I don’t know what’s going on inside. Su Li didn’t go in at once. He was observing carefully. Instead, Xu Xuehui went straight ahead and walked in.

Su Li can summon the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow to guard the front against accidents inside, or the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow can resist one
He followed Xu Xuehui and went in, and then he saw a huge one, which was much wider than this. Surrigan knew that what he could not see with his eyes was the vast edge around the palace walls.
In this vast edge, Su Li saw columns rising from the ground, and these columns were made of unknown materials. The black surface of the whole body was faintly radiant with black light.
Every cylinder is thick, and the smallest diameter he saw is more than ten meters.
And the height is beyond imagination. Su Li looked up and found that these cylinders with different thicknesses were covered with gears, which were the same size. The more gears there were, the bigger they became.
There are countless gears with different sizes in the sky, and Su Li can still see that some gear gaps are finally so dense that he can’t see how high the end of the square is, because it is blocked by overlapping and complicated gears.
These gears vary in size and rotation speed. Some of them seem to be static, some are faster than a phantom, and some are even faster than a phantom. Because the speed has far exceeded the limit of Su Li’s vision, he seems to be different from these gears.
This scene completely shocked Su Li. He didn’t expect that it would be such a shocking scene to hit this so-called real mansion with this stone tablet and enter this palace.
The ability and technology required to build such a place are beyond imagination, and it has reached an incredible level.
He imagines who created these cylinders and countless gears, and what kind of energy keeps those gears spinning constantly, and what are the ultimate goals these cylinders and countless gears want to achieve?
Or is it the tip of some kind of machine iceberg that he can see all this in front of him?
If there is such a machine, its size and complexity are beyond his understanding.
Like Su Li, Xu Xuehui looked up and stared at everything in front of her for a long time before Xu Xuehui returned to absolute being and continued walking towards the front.
Chapter 517 Mysterious woman
There are gaps in these giant columns. Su Li followed Xu Xuehui and walked deeper along these gaps.
As we walked in, Su Li saw that these columns occasionally had vertical pipes.
Similarly, he didn’t know that the thickness of the pipe was different from that of a certain material, and the rotating gear fell to the ground and then extended to the front end along the ground.
Su Li saw that there was a slight noise on the surface of these pipes, which was caused by the fluctuation of terrorist energy.
Look at these hanging pipes, Su Li suddenly realized that these pipes are carrying incredible energy.
Perhaps it is these pipes that carry energy to keep the tens of millions of gears rotating.
Compared with the cylinder and the tens of millions of gears, the number of energy transmission pipes is not too large, but only one pipe will be hung every other area, but these pipes will eventually come together and slowly gather together, and more and more pipes will appear.
These tubes are all extended to the end, just like snakes.
Along the ground extension pipe, the cylinders are getting more and more dense, and the two of them slowly need to drill through the gaps in the cylinders. Now Su Li is also full of curiosity. He wants to see where these energy transmission pipes will eventually lead, and where they have generated such a huge amount of energy to keep the hundreds of millions of gear machines running.
Finally, they found the source of these energy transmission pipes along these pipes on the ground
The floor of this huge side palace is covered with cyan material. Su Li doesn’t know what it is, but she can feel that it is harder than it is.
All kinds of buildings in front of them are in ruins, but only this huge palace can’t see any damage.
At this moment, there is a huge gap in the blue ground, and the pipes for conveying energy that extend from all directions extend from the ground into this gap.
Although Su Li’s third eye can’t capture the data of these cylinders, gears and pipes, he can clearly see that there is a way to imagine that terrorist energy is being transported in all directions from this gap along these pipes
He has now completely affirmed that Fang’s gear machines rely on these energies to maintain their operation.
This huge gap is like an unfathomable abyss, and there is no way to get here unless they slide along these energy pipes, but these pipes contain energy, and even Suli feels terror and dares not approach it easily, let alone climb these pipes and slide to see what is going on.
He can get close to the edge of the gap in the ground and make a third eye, and look carefully in the direction, trying to see what on earth is delivering energy to these pipes and gear machines.
Fang is dark but good. He has a third eye that can see through the darkness. When he looks at it, he suddenly sees a huge face bigger than pale, and looks up at him.
Su Li took a step back when it happened suddenly, and his face changed.
Xu Xuehui also observed her eyes wide open, and then gawked at it as if she had seen something that made her feel incredible, and she was full of fear and trembling slightly.
Su Li took a deep breath and made a third eye observation. He was prepared. This time, he was not scared again, but carefully observed.
Finally, he saw the tip of the iceberg from this gap and finally saw that this gap really has a huge face.
This face is as white as paper, and there is no trace of blood in it. It seems to be a vague woman, but this face is too big. Su Li’s eyes seem that the size of this face alone exceeds Longqiu Mountain.
This face is her body. From Su Li’s point of view, he can’t see that this woman has such a huge face. Then how big is her body? It’s as little as 10 thousand meters to calculate