Liu Yu’s hand string is loose, and suddenly the sword in a tight vibrato directly shoots through the holy eyebrows and shoots Yuan Shen together. He falls there and the sacred land is seconds killed at this moment.

The sky is in fear and chaos
Liu Yu killed the saint!
And killing is easy!
Finally, the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was banned by Liu Yu, and then the body of the sacred land was suppressed.
Perhaps many years later, there will be such a myth that a sacred land has fallen to Kunlun Mountain.
But no matter what it means for Liu Yu to go out from here today, it is bound to be a great motivation to slaughter the holy earth. Even the ancient alliance can’t slaughter a sacred land so cleanly and at such a speed …
Liu Yu turned and strode into the gate.
This time he went to the fourth place!
It’s an unknown field, and there may be many risks, but Liu Yu has the sorcerer’s seal book, which is given to Zun by the little girl. He can always honor and rob to achieve real respect!
"Has left the earth, if you want to break through Zunke here."
The two men wandered in a dark void, not knowing how long the road ahead would be, but he managed to move forward.
The little girl sat on Liu Yu’s shoulder.
"Don’t worry about robbing. It’s a means to stop the waves."
If someone really annoys him when he gets there, he doesn’t mind attracting a robbery.
"There is a storm and a thunder pool ahead, and you can pass safely by offering the list of swallowing days."
Liu Yuwen’s eyes looked forward, and some ray attributes slowly entered his perception. He didn’t dare to be careless, even if it was a sacred land, dzogchen couldn’t send it to the roaming place when he wanted. He offered the side to swallow the sky list before he went safely.
He doesn’t know the fourth distance, but I’m afraid it’s not that easy to get there simply.
After about ten days, they finally ushered in a huge thunder pool! !
"When the channel was blocked, the fourth channel could not go." Liu Yu’s face was cold, and the third was also blocked. Now that someone has also broken the fourth?
"Thanks to the list of swallowing days, you can go," said the little girl.
Chapter 943 The thunder pool leads to the Ancient Immortal Hall
Liu Yu stepped on a golden avenue and walked into the thunder pool.
This used to be a real ancient road, but it was blocked, so was the earth, and now he is facing the same problem.
He doesn’t know how big this thunder pool can be, but these thunder powers are not generally real storms.
"It seems that the future is full of unknowns."
Liu Yu wants to break through to respect quickly, although it is also possible to understand that the little girl is what she is or that she is a higher level.
From the time she took out the statue knitting machine and this swallowing list, the forced value was gone
"What do you think?"
The little girl asked Liu Yu what she looked like as a human little girl, but sometimes it was simple and sometimes it was very mysterious.
"Didn’t go in?"
Liu Yu went all the way into the thunder pool, and he was sheltered by the swallowing list, but he finally felt strange instead of real
The ancient road has been cut off, which means that it is no longer possible. For example, the earth language has not been cultivated thousands of years ago, and the Taoist school has cut off the road.
Now the way to the fourth road has also been blocked, so what kind of scenery is there?
Liu Yu has many kinds of ideas, but he will not easily conclude. On the contrary, he feels strange about this one.
"Swallowing the list of days can really avoid all thunder attributes?"
Liu Yu stopped and didn’t move on. He went out with powerful detection, but he could hardly reach the edge. What does this mean?
"How suddenly asked about this? This side of swallowing the list of days is the only doom for me to worship the great man. Of course, it is enough. "
The little girl explained
"So what’s the point of our going because this road is blocked?"
The ancient clan will enter the fifth, and the first thing is to enter the fourth. In the future, I don’t know how many years, Xiaoyue will personally step into this vast universe and clear the name of the ancient clan after nine years.
But in spite of this, he, as a father, will naturally step on the spot.
If anyone doesn’t beat up, it is
"You mean there are drawbacks in this thunder pool?" Said the little girl.
Liu Yu nodded his head. At the beginning, he had seen such a cross. It was when he entered the Ancient Immortal Hall that he fought against the holy emperor. It seemed that they were in such a huge cross.
So he inexplicably poured out an idea …
Is that why the ancient temple came?
What can be so big? Did he come out of it?
Why do I have such an absurd guess?’
Liu Yu shook his head and went further. When he wanted to practice, he sat in the flying sword and royal sword.
When he continued in this state for a month, he suddenly reacted. With his eyes open, he could not even reach the edge of the thunder pool, but there would be another day on the other side, but he felt that he could not reach the edge
There are two possibilities left. One is that it is really big here. The other is that this thunder pool is a maze. He has been wandering in a limited cycle for so long.
"Boom! !”
Suddenly, a huge golden palm print fell from the sky, and when the thunder touched the palm, it disappeared.
Liu Yu frowned and his blood surged. A big hand rushed up behind him, and both of them exploded together. The explosion ripples all caused huge ripples around him.
"What is it?"
Liu Yu’s body lock, Golden Flower, lit up like a scorching sun in this purple ocean, and then several big hands covered it at him, causing this piece of empty space to collapse.
This time, the sacred land dzogchen Liu Yu was repelled for countless steps.
At that moment, his face turned cold, and it was unbelievable that he was expelled for the first time in so long since he was consecrated. I’m afraid this newcomer is much stronger than him.