After this spiritual source, another energy light mass disappeared into his chest.

The light merged into Su Li’s chest and a message appeared in his mind again.
"The name Quetzalcoatl contains a trace of blood of the ancient Quetzalcoatl, a rare treasure that can be sacrificed. The blood is stimulated by the flame force to summon the ancient Quetzalcoatl to come."
Sensing this message, Su Li was surprised. I didn’t expect to kill the Quillfire serpent and get a very rare treasure.
"Quetzalcoatl ….." Su Li silently sensed this treasure but found himself fusing. Only then did he know that everyone could fuse a treasure and wanted to fuse this treasure. Quetzalcoatl had to peel off the nuclear first.
"Sacrificing flame power can stimulate blood to summon Quetzalcoatl …" As the more information is sensed, Su Li’s brow wrinkled slowly.
There are several kinds of thunder in his power, but there is no flame power.
This Quetzalcoatl needs strong flame power to stimulate the sacrifice. The stronger the flame power, the stronger the blood vessels will be, and the stronger the Quetzalcoatl will be summoned.
Obviously, this treasure is not suitable for your own use at present unless you can find a way to master the extremely strong flame power.
After frowning slightly, Su Li didn’t immediately peel off the nucleus for Quetzalcoatl.
From the current point of view, it is more suitable for you. From the characteristics of Quetzalcoatl, it seems more suitable for Gong Xiao.
"Let’s wait until then." Su Li thought for a moment. He now has more than half of the nuclear power. If he makes more than a dozen monarch skills at most, he will lose a powerful boost. He really needs a treasure to replace it.
If he hasn’t found a more suitable treasure before the core is gone, he decides to change this Quetzalcoatl to have no flame power. He thinks about trying to kill some flame properties. The leader beast may be able to understand one or two kinds of flame abilities, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
When we reached the end of the cave, before Shimen, this is the seventh cave, and this trip was very rewarding. Su Li was very satisfied that the red armor man sent himself this trip, which was indeed a great harvest.
Su Li didn’t immediately push the stone gate to make sure that the divine power passed after one minute of cooling, but he pushed the stone gate again, then put the virtual shadow of the six-armed demon in, and then followed him into the first cave.
Just now, the Quillfire serpent in the cave is already comparable to the average six-level rare beast. There may be a more powerful monster in this first cave. Su Li is very cautious.
This first cave is about the same size as the seventh cave, and there is also a monster in it. This monster looks a little similar to the former Quillfire serpent, but it is bigger than the Quillfire serpent. Many of its bodies are more than 20 meters long and covered with dark gold metal feathers.
Chapter 467 Extralegal acts
It has limbs on its abdomen and two antlers on its forehead, which seem to break from it. The root of the horn looks like a snake, a dragon and a dumpling, which is a bit weird.
When Su Li came in, he immediately lifted his head, and a pair of dark golden dragon eyes stared at him, and he suddenly felt a chill in his back.
His first reaction was that the monster was very powerful, far more powerful than the Quillfire serpent.
At the same time, "peek at the symbol pattern" to capture the information of this monster
"The name of the fallen dragon, an ancient species, was once taken away by Long Lin for violating the laws of heaven, and the people who lived in exile were nearly exhausted."
Sensing this message, Su Li Zheng slightly.
At present, it turned out to be a real ancient species. People who used to be cologne but somehow broke the law and were relegated have run out of oil and lamps.
In a little consternation, the fallen dragon’s mouth made a slight low noise, and his body suddenly vibrated and his front paws suddenly caught him in Su Li’s direction.
Although it is said in the data that it has run out of oil and gas, Su Li is surprised by its speed and strength at the moment.
The speed is dazzling. At present, the strength of this fallen dragon is absolutely far beyond the level 6 rare beast.
The heart knows that Su Li instantly launched the "Monty Sacred Bone" with the "Devil Muscle" and swelled up to two meters high. Monty’s right hand held the Red Crescent Dragon and chopped it upside down.
"Zheng" a metal hit the sound, and the dragon leaned out. Yi Long’s claws pinned down the red crescent dragon and cut Su Li. He felt the vibration of his arm and felt like a mountain was pressing down.
This fallen dragon is so weak that he can’t support his 10 thousand Jin strength now
Yi Long claw down red crescent dragon cut another Yi Long claw out toward Su Li caught.
"Not the kui is a real ancient heritage. This strength is a far cry from those descendants."
