"So you are a good wind soul and I will kill you first."

The light flashed out of the window and the assassin disappeared
Yin Niang jumped forcibly but fell down on the bed. She felt something blocking her chest, so she put her hand into her clothes and took it out. It was the mirror of Yin and Yang. Only then did she know that Master had been by her side to protect her, and she was anxious to rush to the outside, but before she rushed into the rain, her legs softened and she fell to the ground again.
She looked at the heavy rain curtain and gasped with both hands.
Even with the protection of Yin and Yang mirror, the blow was still unbearable for her. It is hard for her to imagine that she would still have a chance to live if Master had not secretly protected her and helped her lead her.
A burst of footsteps came when Nie Feng heard the dialogue between the wind, the soul and the son and hurried to the hospital with the soldiers.
Yinniang didn’t take a look at her father, but she said to herself, "Flying Snow Sword, Flying Snow Sword, take me to Master."
The flying snow sword flew around her, and then the white light flashed and she broke away.
The rain thundered and thundered around her.
She flew out of the city and went all the way to Nanshan, but there was a shower everywhere, and neither the assassin nor Master was seen.
At this moment, master sounded in her ear, "You leave first, disciple."
Yin Niang shouted, "Where are you, Master?"
The wind soul didn’t answer the sound, but it also rang. "Don’t worry, I won’t kill her now that I missed her. I want to kill you now."
The wind soul was silent for a while and then laughed. "But the rain is a little out of the way …"
The son said, "Then let it stop first."
A flash of light
A firm but gentle wave rushed to the clouds and the dark clouds in Fiona Fang disappeared at this moment. The moonlight will be full of moisture and the earth will shine like a lake.
Yin Niang looked intently but saw a short but arrogant man standing in front of her. He stood upright with a dagger, which was obviously the one who almost killed her just now.
Yin Niang looked around looking for her master.
The sound of "I am here" came from behind her.
Yin Niang suddenly turned around and realized that Master was by her side.
The wind soul smiled at her and said, "Yin Niang, don’t worry about me when you look at it first."
Yin Niang also knows that her master is far from her son, and even if she wants to help, she can’t help her. She whispered, "Master, be careful."
The wind soul nodded his head, holding a Xiangyun and Yin Niang to the heights.
The wind soul watched the son step slowly to meet him and said, "It seems that it is not the first time for me to hear my name?"
"Same to you," said the son. "It’s not a small thing that you called my name" just after your female apprentice finished her work. "
"Don’t you want to know why I know that Ge is going to assassinate my apprentice and take precautions before?"
Son cold tunnel "even Fuxi divination can’t work out my actions. I have always been confident about this, but I heard that the pavilion came from hundreds of years later, and the future must be thousands of years later. How much will it be counted by my son?"
The wind soul was silent for a moment before saying, "I know it’s a future person, but there are only a few people in this world. Who did Ge hear it from?"
The son said, "You ask too many questions."
Wind Soul naturally knew that the other party would never reveal it easily, so she smiled. "Well, I did ask a lot, but now I want to ask another question. Since I know that I am from the future, have you ever thought that since I have the courage to fight here, it is because it has been written in the strange book thousands of years later that Ge is destined to die in my hands today?"
Son face a slight change.
The wind soul took this opportunity to quickly draw a nine-character magic formula and drink "move!"
A low mountain on the ground immediately moved to the head and then went to town.
With a wave of his dagger, a sword wave appeared and split the whole mountain in half.
In the mouth of the wind soul, the incantation method is urgent. When the hands are closed, they are split in half. The mountain will be trapped in rubble.
Another flash of sword light darted to the heights, and a sword struck the wind, and the soul had already avoided it when it knew the opportunity.
Xiangyun Nie Yinniang saw Master and the assassin fighting into a ball. From time to time, there was a flash of green air, and the sword light flew straight. It was thrilling to see it. One moment he thought that "Master was so powerful" and the other moment he was worried that he was stabbed by the assassin’s dagger.
After a gust of wind, the soul suddenly jumped into the circle of war and cried, "You have lost."
Stop there "see?"
Wind Soul said, "Because you have entered my array."
The rubble all over the sky has formed a set of echoes, and the empty stars echo each other, trapping the children. This is the mysterious trapped fairy array.
Son sneers, "This kind of law is not difficult for me."
The dagger turns and finds out the eye of the array, smashing the rubble pieces around him until the mysterious fairy array is broken. He looks at the wind soul and is about to speak, but the scene before him suddenly distorts.
A surprised andao son heart is not good.
The wind soul is still laughing. "I said you have entered my array."
Although the rubble was destroyed by the children, there were scattered rubble hidden in the dust all over the sky, but it was only to attract the attention of the children, and these chess games were the real way to deal with him
The wind soul pinched the plough with his left hand and the sword with his right hand, and drank the word "move" again. A mountain peak appeared, and the head was trapped in chess, and the illusion made a sudden response, while the mountain peak was pressed down and the earth shook, and it was already a town mountain.
The wind soul laughed. "In the past, there was a Tathagata Buddha who suppressed the enlightenment. Today, there is a wind soul warrior town. It seems that it is easy to be overwhelmed by the mountain if you choose a name."
He flew to Nie Yinniang.
Yin Niang was pleased when she saw that Master was safe. She asked, "Who did Master realize that the Buddha came and why did the mountain crush him?"
The wind soul casually said, "Wu is Sun Wu, because he is so handsome, the gods and buddhas all over the sky are very jealous of everyone to deal with him together. Although he is fierce, he can’t compete with four hands with his fists, and he is finally defeated by the Tathagata Buddha Town."
Yin Niang opened her eyes wide, thinking that Master would not lie to herself, but she couldn’t understand how anyone in this world could be so handsome that even the Tathagata Buddha was jealous of him.
While the master and the apprentice were still talking, there came a thunderbolt. The broken mountain peak flew out with shame. The wind soul looked at him with a smile on his face. "Do you want to fight again?"
After a moment’s silence, the son sighed a pair of wind souls, embraced the fuels and left with a vibration of his hands.
Yin Niang asked, "Master, did he leave like this?"
"That’s because he knows that if I wanted his life just now, he’s dead now." Wind Soul smiles and tunnels. "This man has a high heart. He tried to kill you, but I took precautions to make him feel that he lost for a while, but he was not content to do so. I fought directly here. However, in the fight just now, I broke the rubble into a mysterious and trapped fairy array, of course, to attract his attention and hide the chess in the rubble to deceive him. I threw these chess everywhere and added a little illusion. He was deceived by my words. Those chess really came to trap him. Although it was a short time, I was puzzled by illusion, but that was enough for me to kill him, but I crushed him and made him look foolish. It is impossible for him to see that I am merciful and naturally ashamed. What can I do if I don’t leave? "
Yin Niang came here in vain and couldn’t help thinking, "It’s a life-and-death battle, but it was solved by Master’s instant wisdom. Few people can do it except Master’s fear."