Just at this moment, Xia Qi shot!

In front of the hexagrams, the suspended light flashes, in which the word’ Dui’ is engraved, and the glory gushes out in the middle, and immediately it turns into a swamp!
A dull and loud bell was caught by the swamp, and this terrible blow was immediately resolved! And in the swamp also immediately crack lines gap seems to be broken.
"Give me a break!"
Luo Zhen was surprised that the imperial clock was trapped, and his body fell directly, and his big hand leaned out like an eagle’s claw to grab it back and break the swamp by the way
But at this time, Xia Qi’s body really poured into the hexagram map, and the road was full of brilliance, and even the body really fell into the swamp!
"Wu Li attacks!"
Xia Qi was red-faced. He felt that Zhenyuan was like a rolling river and was trapped in the Huangzhong and Luo Zhen marshes. All the cracks seemed to be about to run out. He dared not neglect a drink and let Wu shoot at once.
When Wu saw this scene, he was horrified at Xia Qi’s divination plan. Even the monks in Yuan’s infancy could be trapped, but they didn’t slow down and cut again with a mighty broadsword in their hands!
"Break the sky!"
Chop a broken broadsword with one knife on display. The broadsword body is as bright as the scorching sun, and it is tens of meters in size. It suddenly cuts towards Luo Zhen’s head like the beginning of time!
Cut the color of the world with one knife!
Trapped, Luo Zhen’s hair rises in horror!
Chapter seventy-five Direct nullification
Chapter seventy-five Direct nullification
"The imperial bell cage covers the ground!"
Luo Zhen roared and spat out a mouthful of JingXie, forcing the imperial clock to break the shackles of the hexagrams, and the golden light enveloped from the sky!
This time the emperor clock is not toward Xia Qi repression turned out to be toward Luo Zhen himself!
The imperial bell resounded all over the square to suppress Fang Luozhen, and Fang Luozhen happened to be protected in it. At this moment, the imperial bell will completely protect Luo Zhen like a turtle shell!
When that imperial bell cover Luo Zhen, Wu’s broadsword also crashed!
The number of knives in the golden bell defense root can’t resist the imperial bell dissipating one after another. The fall of the broadsword in Xia Qi’s hand made the imperial bell tremble violently, and the golden light faded a lot, but it was not broken.
Obviously, this imperial bell is also a magic weapon, and its defense is excellent and precious.
"Little animals, I want you to die!"
The emperor clock was not broken, but the violent tremor made the emperor clock connected with his mind. Luo Zhen was also shaken and immediately spit out one mouthful blood.
He was furious when he attacked the past, and the imperial bell moved from his head. He wanted to cut Xia Qi to pieces!
It’s a great shame that the monk who was born in Yuan Dynasty was so pressured by two monks who were born in Then Period to burn Jingxue.
"Oh, my God, the monk in Yuan’s infancy was so embarrassed that he was killed by the two pavilions?"
"Isn’t that Luo Zhen yuan baby monk? It’s just that a monk in the golden elixir period and a monk in the five-storey golden elixir period should burn Jingxue. I doubt that Luo Zhen is even the peak of the golden elixir period! "
"It’s terrible that the two owners of the pavilion are so powerful!"
Many monks in Fang forgot to fight, and they were dumbfounded at this scene!
In their minds, Yuan Babies should face several peak monks in the golden elixir period, but they can never be forced to slay them one by one.
But what do they see now?
A friar in the golden elixir period and a friar in the golden elixir period forced Luo Zhen to burn JingXie in such a miserable way that he escaped killing. This is simply like being in a dream. I can’t believe everything in sight!
Wonder and doubt are endless.
Luo Zhen was furious when he heard these words!
"Go to hell!"