Su Li secretly took a deep breath and just encountered the most powerful descendant of the Quillfire serpent. However, the strength of the six-level rare beast is equivalent to the fact that Su Li’s strength can be beheaded without entering the state of Monty’s body. Now, the information of this fallen dragon says that it has run out of oil and light, but it is so strong that it is scalp-numbing.
The talent "transfinite" immediately started the "devil muscle" to break through from the third form and enter the transfinite form. Sixteen times of physical strength and six times of fighting power were lost. The "monty sacred bone" entered the second form from the first form, and the monty body increased from two meters to two meters and entered the truly strongest posture.
In the strongest state, Su Li’s physical strength soared to nearly 40,000 Jin. Juli’s right hand, the red crescent dragon, and the left hand, suddenly launched the "Chikage"
At the moment, the left hand swung out several times, and each punch contained nearly 40,000 Jin of extraordinary force, which gathered to form a huge vortex. The dragon caught it and its claws collided together.
Instant blood mixed with Long Lin splashed, and the huge body of the fallen dragon roared like dragons was beaten high to raise, and a large number of Long Lin peeled off the surface of Yi Long’s claws that had just been found out.
"Whew!" Suddenly, the ghosting flashed, and the giant tail of the dragon swept over.
Su Li’s feet crossed at the wrong time, and he launched a dangerous step to avoid "pa". In a huge tail sweep, a pile of rocks not far away directly cracked the rock.
The dragon opened his mouth and Barry suddenly breathed out a breath. This is the real breath of the dragon. Although it degraded the dragon’s strength and survived for a few years, it was on the verge of death, but the dragon’s majesty was inviolable. The last breath was still irresistible.
Whether it’s rock or steel, the dragon’s breath should be contaminated with fly ash and smoke immediately.
Su Li did not dodge, but jumped up with his feet on the ground and jumped high into the enemy state of "divine power"
In the state of overrun, the enemy state was extended from two and a half seconds to three and a half seconds. In this state, no one is afraid of heaven and earth, and this can destroy everything. He feels that his right thumb is tilted and a dragon-shaped ring appears, and a black light suddenly blows up.
The "Black Fire Purgatory", which has just acquired the monarch skill in the "Black Purgatory Ring", was launched by Su Li.
Black light is all purgatory.
The black flame of terror rose and swallowed up the whole cave.
If this black fire is spiritual, it will devour the huge fallen dragon in an instant.
This black fire raged in Suli, and a scene of purgatory was faintly seen. Now the fallen dragon was swallowed up and suppressed by this purgatory.
This black fire continued to spew along the thumb ring of his right hand, and extended along the red crescent dragon cut in his right hand. Perhaps both sides are dragons, and the monarch’s equipment resonated at the moment. This black fire turned out to be a giant dragon bigger than black flame along the red crescent dragon cut.
Su Li cut the Red Crescent Dragon and cut it off. The black flame dragon pinned the dragon down, and it cut it all the way from the head of the dragon.
When Su Li’s feet landed, half of the dragon’s body was cut off from it, and the blood and rain flew into the black fire and evaporated immediately.
"Not the kui is a monarch skill …" Su Li looked at this scene and changed the dragon. It was really tough and didn’t want to be swallowed up by this black fire purgatory.
What’s really terrible is not the power of black fire, but the virtual shadow of purgatory looming in it. Once it is shrouded in the virtual shadow of purgatory, it will be like being swallowed up by real purgatory, and possessing the indestructible body will be instantly refined.
Feeling the power of this "black fire purgatory", Su Li secretly sighed that the most powerful attack means he now has are "Dragon Wrath" and "black fire purgatory", and the power of the monarch’s skills is indeed unpredictable.
Although he tried his best to combine several special abilities, there is still a big gap to truly reach the level of monarch skills.
In the dark fire of purgatory, the dragon’s body was constantly shattered by refining, and it roared like a grand dragon’s song, but this roar did not make people feel pain, but it was a pleasure to finally get rid of it
Su Li listened to this black fire purgatory and looked at it. There was no pain, no resentment or despair in his eyes, but a kind of relief.
"Don’t …" Su Li showed an incredible expression, and his heart suddenly moved. Maybe this fallen dragon has always wanted to die and get rid of it, but for some reason, it has been a torture for it to live for such a long time even if it has run out of oil and lamps.
For it, real death is liberation.
If you think, Su Li witnessed that the mood of the fallen dragon became more peaceful than that of his last eyes, which seemed to see a trace of gratitude to himself.