If anyone can kill the black knight head-on, it’s her.

Ahem! Gujianuo coughed up two blood and forced the operation.
"operation-corrosion refining"
After a psionic fluctuation, Anzhen and the black knight’s feet appeared a red circle.
The power in the red circle spread to the black knight and Anjie
The black knight’s armor is gradually covered with red marks, which are actually armor rust.
This powerful armor, Gu Jianuo’s corrosion, finally failed.
But Anjie’s situation is even worse. Red corrosion is not only armor, but her body is now completely rotting her tissue.
An Jie looked at Gu Jianuo in despair, which felt like a child looking at his mother.
Gujianuo felt this emotion, but she didn’t look at it as Nai left her head.
After Gu Jianuo’s operation, Wang Shuhe and Gu Beichen also found an opportunity.
"Brother Tree!"
Wang Shuyi’s helmet was shattered by the great power of jumping and chopping the black knight. It has been corroded by armor.
The black knight is like a mass of black fog.
After losing his armor, he suddenly grabbed Wang Shu but was hidden by Wang Shu.
And gu Beichen’s side is also ready for surgery.
This blow was not protected by armor, and the black knight was immediately swallowed up by the blazing flame explosion, and it was finally killed.
On the other side, Team 2 of the Night’s Watch also assisted Ruandi in killing Promethean Dragon and Sleeping Fighters.
After more than a dozen guards and a night watchman died, this wave of high-level weird shocks was blocked.
Red crescent weird still charge.
However, things seem to have changed at this time.
Some are comparable to Promethean dragons, even more powerful than Promethean dragons, flying strangely to the sky and heading for the central area of the lighthouse.
They passed directly over the city walls, and it seems that the tower in the center of the lighthouse is their ultimate goal.
Or maybe the tower is where the freaks die.
The short and tragic battle finally ended, and everyone breathed a little sigh of relief. At the same time, the soldiers did not dare to slow down their fire rhythm.
When Gu Jianuo looked at Xu Le, he found that Xu Le looked at her, too.
"Xu Le, you already know?"
Xu Le’s expression is calm and he thinks about what he should do next.
Anger has worked, and then to make Gu Jianuo lose her original consciousness will definitely make her make a new judgment and change.
This change will become a change of fate.
"GuJianNuo, don’t you ever think about Kuroshio weird what to attack the lighthouse?
The golden tree people have the power of light, which comes from the lighthouse, and the lighthouse is like all weird beacons during the Kuroshio.
All those who make light attract people will die. "
Xu Le dialect once again made Gu Jianuo fall silent.
Her eyes are still unwilling to look at the towering tower.
"All this is the rise of the city."
"Rise? Gu Jianuo, don’t beautify yourself too hard. Do you remember the way that little girl looked at you before she died?
If you really feel the city, you won’t add your own things.
You … are selfish. "
I don’t know if it is because of Xu Le’s pain or because of his obsession.
GuJianuo suddenly looked up and suddenly gave a roar to RuanDi;
"Shut him up."
Ruandi rushed directly towards Xu Le, which showed that there was a connection between ideology and Gu Jianuo after he was transformed into a golden tree.
If it were not for Kuroshio, this method would be quite outrageous.
But this time Xu Legen said without fear but like waking up
"Become angry from embarrassment? If you want me to shut up, what’s different? "
Gu Jianuo secretly gritted his teeth and went straight out of the divination doll operation. She wanted to give Xu Le a little color to see if she was disobedient.
Xu Le looked at her with a slight expression on her head.
Gu Jianuo imagined that Xu Le knelt in front of her and did not appear.
Of course, Xu Le didn’t speak and just looked at her quietly.
"Then what?"
How is it possible for GuJianuo to look at Xu Le strangely? How can the soul control of divination dolls work?
"You hide the doll? I’m telling you, it’s futile. Unless the doll is destroyed, the doll place can take effect. "
Xu Le nodded silently again.