In addition to this Yuping Peak, there is another moon-watching peak with the highest altitude in the west of Yuping Peak, which is separated by 100 meters of water.

Su Li mused slightly, "Let’s go and see what’s going on here first, but don’t let everyone pick some people to see it."
Everyone agreed that Su Li proposed the last leader and nine people from Baiyun Lake, a "Tangshan Town". After simple discussion, they decided that nine people would each bring 50 people to the shore and others would still stay on the floating island and wait for their news.
After deliberation, nine leaders with their 50 genera and 450 people jumped onto the floating island one after another.
When we reached the shore and stepped on the ground soil, everyone took a deep breath and felt a down-to-earth feeling in their hearts.
"Sure enough, we humans have adapted to life on land, and the feeling of stepping on the ground is really different, as if we have settled down a lot in our hearts." Ding Longyun couldn’t help but sigh with a look of nostalgia.
Su Li and Ding Long Yun feel the same as before. Whether staying in the building or in this floating island, there is always a feeling that they can’t say it. It’s because of time that they gradually get used to it. Until now, when they step on this solid earth, they suddenly feel a sense of sureness and security, and they never want to leave their sense of belonging. It’s wonderful.
"It’s strange to feel this way about me." Jiang Shuixuan also nodded with a strange face.
Gong Xiaodao said, "This is because our ancestors have lived on the ground for generations, so the concept of having the ground is safe has long branded all of us. This is what people have in their genes. High-rise buildings will have an idea of wanting to jump because we will recognize the ground as the safest in the depths of our subconscious mind. Fortunately, we humans have a complex regulatory system to change this dangerous idea, otherwise we will see many people jumping from high-rise buildings inexplicably. Now everyone has this idea because of our genes and subconscious mind."
At Gong Xiao, Su Li said, "Do you know more about Gong Xiao? Do I feel this way before or do I have a slight fear of heights? Now I know that this is the reason."
As Su Li spoke, he jumped over the wall piled up by this rock, and saw that the rock was full of blood, and then fell to the ground and trampled on the soft soil, which felt like it was soaked with red juice.
Nine leaders with more than 400 people have climbed over the wall piled up by a large number of rocks. In many places, the wall has collapsed, and there are a lot of rubble on the ground. This is because the rocks have been violently attacked and broken, and there are many burnt marks on the ground.
When they landed, they saw a lot of cracks criss-crossing the ground, and there were traces left over from fighting everywhere.
"It’s a terrible war. Is it true that all the people who stayed here are dead?" Even some have been playing around. At the moment, Zhang Haohao’s face is shocked. He muttered and looked up in the direction of the top of the mountain in Yuping Peak.
Gao Shengyi said, "We are divided into nine teams, and it is best not to exceed 100 meters apart from each other. If you find anything, you will scream at the signal and close immediately when you hear it."
Everyone nodded and agreed to come. After that, the nine leaders led their own hands, and fifty people were separated from each other by dozens of Milla. The long battle formed a long snake and set off towards the top of the mountain.
Although the terrain is steep, there are rocks and trees everywhere, but everyone is not ordinary, and his skill is more agile than that of apes. This terrain is not difficult for everyone.
Su Li took Ding Longyun, Gong Xiao, Jiang Shuixuan, Jiang Xiaodong, Geng Yanan, Song Huagang and others. Of course, Xu Xuehui and the water scale beast also followed him.
"Girl, have you found anything?" Su Li looked at Xu Xuehui
Xu Xuehui looked at it for a while before saying, "I can’t see anything but trees and stones …"
"So this mountain is estimated to be nothing to find" Gongxiao frowned slightly.
Ding Longyun said, "If that’s the case, it’s a good place to stay. It’s much better than that terrible Nanjiang city. Let’s find a flat place and cut down some trees to build some wooden houses."
Chapter 333 Hirudo
Su Li shook his head. "It shouldn’t be that simple. There may have been a very fierce battle here, but now there is no one to see. Either these people are dead or these people are divorced."
Gong Xiaodao said, "No matter what the reason is, we must investigate clearly. If we really want to decide to live here, we must find out whether it is really safe."
While communicating, everyone shuttled through the trees along the head-on slope and climbed to the top of the mountain.
Everyone is very fast. The altitude of Yuping Peak is more than 600 meters, which is not very high. In a short time, everyone is close to the top of the mountain.
Just then, several people in Suli stopped suddenly because they saw a figure lying on the ground more than ten meters ahead, which looked like a corpse.
Everyone is alert at once and then slowly approaches.
This is a human corpse with a pale face and no color in it. It is a young man in his twenties. Although he is dead, his eyes are wide open, and he looks as if he is dying.
Jiang Shuixuan said, "Do you want to send a signal to let others come over?" The sudden discovery of a human body here is also a kind of discovery, and she thinks she should inform others.
Su Li was about to speak when Song Huagang cried, "Come here quickly. There are two bodies behind this pile of rocks."
Su Li immediately swept a few meters around the back of this pile of rocks and immediately found two bodies.
These two bodies, a man and a woman, are about thirty years old, and the woman looks less than twenty. At the moment, they are all pale and their eyes are wide open, and there is no breath of life.
Su Li looked at the two bodies in this place with a thoughtful look, and suddenly there was a long whistle hundreds of meters away.
This is a long whistle from Gao Shengyi.
According to the previous agreement, if you find something, you will scream and everyone will close it immediately when they hear it.
"Go" Su Li had a low drink and ran straight to the whistling place hundreds of meters away.
Gong Xiao, Ding Longyun, Jiang Shuixuan and others followed.
Attached to the discovery of three bodies, everyone’s heart was a little heavy, and the beast with water scales still looked very cheerful. Attached to the flying longitudinal chase, Su Li was at the forefront.
It has now evolved into a normal running state with an amazing speed of ten levels, and even Su Li is not as good as it.
Soon Su Li was 100 meters away and saw 50 people from the "New World", such as Gao Shengyi and Grade One.
Followed by Ding Shi brothers and sisters also arrived with fifty Genesis people.