Su Li had a good impression on Tai Chu, especially when he robbed the Dragon Emperor Sword Tai Chu. Instead of robbing him, he helped himself to resist the enemy. The two sides have a long friendship.

The original Su Li wasn’t prepared to intervene in this matter, but he didn’t hesitate to make moves when he was in danger, although he didn’t know the specific reason why he would appear here.
When the right hand stretched out, the dragon emperor sword appeared, and Su Li wanted to launch the domain.
"Boom" to a Su Li as a powerful nuclear bomb instantly rushed into this group. When the salamanders gathered together, the right hand dragged out a heavenly divine light. This was the place where the dragon emperor’s sword was firm but gentle, and the salamanders were drawn from it one by one, and a large number of them were almost splashed with juice.
At least dozens of times when a breath is instantaneous, the salamander is cut off by the dragon emperor’s sword.
Although it was difficult for the true ancestors to kill these salamanders when they were cut off, they did not die immediately, but this scene was still so shocking and impactful that the salamanders shook all around and were trapped in the middle. Suddenly, when I saw Su Li, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed and cried, "Brother Su-"
"What’s the matter?"
Su Li quickly returned to these four words while coming to the beginning, holding the dragon emperor’s sword and drawing an arc with a jerk. When the dragon emperor’s sword was in this arc circle, the method of ambulation resisted the great power of the dragon emperor’s sword and split from it in succession.
"This is the measuring universe. I have a friendship with the measuring master Ziying. I returned to the measuring universe together this time. I didn’t want this measuring universe, but I encountered these attacks. Why are you here?"
At the beginning, Su Lizhu watched Su Lizhu show his great power. When the salamander was hit hard, it was slightly blocked. When the salamander attacked, he was busy explaining.
Su Li immediately saw the vague figure of entering the universe, which should be the purple shadow in the beginning. This purple shadow is good. This time, I returned to the universe at the same time. At this time, the salamander came to help out of morality.
In the beginning, this universe resisted time salamanders, while the main purple shadow entered the universe to kill those time salamanders that had invaded the universe.
There are many salamanders, but now Su Li is already the ninth-order peak. The true god is holding the dragon emperor sword and is invincible. At this time, although the salamanders are comparable to the true ancestors, they can’t resist the dragon emperor sword, but soon Su Li feels that something is wrong and the salamanders are getting stronger and stronger when they appear around.
"These time flies are getting stronger and stronger, and they are afraid of the long time." Su Li woke up in the beginning while launching a dream field to cooperate with the Dragon Emperor’s sword.
"I know I’ll inform Ziying to find a way to evacuate this quantity as soon as possible, even hopeless."
At the beginning, I was no stranger to the salamander at this time. I seemed to know that the salamander was terrible at this time. There was some nai in his tone, and when he waved, he showed a crack in the membrane and then he rushed in along the crack.
Su Li followed this crack into the universe.
The universe is in chaos, and a Wang Yang sea can be seen. A large number of land is disintegrating, and several ethnic groups are struggling to make a final counterattack.
Su Li saw that there are many scientific and technological articles on these lands that are attacking with the most advanced ultimate weapons. Unfortunately, when they encounter salamanders, they can attack conan the destroyer at will. These articles have an insurmountable gap, and they are simply worlds apart.
A huge purple figure is standing in the sea of Wang Yang, and a huge hand is holding a fairly complete continent and will be given up directly from the sea
This relatively complete continent is home to a kind of creature known as the quanta, which is regarded as the core race of this quanta.
Obviously, the purple figure knows that the only way to save her eyes is to take away this creature as much as possible, abandon the mainland and flee from here.
There are hours of salamanders around the sea in Wang Yang, and the purple figure needs to protect the mainland while it needs to resist these times. The salamanders seem to be very struggling. If they are not careful, this amount of mainland may be destroyed by the Wave Race. Once this amount of life is destroyed, it will be completely extinct.
Su Li saw this purple figure in a feminine shape, and then looked at the anxiety in the beginning.
I see
It seems that Ziying, the master of this quantity, turned out to be a woman, and she is not as simple as friends in the beginning. No wonder the salamander is so dangerous at this moment, and she still has to fight hard in the beginning.
At the beginning, I saw that Ziying was in a bitter struggle, and it was difficult to even think about taking this amount of mainland to escape from here. She was almost time-lapse in all directions. Among these time-lapse, it was comparable to the true ancestor of China, and the strength of Ziying was equivalent to a true ancestor of China who barely protected herself. It was not easy to leave the family with this amount of mainland and area.
At the beginning, I immediately raised the Moho staff and shouted, "Purple Shadow, don’t worry. I have a good brother coming. He must be fine-"
Moho’s staff sacrificed several staff and slammed them around the purple giant woman.
