Speak frost foot qi suddenly roared "five elements of cowardice brothers come out to meet me quickly. If the real person comes out late, I will set fire to your mountain gate to see where you can hide! !”

Frost is so loud that even the mountain can hear it clearly.
"What? ! Where do you come from that I don’t know how to live or die? !” Frost voice just went down to a roar immediately, and then I heard a whistling wind, Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing’s royal sword flew to the gate and approached the hall.
Chapter 194 Destroy the two factions
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQingFei arms drill field immediately saw the scene.
I don’t know where a gang of Five Elements Sect came from to engage in moral activities. These two gangs seem to have completely ignored the Five Elements Sect and wantonly searched for things everywhere. Almost all the storerooms were pried open by them, and the refining materials, gold, silver, pills, medicines and other things were moved out crazily.
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing immediately great anger with two people drink a way "who are you? Run wild in the five elements? "
Frost and Juejian reality were also shocked by Li Feiyang and Muzhuo at the beginning. Because the two men’s royal swords were so fast that they almost blinked, they came near to see each other clearly. Frost and Juejian reality were relieved at the same time. Frost complexion sank. "Who are you? How dare you shout in front of the Tao? "
Juejian reality is also a face that does not show color. "You are the five elements of the younger brother? Hurry up and ask your boss to come out to meet the real person. "
Li Feiyang surprised leng a eye closure induction suddenly felt the five elements of each out of the surging true yuan implicit repair to his present level is already Fiona Fang hundreds of miles milli block induction clearly.
"Five elements of people are hidden? What is this? Is it meaningful? " Li Feiyang quietly and MuZhuoQing said MuZhuoQing although there is no Li Feiyang profound but also some induction smell speech some startled way "do you have any plans for the master uncles? Are we damaged by our sudden appearance? "
Li Feiyang thought for a while, "In that case, let’s just sit tight and see what uncles and uncles will do. With you and me here, these people can’t afford the storm."
Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing think so that those who lurk in the five elements have already fried the pot, and all the elders suddenly have a heated discussion. At that time, they forgot to go out and teach Xuanbingzong and Canglan Sword Sect.
"They came back? It has been more than ten years. Where have these two people gone? " Road flyover fisherman looks surprised.
Xiao Shang is the only one who has ever seen Cang Ya with a profound smile on his face. "It’s good to be back. I’ve been worried about what happened to them. Now it seems that they are not only fine but also diligent. This is lucky."
Hear Xiao hurt all this will be intentional BuHaoZheng surprised way "I can’t see through the depth of the two of them don’t they have been diligent to this point? I am afraid that there is an out-of-body period? "
While staring at Li Feiyang, Zhao Yuanba’s eyes were flashing with relief and wonder. He gently shook his head and said, "No Zhuoqing should be fit for Feiyang … I think he and I are not much different."
When they heard this, they were suddenly surprised, and their faces looked incredible, but Zhao Yuan Ba Xiu was the highest among them. In that case, it would be a mistake to say that.
Xiao injured eyes off a flash murmured, "That’s amazing … Master Li, I’m not as good as you on that day. I should be able to pass you now. I didn’t expect to be left behind by you … What a monster!"
Su Ruoxin is the one who cares most about Mu Zhuoqing. She is impatient. "Now that they are back, why don’t we go out and meet them?"
They looked at each other at a glance Zhao Yuanba wanted to think and shook his head slowly. "No! We don’t know what they have been born in these years, and we don’t know what they think, although they are the younger brothers of the five elements, but Li Feiyang … We don’t know what they think. Let’s take a look and see. Today’s scene is a good opportunity to spy on their hearts. If the two of them are willing, we will teach these enemies a lesson. If they stand by … then we have to consider one or two things. "
Su Rexin hesitated to say something, but he didn’t say anything when he saw Zhao Yuanba’s firm expression.
Zhao Yuanba thought for a moment and said, "Well, you stay here and watch me go out."
