"I’m" xianggong "… I’m" xianggong "and he’s poisoned." Cai Wenji cried and said, "Last night in the middle of the night, he was obsessed with the witch girl Fushou, and the old ugly ghost was poisoned by her. When I got the news, the old ugly face was blacker than Mo, and I haven’t woken up yet. Listen to Mandarin Hou and say that he may not survive today. Now I’m trying to find my father to discuss it."

Cai Yong mysteriously looked around and Cai Wenji strangely choked, "What are you looking for, father?" Cai Yong dark scold a stupid daughter had to stumble and say, "It’s not convenient to talk here." Cai Wenji suddenly realized that he quickly said to Dong Peng, "Peng Er helps your grandfather to your room." Dong Peng, which is most favored by Kang Peng and Cai Wenji, already has his own room. Cai Yong’s identity is naturally inconvenient to enter Kang Peng. Many wives live in the backyard, but it’s perfect to enter his grandson Dong Peng’s room.
Cai Yong’s father, daughter and grandson entered Dong Peng’s room. Naturally, someone quickly reported to Kang Peng, his wife, who was waiting nervously outside Kang Peng’s bedroom door. Because Lu Bu and Diao Chan had arrived at the waiting room beside Kang Peng, Jia Xu drove their department out of Fang Wenlu. He couldn’t help but be furious and angry. "Xianggong is still in the mood to talk to her father about what her heart is?"
Among more than a dozen wives in Kang Peng, Wen Lu and Huang Yueying dare and Cai Wenji face to face to hear Wen Lu shouting and cursing the two princesses, Da Qiao, Gan Bi and Zhen Fu, etc., and Cai Wenji confidant Sun Shangxiang and Wu Xin are crying and have moved the workbench outside Kangpeng’s bedroom. Ahearn raised her head and said lightly, "Maybe she can’t wait for" xianggong "to die early to talk with her father. Naturally, she wants to pull foreign aid to pave the way for her son to succeed to the throne." When she said this, Ahearn was still making her new hair.
"What time are you still tinkering with your telegraph?" See Huang Yueying a pair of things don’t have their own appearance, Wen Lu didn’t good the spirit make a sudden snatch to Huang Yueying hand tools "don’t do it, move your clever head and get us an idea".
"Don’t" Huang Yueying pressed the magnet in his hand and pouted. "This is" xianggong "who asked me to do it, which is of great help to the great cause of" xianggong ".Wen Lu and Huang Yueying are pulling a Kang Peng Qinbing outside to rush to Huang Yue and say," Eleventh Lady, your father Huang Xueshi is outside the door and I hope you can meet him. "
"No" Huang Yueying immediately said without blinking "Go and tell my father that I didn’t see him when I stayed with" xianggong ""QinBing promised to go to Wen Lu in a hurry and wondered "What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you see your father? "
Huang Yueying’s bright eyes quietly glanced at Kang Peng’s bedroom and said, "Sister Wen, you are so stupid. My father has always hated Xianggong’s guts. Now Xianggong’s body is highly toxic and life and death are unpredictable. He must have come to me to inquire about Xianggong’s injury, and then he advised me that my son would fight for the position. My family can also rise as a rising tide lifts all boats, but it is the status of consorts to control Xianggong soldiers."
"Are you confused? Where are you from? " Wen Lu was a little heavy on Huang Yueying’s forehead, but Wen Lu was immediately surprised. In Huang Yueying’s words, he was furious and pulled out his sword. "What happened to the bitch" xianggong "?She even wanted to unite her relatives to tear down the foundation of Xianggong?" Scold Wen Lu and rushed to get even with Cai Wenji, but Kang Peng’s bedroom door immediately called Jia Xu out and shouted, "Wait a minute, Mrs. Nine."
"The Nine Lady King once issued an order" Jia Xu Landau "When the King was in trouble, please ask the two kings to make an interim order. Jia Xu Faxiaozhi, Pang Shiyuan, Lu Jing and Xu Yuanzhi assisted Jia Xu to send someone to inform Pang Shiyuan, Lu Jing and Xu Yuanzhi to return to Chang ‘an immediately. Now the West Cool Army should ask the two Wang Zun ladies not to salute the two kings."
