Xu Ren threw a fist at the man in white and backed out.
"Who are you? Do you know who I am? "
The man in white was gloomy. He didn’t expect Xu Ren to have such power, and he wasn’t sure that he could beat Xu Ren to win the cloak in Xu Ren’s hand.
"And his baby, if you don’t grab it, others will take my things. You can’t take it away."
Xu Ren glanced at the white man root didn’t pick him up.
Xu Renshi is still looking for something to see. He didn’t take everything away because he didn’t want to make too many enemies, but if there is a suitable baby, he will take it away.
"Damn it, we Tianhe Mountain remember you. We’ll see."
The man in white is sullen, but he also knows that Xu Ren’s words are true. If he doesn’t fight for his baby, it’s really possible to return it, and if Xu Ren doesn’t want to give it back to him, he really can’t take it away.
The white man finally gave up Xu Ren’s confrontation and pounced directly on his baby.
And when the white man’s figure swoops outward, another baby flies out.
This time, Xu Ren found another treasure worth selling. It’s a medicine tripod. Although there is already a mysterious turtle tripod in Xu Ren, it’s not convenient to suppress a serpent’s reborn eggs to refine Dan medicine. In addition, it’s impossible for him to control the mysterious turtle tripod accurately even if Lingshi is used. This medicine tripod seems to be free from the laws of this place. If you get this thing, there will be no restrictions on Dan medicine here, and there will be endless wealth for Dan medicine.
Xu Ren’s body moved directly towards the red tripod and caught it.
"Stop him!"
The white man saw Xu Ren grab the treasure again, and immediately he was anxious and quickly let people stop it.
Others are also obedient to Xu Ren attacked in succession.
However, Xu Ren is faster than them and has already pocketed the red tripod first.
Bang bang bang—
After receiving the lux tripod, Xu Ren attacked everyone and then returned to the ground.
"If you don’t catch his baby, all those babies will run away."
Xu Ren looked at those people with a smile and said
Those people probably know the strength of Xu Ren after the attack. Maybe it is not impossible for so many of them to join hands to defeat him, but it is very difficult to keep each other.
Anyway, the other person doesn’t seem greedy and interested in himself, but he won’t fight for what he has.
There was another wave at the peak of the mountain, and this time there were two beams of light.
Xu Ren shot again after seeing the two lights.
This time, Xu Ren’s hand also directly caused public outrage, and those people launched an attack on Xu Ren in succession.
Xu Ren comes to the net and pushes back all the attacks.
"This friend, are you too greedy?"
The white man sink a drink a way
"if I am greedy, can you get the baby?"
Xu Ren looked at the white man’s face and kept smiling.
"You! ……”
The man in white was speechless because he knew that what Xu Ren said was true.
"Friend, don’t insult others too much."
The man in white has gained a lot, but he doesn’t like that Xu Ren has gained more than him. He must lead all the anger to Xu Ren.
"I cheated you all to get the treasure. You have more treasures than all of them, much more than me. Do you want to give them some?"
Xu Ren looked at the white man. Since this little bad idea, you might as well give him some anger.
And with Xu Ren’s words, others turned their attention to the white man, and the white man realized that he got more treasures than others, and everyone’s eyes were obviously bad.
"Damn it, it’s all about means. Don’t try to sow discord."
The man in white gritted his teeth. He got the baby and didn’t want to spit it out again.
Xu Ren didn’t speak, but he made a stand for everyone. The meaning is also very obvious. Anyone can see it.
For a moment, the mountain shook again, and this time there was a light.
Xu Ren can see clearly that it is a long sword, and the quality should barely reach the Lingbao quality. He got two pieces of soft armor before.
But since this is an attack weapon, it should be more lethal.
Xu Ren didn’t make a move on this sword. Although he is also interested in this sword, it is not necessary because his Xinghai sword can grow to a higher rank.
The white man made a move and grabbed it directly towards the long sword.
"This long sword is a treasure with amazing lethality. Whoever gets this treasure may have a chance to enter the top ten ranks of Xingmang Dynasty."
Xu Ren looked at the white man who rushed to the sword and smiled with a ponder.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Ren voice fell instantly around the small master fighters department toward the white man.
"Damn it, let’s wait and see me, Tianhe Mountain. You are at odds."
The man in white still has some strength. Although the long sword strongly resisted, it was eventually taken away by the man as a treasure.
But the man in white got the sword and then he dared not stay where he was and show his body directly to flee into the distance.
While his little master practitioners also moment toward the white man back to the past.
Soon after those little masters left, his fighters also took all the treasures away from a mountain, leaving Xu Ren.
When I came to Xu Ren, I thought they would keep those so-called "outsiders". I didn’t expect those guys to keep these so-called "outsiders" very close.
Xu Ren didn’t do anything to stop him. He is the man in white and doesn’t want to offend everyone.
All fighters are away from the time when Xu Ren is ready to leave the mountain, and there is a wave, followed by a round bead flying out of the mountain.
Xu Ren slightly one leng didn’t expect something to appear at this time.
So he also rose without hesitation and directly grasped the round bead that emerged from the mountain peak.
Feeling threatened, the pearl immediately released a powerful anti-shock force and wanted to repel Xu Ren.
It’s a pity that Xu Ren didn’t listen. Instead of retreating, his figure accelerated forward and directly caught the ball.