"looking for the elders!" Several elders came out to stop, "There are Xuanbingzong and Canglan Sword outside. It’s too dangerous for you to go out alone."
Zhao Yuanba heroism smile "gangster and the like can endure me? Might as well! "
Say Zhao Yuanba with a recruit his back suddenly jumped out of a huge blue sword Zhao Yuanba stepped on the imperial sword and flew out.
"Tiger monkey can remember the teacher?" Like a thunderbolt, Li Feiyang suddenly sounded stunned and looked at the people in front of him.
MuZhuoQing is suddenly stuck and then face surprise.
"Teacher … Master?" Li Feiyang cried trembling. Although Li Feiyang has been able to control his emotions well, watching Zhao Yuanba’s gods fly to his heart like a royal sword has caused a great deal of trouble.
From misunderstanding to Zhao Yuanba, Li Feiyang and Zhao Yuanba did not hesitate to sacrifice themselves to rebuild their bodies. Although Li Feiyang and Zhao Yuanba did not get along for a long time, if Li Feiyang should be the most grateful person after coming to this world, it must be Zhao Yuanba.
It can be said that Li Feiyang’s success today is based on Zhao Yuanba’s gift. Although all his skills are given by cultivating immortals, if Zhao Yuanba didn’t give him five elements, how could he practice now? If not all the five elements have Li Feiyang, how can you make the five elements skills in the cultivation of immortality?
Zhao Yuanba fell into a lethargy, and Li Feiyang has been worried about it. This is also a big knot in his return to the Central Plains. With the deepening of his cultivation, Li Fei Yangyue realized that it is no longer a cultivation but a state of mind to take the last step to become immortal.
If the knot is not that he will always take the last step, and his knot is Zhao Yuanba besides his own life experience.
Today, when I saw Zhao Yuanba alive and kicking, Li Feiyang suddenly felt a quiver in his heart, and a heavy pressure suddenly disappeared, and the shadow repair actually rose faintly.
Li Feiyang, of course, has already neglected this. He flew to Zhao Yuanba by surprise and knelt down in the middle school. "Brother Li Feiyang visited the master! Master, you can wake up from a coma. My brother is ecstatic that he hasn’t been around to honor your old man for so many years. Please ask Master to atone! "
Zhao Yuanba’s heart is a little safe to see Li Feiyang’s expression of true feelings, which is not like the disappearance of vigilance in the false heart, but also the feelings of mentoring in the heart
Although Li Feiyang remoulded his body in anger, Zhao Yuanba had high hopes for Li Feiyang after all. If Li Feiyang could lead Li Jingyao, it would be a solution to his heart.
Now it seems that Li Feiyang can’t throw Li Jingyao on the same day, but he gives people a feeling that he can’t see through the profound feelings. There is a feeling in Zhao Yuanba’s heart that even if Li Feiyang meets Li Jingyao now, he may not have no power.
Zhao Yuanba is very comforted in his heart, and he has three points of joy for this brother. When he is asleep, he often dreams of urging the tiger and monkey to practice. Today, Zhao Yuanba is also very happy to meet his master and apprentice.
Two people were about to speak when they heard Fang Frost say, "You are the elder of the Five Elements Sect in front of the man? Come and pay homage to the Taoist temple. In addition, order your leaders to come out and hand over the gate of the Five Elements Sect to our Xuanbing Sect and Canglan Sword Sect! How dare you neglect your future leader so much? I don’t think you want to live! "
Zhao Yuanba Gherardini looked at Fang Frost Landau "You are from Xuan Bing, the old man? You Xuan Bing Sect inexplicably threatened me to give you something from the Five Elements Sect, but you didn’t see what you were! "
Speaking of which, another refers to the unique sword "Canglan Sword School"? Want me to spell the five thunderbolts? I think you want to taste the power of this spell yourself! ? Get out of here while I’m happy when we meet! Otherwise, you and all your stupid brothers will be planted in my Five Elements Sect! !”
