"What’s the situation? Both sides are blocked, but it’s ok." Lin Yue thinks he’s coming to a tofu subway.

But this is not a place.
Footrail is a good thing no matter how.
What metal is the subway track? Lin Yue doesn’t know it, but he thinks it’s all an alloy.
Hands touched the track, and they were quickly absorbed.
I have to say, this thing is really heavy. He found it was half full and went back to the shelter to put one on the ground. As a result, it made a very dull sound.
Back and forth three times Lin Yue finally collected all the tracks and looked back at the platform.
Although it is said that it is the root method to know whether it is dark or daytime outside, he decided to explore again tomorrow. It is too risky to go out this time.
"Xiao Bai, let’s go home first and gain a lot."
That’s outrageous. The number of tracks is really quite large now.
How much would it be if it all turned into raw materials?
Lin Yue knocked on the door again and got into the middle again with Xiao Bai.
However, when the door was opened, Xiaobai suddenly turned his head and growled at the metal door!
Lin Yue suddenly turned his head at the same time, but the pistol aimed at the rusty iron gate
Did anything come out of the door?
But what’s the rush?
Lin Yue didn’t put a pistol. The lizard man once went through the door. Although they were intelligent creatures, who can guarantee that there will be no lizard man in the secret realm?
After seeing the wall deep in the lizard man cave, Lin Yue felt more and more that the monster pterosaur, tentacle monster and so on were all creatures in this different world transferred to the earth by some special forces decades later.
But he’s not white. Only the lizard man stayed here
Besides, the orcs with ears like wolves are quite interested. Are they extinct or are they hiding in this strange world?
M19 took aim for a while and nothing happened, but Xiaobai seemed extremely alert.
This reminds Lin Yue that it seems to have happened twice before.
"Small white back a I’ll seal here again" Lin Yue called small white.
Be careful in foreign affairs. There is nothing worth taking in that subway. It is too dark now, and Xiaobai is so alert that he has no reason to go in and see it again.
Just give it a direct seal.
Xiaobai withdrew from the door, and Lin Yue made a stone wall like the second time to block it there.
In this way, even if the door is sliding, the face is also a very thick stone wall.
Lin Yue relieved turned suddenly reminded of one thing.
"Where is the stone gate of Xiaobai?"
Xiaobai took Lin Yue to the rightmost one of the three emergency mobile channels and called him one.
Lin Yue saw that the original wooden door there had now become a wooden door with strange patterns of lines and circles.
Just like he has seen it several times before.