However, the armies of all sides are fearless, and everyone is crazy. There are figures, magical powers flying in all directions, and the number of millions of troops is too great. Even the king of God will be appalled.
Xiao Yu’s sledgehammer swept out dozens of people and turned them into fly ash forever.
However, he was also bombarded by tens of millions of magical powers and flew out directly. Then several monks with long knives and Excalibur chopped at his body.
"Give me death!"
Xiao Yuzi’s golden hammer swept the monks like ants, and their swords broke and their bodies were all blown to pieces.
Xiao Yu’s long roar suddenly showed three heads and six arms, one holding Zijin hammer, one holding trident halberd and one holding fairy clock.
Behind each of the three heads, there are ten golden wheels of merit turning!
At this moment, Xiao Yu means to exert his strength to the extreme.
"Destroy Xiao Yu “`"
All the strong people are not afraid of death, but they still kill and roar at the end of the day. Godsworn is like an ant tide, and all kinds of magical powers are flying. There are some taboo magic weapons in all kinds of magic weapons, and some ghosts and magical powers call even Xiao Yu, who suffered a big loss.
His body is full of charm and avoids all evils, but he still has some difficulties in the face of so many strong people.
War spear, the size of a chopstick, shot directly through the virtual space, and the speed of perfect silver was so terrible that it almost turned to Xiao Yuzhong’s head in an instant.
This war spear power terrible nail over the moment directly makes people’s souls seem to collapse.
This is definitely a magic weapon of the God King level.
And this attack is similar to this silver war spear magic weapon, but there are four or five pieces, each of which is a lore to destroy Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu’s hair stood on end, yelling that a whole person had been killed by the golden light, and hundreds of people would be shattered. At the same time, the fairy clock in his hand was quickly enlarged and hung over his head to block the nullification of these gods and kings.
These four or five treasures of the King of God gave off a series of earth-shattering sounds when they hit the fairy bell, and the four or five treasures were all flying out.
This fairy clock is the secret land of his grave. It was polluted by magic blood and lost 70% of its power, but it is still the world’s enemy in terms of firmness!
Xiao Yuteng and Zijin sledgehammer wheel move towards the four or five treasures directly after the past.
Bang bang bang!
He swung his hammer like the wind and smashed three treasures in an instant. Two of them escaped and were recalled by their original owners.
During the period, all the people were blocked by his trident halberd and fairy clock. He waved his trident halberd with golden light and murderous look, like a statue of an ancient demon who revived and thirsty for blood.
Moreover, this trident god Ji Fengrui is faster than the cold terror, and it is indestructible. Seeing the limbs and broken bodies flying in all directions, the blood fog screams like a meat grinder.
The strong people of the nether world watched with surprise, anger and roar.
Because they recognized this trident halberd, it was their ancestor. At the beginning, the imperial clan was stolen out of chaos. I didn’t expect Xiao Yu’s hand to appear!
"Xiao Yu, children, you stole my imperial family’s sacred objects and died!"
A group of ghost emperors roared and roared, wrapped in magic gas and killed Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu face solemnity suddenly embrace fairy clock hands a beat.
No one knows how strong this blow is. I feel that a layer of terror clock waves burst out like a layer of white waves sweeping away in all directions.
Ah ““
At this moment, a layer of terrible ripples spread out all over the world for hundreds of miles, and the monk’s body collapsed into dust.
Pieces of blood fog diffuse to dye the universe red, and blink of an eye. This Fiona Fang thyme has been vacated, but there are too many monks. Just after vacating a piece of land, it is once again filled with people who are not afraid of death and fight bravely.
Xiao Yu’s superhuman powers have brought the trident halberd, Zijin hammer and fairy clock into full play, and their lethality is huge. He chopped the lotus flower horizontally and vertically, and at the same time, he waved his wild and explosive fist with a few hands to destroy everything.
Bang bang bang!
He cuts off the enemy’s head horizontally for a while, smashes his opponent’s body for a while, and then blows him to death. At this moment, he goes to prison and kills people with blood.
At this time!
A terrible cold hum suddenly came out, and the horror was unpredictable. Xiao Yu’s mind directly made his body flash and one mouthful blood gushed out, and his face went white.
The bodhi old zu, the king of God, can’t hold back! qR1
Chapter one hundred and fourteen The king of God
Xiao Yu’s body shook and his mind was hit hard. One mouthful blood gushed out and he almost threw himself down.
Everyone seized this opportunity to scream and kill all kinds of ancient treasures, magical powers, demon ropes, fairy ropes, golden towers and tripod, all of which suppressed Xiao Yu’s body.
In an instant, the magical power is like rain, and the magic weapon is like the sea.
A chance is enough to pose a fatal threat!