"What?" Wen Lu almost couldn’t believe his ears flustered and said "old ugly ghost really such an order? What is Yi ‘er, not Yi ‘er, to supervise the country? Why do you want to supervise the country? " Jia Xu nodded solemnly, and Lu Bu and Diao Chan also came out of the room, admitting that Kang Peng once ordered Wen Lu’s chest to explode almost, and Princess Anyang and Dong Yi’s mother knew it would be like this. As a result, they didn’t expect fame, but they cried silently.
"Jia Junshi Wen Hou, thank you for your brave words." At this moment, Wen Lu came to Cai Wenji and was ecstatic. Wen Lu looked back and saw Cai Wenji and Cai Yong. They had already arrived in Cai Wenji with Dong Peng, and then they gave Wen Lu a vicious look and asked Giffin, "Jia Junshi, how is his situation now?"
Jia Xu looked dim. Lyu3 bu4 lowered his head and couldn’t see the expression. Seeing the muscles twitching in his face, he was obviously gnashing his teeth. Diao Chan cried, "My father-in-law is still in a coma because he poisoned his lungs and abdomen. Now the Chinese imperial doctor is acupuncture and moxibustion to stop the poisonous gas and try to make my father-in-law stay longer."
The "Big King" courtyard was full of sadness, and Kang Peng’s wives were crying. Cai Wenji, after all, Kang Peng had deep feelings. Although her eyes were still in the heart, she couldn’t help crying. Huang Yueying was still doing her job. Fortunately, everyone knew that she had always been this temper, and no one went to care about her.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for your loss," Jia Xu choked. "The army can’t wait for the king in one day. Jia Xu will immediately call the officials of Changan Wenwu to determine the position of the two kings. Princess Four can take the two kings with her to other princesses. Please wait on the king here just in case."
After Jia Xu, Lu Bu, Diao Chan and Cai Wenji left, Wen Lu swore at the back of Cai Wenji, deeply hating that his belly didn’t live up to expectations and didn’t give birth to Cai Wenji. Otherwise, Cai Wenji wouldn’t be so arrogant now. Kang Peng and his wife are still crying. Huang Yueying is still at her airport, while Princess Anyang takes Dong Yi to kneel in front of Kang Peng’s bedroom and can’t afford Kang Peng’s silent prayer.
Regardless of the situation outside Kang Peng’s door, Jia Xu called Dong Zhuojun’s civil and military officials in Chang ‘an in the Wangfu Hall. Except for Zhao Yun and Seibel, other people’s departments arrived in Qi. Jia Xu asked Cai Wenji to sit in the middle with Dong Peng and read out Kang Peng’s decision to let Dong Peng supervise the country.
"Jia Junshi is poor." Jia Xu was so angry that he was the first to jump out to oppose balcom. It was Kang Peng who had the best political vase in hand and supported Kang Peng, but he also supported the unified balcom. "Since ancient times, it has always been a long-term office. What is the truth? Waste big king and two kings. This is a disorderly way. "
Cai Wenji’s face was furious and glared at Dong Zhuojun’s stubborn Xu Jing, but Xu Jing still glared at Jia Xu with fear. Other similar Xu Jing loyal to Dong Zhuojun and pursuing orthodoxy Dong Zhuojun’s wenwu also echoed Xu Jing’s questioning of the legitimacy of Dong Peng’s succession, which made Cai Wenji’s face more and more ugly.
"This is the king’s password," Jia Xu replied coldly, but balcom immediately retorted, "Because it is only a password, I doubt the legality of this command. Perhaps someone deliberately faked the king’s password to seize the opportunity to rob himself of his wealth and wealth."
Jia Xu closed his eyes and ignored balcom’s questioning to himself. At this moment, it was determined that among the ministers of Fuzheng, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Fazheng was forced not to jump out. "How could it be that Xu’s adult sent Jia Junshi to be loyal to the king?" Looking at this message in accordance with the law must be that the real army can’t wait for a day. I still obey the orders and immediately establish two kings to supervise the country. It must not delay the affairs of state. "
Dong Zhuo’s military faction is full of followers of various leaders. As soon as Fa Zheng made this statement, Dong Zhuo’s military officials immediately echoed it. Some people have already knelt down at Cai Wenji and Dong Peng, and Cai Wenji’s face has finally looked better. Xu Jing and his gang are naturally not to be outdone. Ma pointed out that this is Fa Zheng’s selfish behavior and resolutely refused to recognize Dong Peng’s status as a supervisor of the country. He is even more ignorant of political stupidity and asked to establish Kang Peng, the director of the country, Dong Yi, and the supervisor of the country. After the orthodoxy, he almost didn’t faint Cai Wenji.
