I came here just in case.

Rick gave Morty some special equipment before he brought him here.
For example, it looks like a telescope detector, a wrist watch that can be protected from the protective cover by wearing a hand, and it can turn stones into chocolate powder …
What else is too strange, moth?
Then these things can guarantee their respective needs.
Of course, the eye words [crimson dimension] are indeed somewhat beyond Rick’s expectation.
The situation here, even though he has always boasted that he is the smartest person in the universe, is somewhat unexpected.
Chapter 934 Rick and Morty (2)
"What is there to see anyway, they are not going to attack us …"
Face your grandfather’s contempt.
While beeping, Lai Yu Motti can feel a little helpless and put those fruits in his arms for the time being.
I took out something similar to binoculars from my trouser pocket.
It is said that Rick himself said
When he first sent this thing, his creativity mainly came from the combat effectiveness detector in Dragon Ball comics.
Although most of the time it is to detect the resources around the terrain environment.
Help Rick find all the materials he needs
But it still has its own special function of detect biological energy.
Be able to roughly analyze various weaknesses of the other party’s danger according to various information.
For example, is the other person a carnivore or a vegetarian?
It’s about how the meat tastes …
When Morty’s telescope was just aimed at the target direction and he had not leaned in to see it.
"zi ~"
Accompanied by an abnormal spark
"pa ~"
Accompanied by an explosion similar to firecrackers
In front of Rick Morty, the detector directly disintegrated.
A lot of pieces are just like dropping building blocks.
Wow …
It fell all over the floor!
There is still an outer frame part left, and Morty is forced to take it in his hand with a full face, which shows his incompetence.
And looking at this situation
Rick was immediately a little headache slapped his cheek.
Face is also forced to wear a mask of pain.
When he made that thing in those days, the creative idea came from Dragon Ball comics.
Plus the reason why I drank too much fake wine and was a little delirious at that time
At that time, Rick also added a wonderful setting to the detector …
Face another evil consequence of yourself.
Be forced to endure
Rick also took out his carry-on detector.
After seeing him with a universal screwdriver for two times.
Just handed it to Morty.