Xu Le continued.

"I have always been Beichen. You are a luxury person. Bohemian is synonymous with you. I didn’t expect you to have such a great change in a few months.
Actually, it can make you taste life from such inferior tea. Brother Beichen has grown up during this period. "
Gu Beichen? ? ? It’s not the tea. It’s …
Gu Beichen looked down and then silently put the tea into his pocket.
Look to the corners of the mouth and continue to
"Let bygones be bygones … blare"
"Well, tell me about your coming here. Aren’t you a member of the owl? How can you come to me? "
I heard Xu Le ask Gu Beichen about something about Wang Qing.
In particular, I heard that Wang Qing could actually find clues from masks and clues, and then make mimetic portraits from the oral descriptions of the staff of various clerk hotels.
Xu Le has a new understanding of investigating and tracking this kind of thing.
You can trace him with such a little information. If you want to do similar things in the future, you have to be more careful.
"Wang Qing …"
"Is the atmosphere group after the Kuroshio party" Wang Shu Xu Le forgot to wake up.
"I remember he just didn’t know what he was looking for me. Gu Beichen, do you know what this Wang Qing is looking for me?"
"He said that he wanted to get along with you as soon as he hit it off, but he didn’t stay in touch with you before. It happened that his family just entrusted Xiao to do things, so we stopped by to carry out this."
This Wang Qing!
Xu Le frowned slightly and then said to Gu Beichen and Wang Shu.
"You two talk about me going out first."
Xu Le immediately came to Liu’s secret here, but he handed him a handwritten document before Liu’s secret.
"This is Wang Qing’s information."
"Amount?" Xu Le expression some surprise.
"I’m not surprised. I thought you’d notice this thing."
"Thank you, Liu Mi" Xu Le sincerely thanked him and then returned to Gu Beichen and Wang Shuna with the information in his hand.
What about airship traders? It’s a big family.
Thinking while reading Xu Le said to Gu Beichen
"When you go back, tell that Wang Qing to leave a communication number and I will contact him."
"no problem"
The three of them chatted for a while, both in the Red Crescent Temple and in Zion.
However, Gu Beichen must go back because his companion is still being detained.
"I’ll go back first and then we’ll get back together."
Gu Beichen, a progressive who followed Liu Mi back to Zion, successfully took Roman away.
Then Roman looked a little surprised and they returned to the Wangs, the airship trader.
An enter a door Gu Beichen and Roman haven’t come to tell Wang Qing that Xu Le was stopped by other members of the owl organization.
"Well, since you two are here, let’s go together. Let’s put aside his affairs and finish the main task entrusted by Mr. Wang Xi first."
"The main? What is it? "
At this time, a chubby man with a full face and a pleasant face entered the door.
"I want you to help me check an organization that claims to be doomed."
Chapter 237 Heaven never gives birth.
Destined to die? This name sounds arrogant. Gu Beichen thinks it suits his taste.
However, he is a new person now, and naturally he won’t fart at this time.
Owl and other members seem to be fighting their own battles and don’t seem to know each other, but Gu Beichen also has some doubts. Is this loose member management really okay?