This purple giant girl is condensed by the energy of the main purple shadow. The energy body is somewhat similar to that of Moriro, but qualitatively different.
Ziying is a very beautiful woman, and Su Li has a thrilling feeling at a glance because she has achieved her true ancestor.
Life forms have evolved to their level, and the shape base has reached a flawless and perfect level. The real difference is temperament.
The appearance can evolve and become perfect, but the temperament is different.
This purple shadow seems to exude a powerful magnetic field, which does not attract people’s attention at all times. Su Li is a little white. In the beginning, he was already the true ancestor of Zhongjing. I don’t know how many years he will still be attracted by Purple Shadow. Su Li can see that he is anxious for Purple Shadow. This is very interesting in the beginning.
A few sticks with handles were punched out, and the purple shadow looked at Su Li with a purple knife in his right hand.
She could hear that Zuli was highly praised in the beginning.
Can the true ancestors call each other brothers, then at least they are true ancestors, and can they be so respected in the beginning? Is this a true ancestor in a high realm?
Purple shadow heart micro also want to talk but see Su Li followed after the beginning to the dragon emperor sword offering a whew to break out a divine light swept out in the Wang Yang, the firm but gentle everywhere all the time flies are shattered.
Although these time flies are powerful, most of them are at the level of the original ancestors. Is there a small amount that can withstand the dragon emperor sword in this horrible ancient artifact?
Looking at the dragon emperor sword so great purple shadow took a deep breath.
She holds a purple magic knife in her right hand, which is also an artifact, making her a rare opponent among the true ancestors in China, but she has never seen a weapon that can burst into such a horrible murderous look, and it is like a devastating and powerful time when it is swept away.
This let purple shadow looked at Su Li some absent-minded.
Su Li drinks low. Although the Dragon Emperor’s sword terror has hit a lot of salamanders, it’s too difficult to kill the real ancestor, and it may attract even more horrible salamanders at any time. We can’t stay here for long.
The purple shadow is also white, and immediately destroys the energy body to protect the quantity continent and the quantity family living in it to prepare for the separation from the quantity universe.
Although there are several continents in this universe, and there are several races, the estimated number of creatures, but now most of these continents are occupied by time flies. The whole universe is full of time flies in a short time, and it is the limit that a complete continent can escape from here.
Seeing several races destroyed, these are all her people. Although she is angry and painful in her heart, she can’t really choose to give up her cruelty after all, and it will be difficult to leave if she doesn’t escape early.
They are all true ancestors, and they have a strong sense of knowledge, and they have been able to faintly feel that there is more terror approaching the universe.
The cosmic membrane fluctuates endlessly, and the whole universe is close to the brink of collapse.
"Go!" In the beginning, the violent roar once again played the strongest force of all things returning to the market, together with the Wang Yang sea, all kinds of broken continents and time flies, which he wanted to turn into ruins.
Chapter 151 Cosmic Cemetery
Purple shadow protects the largest and strongest piece of mainland China, cutting off the main membrane, and cutting it out with a purple magic knife in her right hand. She rushed out when there was a gap in the main membrane.
"Boom"-she just rushed out but was hit hard and flew back.
When a salamander with a large number of tentacles appeared in the cracked membrane, it was just then that the salamander waved its tentacles and pulled the purple shadow back.
Su Li’s eyes immediately turned white. When this new appearance has a large number of tentacles, the salamander has the strength comparable to the true ancestor of the high realm.
Purple Shadow’s face changed. She and Tai Chu are both enemies of the true ancestors in the middle kingdom, which is comparable to the strength of the true ancestors in the high realm.
Su Li didn’t say a word. Suddenly, the dragon emperor sword in his right hand split out head-on.
A few nearly penetrated tentacles split in the past, and Su Li was blocked by his thought domain, and a bright divine light shot out, and then the salamander split from it, and the juice splashed out all over the sky.
Purple shadow eyes wide open to reveal a face of incredible look.
You know, at this time, the salamander is comparable to the true ancestor Su Li in the high realm, so what level of strength does he have to reach?
Violet shadow shocked China and Soviet Union, and Li Nianxiang rushed out head-on with a gap in the main membrane. The dragon emperor sword was attached to waving a series of firm but gentle criss-crossing, and it was approaching when it surged.
Purple shadow and the beginning followed by rushed out into the turbulence.
Su Li head toward the head-on salamander to protect the two people want to stay away from here.
This amount of time has been completely occupied by time flies in all directions, and there is an endless stream of time flies chasing them.
Purple Shadow gives half its strength to protect the mainland to form a protective cover, otherwise, at this time, salamanders will come out from time to time in the turbulent flow, and the mainland and the ethnic groups living in it will have to be crushed into powder by the turbulent flow.