In the hall, the two factions were bickering and deadlocked almost to the point of being tense. At this moment, Lu Bu suddenly roared and suppressed all the sounds. Only then did he remember that Dong Boss had a nominal length-and he was also the successor of the first position. At that time, the hall was quietly waiting for Lu Bu to break into a furious rage, but Lu Bu rubbed his leg and was pinched by Diao Chan. Without saying a word, he pulled up Diao Chan and rushed out of the hall angrily.
Cai Yong hooked up and said that these three surnames of slaves are really impatient, which can help me a lot. Cai Yong secretly looked at Chen Gong and saw Chen Gong. He was also peeking at himself. Cai Yong immediately made a wink to Chen Gong. Chen Gong knew how to get out of the queue and fuels. "Gentlemen, now is not the time to argue about who is the orthodox king? Your majesty’s life and death are unpredictable. Our first task is to stabilize the morale of the people, otherwise it will inevitably lead to a ruin. "When Chen Gong said this, his eyes looked away and Lu Bu’s back made everyone white. What did he mean by a ruin?"
Chen Gong was one of the first people to follow Kang Peng. He was an old man in Dong Zhuojun’s army. His words won applause from Li Jue, Guo Si and Zhang Ji. These veteran Dong Zhuojun, whose hands are covered with blood, all know the truth. Once we leave the banner of Dong Zhuojun, we will definitely die miserably. Now the first thing to do is to make sure that a core will be robbed by Dong Zhuojun’s veteran and Lu Bu. At that time, there is really no place for Dong Zhuojun’s old man to stand.
"The king really made the second Jude Wong office" Chen Gong added that "this command was also heard by the king Chen Gong" Jia Xu closed his eyes slightly and flashed a light shirt, but it passed and closed his eyes again. Chen Gong continued "Chen Gong suggested that the two kings should immediately supervise the country to see if it was orthodox or not. In the future, we will talk about the rejuvenation of the king’s wonderful hand. Maybe the king will soon recover by then, and whoever is loyal and who is raped will have his own king’s judgment."
Chen Gong suggested that he should get a firm agreement to gain benefits from it. The law was decent and naturally supported the old Xiliang school. He also agreed to speak with the heaviest weight. Jia Xu was noncommittal. The appeasement school was weak-because it supported Sergeant Dong Zhuo, Lin was so poor that he had to bow his head and admit defeat, so Dong Peng’s status as a state supervisor was determined. Cai Wenji has been gloomy and finally smiled.
"Thank you for being a child," said Cai Wenji, patting Dong Peng’s little face, but Dong Peng rolled his eyes and didn’t talk. Cai Wenji Nai had to give up letting his son buy off the minister’s heart. At this moment, Jia Xu said, "Since everyone has no opinion, I will show my solemnity to Wang Erhang’s courtiers." But Cai Yong and balcom and others, including everyone, have already knelt down to Cai Wenji’s mother, but there is still one person standing upright and not kneeling. Cai Wenji and Jia Xu have never spoken to Hua Xin.
"Fish Xiandi, what’s wrong with you?" Jia Xu woke Hua Xin and said, "Now is the time to salute the two kings and kneel down quickly."
Hua Xin just woke up from a dream and patted his forehead and apologized, "Don’t blame Hua Xin, the strategist, for thinking about one thing just now, so he lost his mind."
"What can fascinate you so much?" Cai Yong said unhappily, "Can you forget my gift?" Cai Yong and his gang are the people who despise and hate Hua Xin the most. Hua Xin threatened Xian Di with a knife in the court. King Kang Peng has already blacklisted Cai Yong and other major events, and Hua Xin is doomed.
"I was just calculating the food situation of Chang ‘an people," Hua Xin said honestly. "Today, Chang ‘an is under martial law, and people are not allowed to go out. There must be many people who have run out of food at home. I plan to provoke a batch of food from the official warehouse and send it to all streets and lanes to sell to the people who have run out of food. Should I hesitate whether we should sell food at parity or slightly below the market price?"
