"Please, two senior brothers"

Lingqing said, "Pick up the Dragon Staff and take two steps forward."
A shake of the hand will insert the dragon staff into the ground and the gourd will fall into the hands of Lingqing.
"bam ~"
He reached for the bottom of the gourd and popped it out.
Then aim the gourd at the detective tree, and a yellow airflow falls on the tree like running water.
"Kaka Kaka ~"
Cried the detective tree as if it were alive, stretching its branches and leaves and growing up with the naked eye.
This is due to the fact that the tree species, however, are based on turbid qi.
At this time, the turbid evil spirit element moistens the body evil spirit greatly, which also drives the growth of the tree.
The surroundings are as mottled as colorful, and ShaQi is stimulated by turbid evil spirit Yuan Jing, and crazy surges here.
"get up!"
Brother Wang saw that the big sleeve swept a clear light with a wave of his hand and turned into a round cover to protect the surrounding area.
The flood of miscellaneous shaqi seemed to stir up colorful flowers as if it met a river dam.
But the clear light shield did not move and did not make any ripples.
Then the shield light gathered and ShaQi like snow melting furnace sad breath was melted away.
As soon as you drink the light, the shield collapses and blows away like a breeze.
All ShaQi along the way can’t afford to melt the slightest waves.
Straight spirit green will gourd turbidity evil spirit yuan essence to half, the detective tree has grown nearly half height.
From the original height of more than 20 meters to more than 30 meters
Trees full of jade and yellow flowers are becoming more and more glittering and translucent.
It won’t take long for Lingqing to bear fruit, but the flowering period has been maintained until now.
I have blossomed, and so have the detective trees.
It is estimated that it is caused by the interaction between the detective trees.
Looked at the growing detective tree spirit green satisfied nodded his head.
Then grabbed a side alienation dragon rod a throw.
Cried the dragon staff constantly twisted and spiraled into a dragonfly that was never put off till tomorrow what you can to the detective tree.
Bite a branch and stick it in the ground according to his wishes.
Then the dragon staff returned to his hands.
Brother Xiong and brother Wang were surprised to see that the two artifacts in Lingqing’s hand were so magical.
It turns out that this spiritual younger brother is blessed with profound fortune, has powers and is valued by Shu Gong.
I didn’t expect to hide such a miraculous instrument.