This title shows the pride of the Hertha people to the fullest.

The former Atletico Madrid can keep silent in front of the madness of Hertha fans.
The game shook half of Madrid.
Hertha ranked first in the second division, and this game shocked them more.
Before that, many people thought that Hertha ranked first in the league was a little disdainful. Even if they ranked first in the league, it was only because their opponents didn’t know enough about their new tactics.
After studying them for half a season, there will be more and more opponents, and they will encounter more and more resistance.
It’s hard to say whether they can still rank first then.
However, after watching the game against Atletico Madrid, everyone was surprised that Hertha had a firm advantage in every game, which made Atletico Madrid unable to turn over.
Only then did they find out that Hertha’s strength had long been far from them.
Now this Hertha is no longer the Hertha they remember.
Maybe they should all look at this team with new eyes …
After the match with Atletico Madrid, Changsheng received a new one. Although Atletico Madrid didn’t accomplish anything, it triggered one.
It’s called "I said you’ll regret it!"
You can tell by the name that you have it with Atletico Madrid.
But the goal is not so simple and easy to understand as "beating Atletico Madrid", but a vague "making Atletico Madrid regret"
Specifically, it didn’t tell Chang Sheng exactly how to be considered as finished. Obviously, it should be impossible to finish it if you simply beat Atletico Madrid.
Ever-victorious stared at this for a while and then reacted.
He already knows how to do this.
But he is not sure whether he can wait for the opportunity to finish.
It is very harsh to meet several conditions at the same time in order to complete this task.
How can we make Atletico Madrid regret it?
It’s not enough to beat them
What does Atletico Madrid care about most?
It’s promotion, which is their highest and only goal of the season
So if you want Atletico Madrid to regret it, you have to keep them from promotion.
And it has to be a winning team to solve it himself. They can’t be replaced by other teams
Hertha and Atletico Madrid have another match in the final round of the league.
If Atletico Madrid has been upgraded before this game, it will naturally be impossible.
And if Atletico Madrid had upgraded before this game, it would have failed.
Either early or late, just before this game, Atletico Madrid still has the hope of upgrading. If we have to beat Hertha, we can upgrade. If we lose, we will be finished.
It is only in this situation that winning can give Atletico Madrid the most fatal blow, which makes them feel painful to the bone marrow. At first, they were arrogant and regretted it, and that game was a home game. It is conceivable that it was difficult to win the game.
This shows the difficulty.
In fact, beating Atletico Madrid away from home is relatively simple. At the very least, it is the only thing that always wins and has the ability and qualification to decide.
This is the most rare opportunity.
This is not something that Hertha can decide by one team.
It depends on the performance of Atletico Madrid against other teams and even on the general trend of the whole league …
In case there is no such opportunity, the winner will never be fully prepared.
Of course, it’s so difficult and the reward is very generous
500,000 experience is enough to make the winner green. It takes 500,000 for Lin Mo to upgrade from the first level to the second level. This experience award has reached such a standard.
And 500,000 experience rewards are also the most experienced rewards that Changsheng has ever done.
Besides experience, 300 points of energy is also the most of all.
I just hope that the reward is not high, with a mere 100 points.
Perhaps this has something to do with this body. After all, this is a personal feud between the winning team and Atletico Madrid. Even if it is completed, it will have little effect on the winning team of Hertha players.
Reward skills are also good. There are three training skills, namely, competition training team combined with primary training, primary steal special training and primary endurance special training.
In addition, the most exciting thing for Changsheng is that it also rewards a competition skill!
[Primary defense]!
This is the third time that secondary skills have appeared!
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Renewal? Talk to my agent.
With this secondary skill, Atletico Madrid will die anyway.
In fact, he thought about it. Wouldn’t it be meaningless if he gave it all but couldn’t do it at all?
Must be redundant?
Moreover, he carefully recalled that Atletico Madrid did not upgrade in its first season of relegation to Serie B.
If the goal is to keep Atletico Madrid from being promoted, at least there is still hope for this.
Of course, I can’t remember exactly why I didn’t upgrade and always win.
Even at that time, he didn’t know whether the schedule was the last round of the league match between Atletico Madrid and Hertha as it is now.
But it’s better to be possible than impossible. If Atletico Madrid was promoted in the first season as he remembered before, he should seriously consider whether to do it or not …
Now what he has to do is actually very simple, that is, he is ready to beat Atletico Madrid away and wait.
Wait for the right time to appear.
He believed that he would wait until.
Otherwise, this is meaningless.
The thought that he could personally kick Atletico Madrid into the abyss in Calderon filled him with fighting spirit and motivation.
He clenched his fist.
I said you’ll regret that I always keep my word!
Moscow dragged on for two days without going to talk to Changsheng about the new contract.
His former chairman, the old man, forgets things in a few days. Maybe he won’t remember himself. If he is too active, he may ruin things.
So he has been on hold.