have entered the law of narrow escape and ten big bursts.
Slightly shook his head, Zhang Xiaotian sighed and looked back at Zhang Xiaotian, the original crew of Tiandi Gang, and said with a faint smile, "You all go in!"
"Ah?" After hearing Zhang Xiao’s command from heaven and earth, heaven and earth could not help showing a stunned expression.
"Why? Don’t you want to build your own land faster and higher? " Zhang Xiaotian light asked with a smile.
"What?" The ghost fix a face of confusion.
"Do you know what highland we are repairing so quickly?" Zhang Xiaotian said with a face of Gherardini, "Will it be faster to enter this realm of law training?" After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, the ghost’s eyes are not bright.
"That’s true!" Zhang Xiaotian light nodded with a smile.
After being confirmed by Zhang Xiaotian, all the ghosts couldn’t help but rush to Zhang Xiaotian and stretch out your hand one by one! It turned out to be asking for the meditation bead!
"Big wang! Did you let them into the large array before to test them! Saying that a large array of dangers is also scaring them? " In front of Zhang Xiaotian Jiang Guosheng asked with a face of awakening.
"Let them into the large array is really a test for them, but I said that there is danger in the large array and it is really true! If they really have any other thoughts about the Heaven and Earth Sect, they will surely die! " Zhang Xiaotian seems to have a profound glance at Jiang Guosheng light said.
"Is it really dangerous?" After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, Jiang Guosheng’s face was shocked! And other members of the gang heard Zhang Xiaotian’s words and stretched out their hands for meditation beads, and they couldn’t help but slow down
"Don’t worry! This large array is arranged by me. I will control whether it is dangerous or not when you go in! You are old members of our Heaven and Earth Sect. Even if you have any other thoughts about our Heaven and Earth Sect, I won’t let you die in it! " See the ghost repair expression Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
After hearing what Zhang Xiaotian said, the ghosts were repaired, so you can rest assured! After a smile, everyone said with a positive look, "Big Leader, rest assured that we are loyal to heaven and earth!"
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and nodded his head. If he didn’t trust them, he wouldn’t have made black liquor for them at the beginning. It’s a big deal to test the illusion of a narrow escape and a large array of X later. But the result is as Zhang Xiaotian said, even if they help heaven and earth in another place, Zhang Xiaotian won’t kill them! But Zhang Xiaotian won’t let them go! I’m afraid they will stay in this ring for life.
"You go in! It’s been a long time when there are many illusions in it. It may be a moment for me to drag you out of it if any of you can’t stand it! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded and said slowly.
The ghosts nodded and listened.
Then the ghosts took the meditation beads from Zhang Xiaotian one by one and then disappeared into the law.
Jiang Guosheng was the last one to take the meditation bead. I can see that he is hesitant and has something to say.