On hearing this, Frost and Juejian were furious at the same time, and they roared, "Death!" Then shoot at the same time.
Frost threw a sword in his hand and instantly turned into a blizzard around the cold mountain, whistling in the ice and blowing towards Zhao Yuanba.
Juejian reality behind a clap a sword box a scarlet big sword emerged and turned a week later thousands of fires at Zhao Yuanba attack.
Li Feiyang was a heavy cold way. "It seems that you are really little and dare to start work here! Give me a break! "
He then lifted a bright red flame and poured out all over the sky. In an instant, the frost and the snow melted and dried up. Even the sword dispersed in an instant. Then he grabbed the sword with a huge suction and grabbed it from his hand. Then a layer of flame wrapped the sword in his hand, and in an instant, he introduced the spirit of God when the sword was sacrificed and refined by the sword.
Poof ~ poof ~! Frost and Juejian reality spewed out two blood at the same time, and looked at Li Feiyang with horror. I never dreamed that the other party would be so strong that it would be a powerful offensive to raise your hand and cast your feet … How old is this guy? How to fix it so amazing?
In fact, Li Feiyang’s blow has left a hand to repair it. Li Feiyang has been able to freely transport many wonderful techniques and methods in the Heart Sutra, and the ancestors of Cang Ya were so surprised that they were absolutely brilliant. Naturally, frost and sword can’t compete with reality.
It was Li Feiyang who left his hand with frost and a unique sword, but he didn’t realize it. Instead, he aroused the malicious nature in their hearts. They looked ferocious and roared, "Knot array! Abolish these two fanatics! "
Two younger brothers moved at the same time, and arranged their positions according to a certain orientation. At the moment, the five elements of aura gathered towards the party, and Zhao Yuanba’s face changed, and Li Feiyang also moved the real fire at the moment.
"Five elements of resort is it defiled by you! Should the people come to destroy these fanatics for our department! " Li Feiyang had a big drink.
Zhao Yuanba one leng hasn’t listened to what the white people should do, so he saw that the mountain suddenly became a piece of color, and dozens of low-rise Han imperial vessels in purple weird armor roared.
"This … this is …?" Zhao Yuanba’s face was full of surprises, and the scene was spectacular. Moreover, he could feel that each of these people was no less cultivated than the elders of the Five Elements Sect, and there was a strange fluctuation in their bodies, but they were more heavy and powerful, giving people the feeling of being strong and fierce.
Fifty Ying people flew to see that the situation in Fang turned out to be silent, and a weapon that had been used for feet fell straight!
Zhao Yuanba gasped. At this time, these guys are dozens of feet away from the ground. They don’t have to step on their feet and use their instruments to cast their magic tricks around them. But what’s the difference between putting away the magic tricks like this and committing suicide?
It was Zhao Yuanba’s idea that he saw dozens of Han people fall to the ground like meteors and hit the five elements of the earth. The whole ground of the arms drill ground actually collapsed to a large piece.
The five-element Zongshanmen building is protected by a magic circle, which will not be easily damaged, but it is enough to prove that the impact has reached a terrible level. However, after seeing these dozens of people landing, they will not change their faces and jump, holding weapons and jumping up!
What are these people … made of? !
Zhao Yuanba was horrified again and again, and then suddenly widened his eyes and shouted even more surprised.
It’s a dazzling set of martial arts that just swept away the greetings from brothers of Xuanbing Sect and Canglan Sword Sect, and all kinds of martial arts were easily broken. Some people directly faced the martial arts and shook their bodies without casting spells!
Like a madman, like a whirlwind, it suddenly turned into a hell for people. These dozens of people rushed and swept through the place like killing gods. It was not a bloody splash, and the separation of flesh and blood screamed one after another. The thick blood gas instantly filled the whole five elements.