However, Lin Yue doesn’t want to connect everyone to the wasteland at one breath. He also has some ideas of his own.

"Xiao Bai asked them if there were only a handful of people in the Shenjiao clan or if there were many like Wolf-headed people?"
Xiaobai nodded his head, and after asking the leaders of the three horns, Ma gave Lin Yue a reply, "Master, they know their own people, and his tribe is said to have been wiped out long ago in the battle with foreign countries, leaving nothing behind."
"… was destroyed a long time ago?"
Lin Yue heard this sentence and suddenly remembered one thing.
Sun Shuyi, the old grandson, once said that when they first experienced this survival game, they met strange monsters with "red skin" and "looks like a demon"
But when he saw it, the monster was already dead.
But I didn’t say in detail what this monster really looks like.
But the monster with red skin and muscular muscles and horns, two arms and four legs in front of him is indeed a little like a "devil"
If it is said that these God-horned clans are demons that I said before, then there is some correspondence between what this leader said, "It was destroyed in the battle with foreign countries a long time ago."
And more than that.
There is also such a record in the werewolf chronology.
It was also a long time ago, a hundred years ago, they met many creatures like humans or other races and fought with them, and finally they were forced to settle down in the closed huge valley.
Then what the God Horn clan said should be a wave of survival events.
However, Lin Yue now feels that it is very likely that the scale of a wave of "100 million people" should be to forget these humanoid creatures. After all, they all said the same thing.
At a time when the number of human beings participating in this survival should not be too large.
"It’s the owner, the Shenjiao clan, who doesn’t have their own concept of time. Their literature mainly develops the battle surface. Because of lack of food, they can do more." Xiaobai continued to translate dutifully.
Lin Yue nodded. He looked at the Hornets’ weapons.
Knives, spears, crossbows and even some strange weapons, they all have some.
Body armor is also developed to metal. It seems that they also have some in this respect.
"Xiaobai, let’s take a thousand people back this time and let them stand by first. Let’s settle down and decide how to come back, and then say what you think."
Lin Yue thought for a while and finally decided to go first.
If you care, it will be the best.
If you don’t care, it won’t cost much to do this experiment once.
"Master, they said there was no problem and they were willing to obey the master’s orders and be loyal." Xiaobai finally replied after talking with the leader.
"That’s good, then let’s hurry back. Xiaobai has a lot to do. There are still a lot of these 1000 people who will follow us away from him and let them continue to wait for when we’re done over there and come back to pick it up." Lin Yue finally said.
Xiaobai translated this sentence into the other party’s words and gave it to the three corners. The leader of the three corners also agreed and picked out 1000 lucky viewers to follow Lin Yue away.
"Surprisingly … this time actually brought so many foreign …"
Lin Yue came to think that "if it is not my race, it will be different."
But before the huge difference in strength, these aliens are not much different from ants in his eyes.
If he wants to send a Grenade directly, these aliens with long heads and horns will become treasure boxes, and there will be no chance to resist.
But how much of their real strength Lin Yue thinks it can be verified a little.
If it’s powerful enough, we can give them a plan on the wasteland and then let them deal with lizard people or secret animals or the outermost wall to kill the enemies who may invade one by one
So Lin Yue decided to take 1000 people to go first this time and settle them in the wasteland first, and then …
"Master, do you want to use them as weapons?" Small white suddenly asked
"What do you think of this plan, Xiaobai?"
"Master Xiaobai really means this. Their weapons are more advanced than lizard people, but they just don’t know the fighting capacity. Xiaobai thinks we can try to let them station at the oil river sub-base to see what their fighting capacity will be like."
Xiaobai looked back at more than 1,000 people picked out by the Angle clan, almost all of whom are males. From the appearance, each of them is the kind of fighting capacity off the charts.
"Oil River Sub-base … although the lizard man was killed by us over there, it is true that they will never let it go. After all, the total altar and the lizard man will definitely run back and dig up the huge stone statue … that’s just right."
Lin Yue thought about it and thought it was feasible.
If there are these horned monsters in the oil river base, you can expect them to fight. The werewolf will be there for a while. If the horned monsters give strength, it seems just right
"If the master thinks it’s okay, then try it. Xiaobai thinks we have to leave."
Lin Yue nodded his head.
It’s true that when I came here for a long time, I thought it was just a little stroll, and I didn’t expect to stay for so long.
But it’s not without gains.
"Xiaobai, you go and tell Xiaomeng about their things here, let them evacuate first, and then go back to the shelter with a thousand people. I’ll go back to the oil river and get a bigger village for them first."
"Master, please rest assured that Xiaobai will arrange it."
After Lin Yue got a reply from Xiaobai, Ma started the super alloy flying armor and took the lead to return to the exploration gate. Then he went straight to the direction of the oil river branch base.
When he came near the sub-base, he already heard the dense machine guns coming from there!
Chapter 519 Test
The dense guns keep coming from the direction of the oil river base, which is extremely harsh in this barren wilderness.