Soon, the Dragon King of the East China Sea led Jiuzhong to the area of various Dan medicines in the secret room, stopped in front of a secret room, knocked at the door, and pointed to a room full of Dan medicines. "Here it is, this Dan medicine is called Shui Shui Shui Dan, which is a raw material with poor quality and is refined by mixing a variety of materials. Although it can’t maintain human water activities for a long time like Shui Shui, a Dan medicine can also maintain the effect for 24 hours."

"Good, good," Jiuzhong felt good after hearing what the Dragon King of the East China Sea said. He wasn’t busy checking the properties of the water-avoiding Dan himself, but first he swept away the water-avoiding Dan department in the chamber of secrets and got involved in the dry Kun bag. Then he fished out a water-avoiding Dan and checked the properties.
"Well, don’t say, this effect is really good." Looking at the introduction of the water-repellent Dan, Jiu Zhong suddenly moved his heart and asked, "How much weight does this water-repellent Dan need to avoid water droplets before it can be refined?"
"Let’s put it this way, you just took away that kind of water repellent, one water repellent, and at least you can refine hundreds of such water repellent Dan."
"In this case …" Nine thoughts turned, thought for a moment, and suddenly said to the Dragon King of the East China Sea, "Give me the refining formula of your water-repellent Dan."
"Cough … this water-repellent Dan refining formula is not secret in Dragon Palace in the East China Sea."
"Hum ~" Jiuzhong smiled brilliantly. "If you don’t give it to me, I’ll continue to search for things in your Dragon Secret Library. There must be a lot to get."
"You bastard", of course, this sentence can be said by the Dragon King of the East China Sea. On the surface, he still has to be greeted with a smile, and he obediently presents the refining formula of Shuibi Dan with both hands.
Jiuzhong took the formula of water-repellent Dan, and when he saw that the Dragon King of the East China Sea looked lonely, he patted the Dragon King of the East China Sea on the shoulder and said, "Old Dragon King, you are content. I have rolled something here, and I have swept away thousands of siren troops in Atlantis."
"Well, Old Dragon King, I have work to do, so I won’t accompany you. You go back to eat and drink well." The Dragon King of the East China Sea waved his hand, and Jiuzhong directly started the ring sending function and moved back to Atlantis.
"Get the water equipment so soon?" See nine heavy just go out for a while will be back, Wang Baobao surprised way
Jiuzhong saw that Wang Baobao was soaked in water. "You didn’t hold back the waves, did you?"
"Ah … yes."
"How much water did you drink?"
"… I’m full"
"You idiot, I told you I couldn’t."
"How about you stop burying me? Did you get the water equipment?"
"I got some, but it’s not enough to equip the army. I have to get it again."
"I can’t wait," Wang Baobao insisted. "Give me some first, and then you can get it."
"Why did you suddenly become so positive?" Nine heavy is very unexpected way
"I’ve always been very active," Wang Baobao said with great sense of justice. "You told me to train troops quickly, so I naturally want to do my best to finish what you gave me."
"Fart" Jiuzhong mercilessly debunked Wang Baobao’s lies. "I think you just lost face in front of your own department, especially the beauty department, and want to save face as soon as possible."
"Well … now that you know all about it, hurry up," Wang Baobao said in a low voice, "or my image in the hearts of beautiful women will be finished."
"Okay, okay, it’s your turn." Wang Baobao couldn’t hold back. Jiuzhong fished out 30,000 beads of water from the bag of Gankun and shared them equally with the marine forces of the three major alliances. "I can’t play favorites, but I’ll give you some. Let’s play together and kill time."
"Thank you, Holy Leader."
Wang Baobao got 10,000 water droplets, and the horse distributed them to a team of players who were also wet. "Come on, brothers, I will take you to the sea."
"Ahem … Brother Xing, we just had enough to drink, and we really can’t go." Think about the scene of gorging in the sea, and these players are concerned.
"What are you afraid of? I promise you won’t drink any more water." After that, Wang Baobao was a little guilty and turned to ask Jiuzhong, "Right?"
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two Test the water
Please remember, please remember, "You have to try this yourself to know." Jiuzhong deliberately sold one to scare Wang Baobao.
Sure enough, a listen to nine heavy answer is not sure enough, Wang Baobao more guilty, "ahem, haha … certainly no problem, you see this profile is not all clear?"
"That’s not certain," said Jiuchong. "When I got this water repellent from the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, the Dragon King of the East China Sea told me that the quality of these water repellent drops is mixed, and if there are any defective ones, it may not be able to exert the water repellent effect. Please ask for your own happiness when you are young."
Throw a disturbing words, nine heavy directly raise my hand with a ring, call out the virtual door, went into the ten layers of hell.
When I came to the colorful magic capital, I found the medicine department of Hell Wild Flower, and gave the refining formula of the water-repellent pill given to me by the Dragon King of the East China Sea to the pharmacists of Hell Wild Flower refining, so that they could learn the method of making water-repellent pills. At the same time, Martha went to the market to purchase various materials of the alchemy.
Refined pharmacists are in full swing, and Jiuzhong is waiting for refined pharmacists to learn the method of avoiding water pills, while playing voice communication, initiating multi-person conversation mode, and calling recent flowers and Simon to rush for blood at the same time.
Both of them are online now, and they will be connected soon. They all ask, "What is it?"
"I’ve got a cheap elixir, which is called water-avoiding elixir. It can replace inconvenient water equipment and equip it to our three major alliance marine forces. Now you two are calling on your alliance refined pharmacists to come and learn the method of water-avoiding elixir, and when you go back, you can equip it to your marine forces."
"Depend, you really don’t eat at all." Ximenbiao bloody way, "When it comes to money, what do you mean will pull us both? You can’t be generous once. Anyway, you can take care of all the auxiliary Warcraft, so you can just take care of this water-avoiding Dan."
"Depend, the old money isn’t windy. It’s good to give you so much water to assist Warcraft for free. If it weren’t for you, one is my big brother, and the other is a big beauty, those auxiliary Warcraft will have to ask you for money …" Jiuzhong said so, he couldn’t help feeling a little sorry. "I just gave you so many auxiliary Warcraft for free. It’s a bit of a loss, otherwise you still mean it? If I don’t want more from you, no one will … "
"You give me a stop" Simon soaring blood a listen to the momentum is wrong, hurriedly interrupted nine heavy, "depend, I want to take advantage of you again, you this harmony, not only won’t let me take it, but also samaritans, auxiliary siren that quarrel you want us to mean don’t even think about it, refining this water-repellent Dan, we’ll do it ourselves"
"Ok, then you have to hurry up. If I can’t see you for half an hour, you won’t learn this formula of water-repellent Dan. You just have to pay for it from me, and you can buy it as much as you want, and you can guarantee good quality and low price." Treat Simon with blood and recent love, and it’s a double whammy. After two attitudes, there’s just a scare over Simon with blood, and here’s recent love.
In the game of "Era", the profession of refined pharmacist is set in a different way, that is, refined pharmacist needs corresponding refining formula if he wants to refine Dan medicine or various types of potions. If there is no refining formula, even refined pharmacist knows what this kind of potions formula is, he can refine it.
Moreover, after a refined pharmacist has learned a refined formula, the law grants this formula to other refined pharmacists unless the refined pharmacist has reached the level of a master.
This setting, although contrary to the unified and direct emphasis on simulation trend of Era, can better safeguard the patent of professional players engaged in refining pharmacists in the game. If there is no point of smuggling pharmacists at the bottom of the box, how can we stand in the square?
It is precisely because there are still some unrealistic settings in Era that the Era system will say that the simulation degree of Era is 99%, not 100% simulation game.
"I believe you are a ghost," Simon said angrily, then hung up the voice communication and called for people.