Cai Yong and Cai Wenji were furious together. Cai Yong reprimanded, "Hua Yu, you are becoming more and more indistinguishable now. Now is the time to determine the position of Xiliang Army. Do you still have to consider the promotion? Do you know what it means to be humble?"
"Good idea" Jia Xu glanced at Hua Xin coldly and said lightly, "You go and do it quickly. Martial law is a nuisance, and it is lower than the market price. Selling food is a compensation for the people. Although it is small, it must not be neglected by the national economy and people’s livelihood."
"I’ll do it if the villain obeys you." Hua Xin made a deep bow to Jia Xu and ran out of the Wangfu Hall in such a hurry that he forgot to salute Dong Peng. Fa Zheng, Cai Yong, Chen Gong and balcom watched several people together and cursed "The old slick is afraid of dislocation now!"
Jia Xu and Fazheng took the lead and led Dong Zhuojun to solemnly salute Dong Peng. After that, Chen Gong added, "Jia Jun’s adult learning from the law, you two big people, Xu’s adult and Lu’s adult are all ministers of auxiliary government. The other three adults are thousands of miles away, and it is difficult to rush back to Chang ‘an. Jia Junshi has to take care of the king’s army, civil affairs and civil affairs. I’m afraid Chen Gong is too busy to dare to suggest looking for several people to replace the three ministers of auxiliary government to assist Fa’s adult auxiliary government."
"Mr. Gongtai wants to recommend himself?" Fazheng was furious and couldn’t help but ridicule Chen Gong Daozheng. Now the situation is very clear. The army was grasped by Jia Xu and he couldn’t get into it. He couldn’t beat the old fox Jia Xu himself. As early as Kang Peng’s conquest of Yizhou, Fazheng wanted to challenge the military record position of Jia Xu Dong Zhuojun, but Jia Xu played a small trick and kicked Fazheng back from the army to the rear area to Jia Xu’s best friend Marotta. If it wasn’t for Marotta’s father-in-law to recruit talents, it would have been based on the fact that Fazheng law enforcement was too partial to one side. Fa Zheng’s rectification is dead, but from then on, Fa Zheng was afraid of Jia Xu and dared not intervene in the army again. However, Dong Zhuojun’s civil administration is not dominant now, and Jia Xu has never intervened in civil administration. He is trying to take this opportunity to grasp the future of civil administration and get extra points, so he has to be divided by others.
"No" Chen Gong shook his head toward Cai Yong and said, "I want to recommend the contemporary Confucian scholar and the grandfather of the two kings, Cai Yong Cai Da, who assisted Cai Da’s grandfather, and the grandfather of the two kings was admired by Tian Shilin. Cai Da’s civil administration in our army is bound to go smoothly."
"Good idea," Cai Wenji immediately said. "If you fight the tiger, you will ask my father to come out to help his grandson."
Chapter 30 Consequences of Dong Boss’s Assassination ()
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It’s another night, but it’s dark and dark, and dense clouds cover the day of Chang ‘an. Even a lone star can be seen. There is a breeze blowing in the sultry air, and the wind is getting stronger and stronger. Even in summer nights, it can make people cool. With a dazzling flash, it cuts across the sky, but there are scattered soybean raindrops that hit the skin and hurt.
"Yi son, you go back to your room first." Princess Anyang has been kneeling in front of Kang Peng’s bedroom for a day. She hoarse and said to Ai Dong Yi, who also knelt in front of Kang Peng for a day. "It’s going to rain heavily. Mom, continue to pray for your father here. You are still young. Go back to your room to shelter from the rain."
"No," Dong Yi said stubbornly, "I want to accompany my mother and father to pray for her father’s health, so I will kneel here and never get up. This is a test of the day. If you insist on your father’s blessing, your father will be able to recover."
"Good boy," cried Princess Anyang, touching her dark hair with tears in her eyes. "Did you see it, Your Majesty? Your child is very filial. Don’t discriminate against him. He is a good boy. "
Another flash lit up the rainy night, and the rain spots became more and more dense, almost forming a rain curtain. In an instant, Princess Anyang was drenched. The rainstorm thunder had driven everyone in the Wangfu compound into the room. In the big Kang Wang mansion, Princess Anyang was left kneeling alone in the flooded instep rain, kneeling in front of Kang Peng’s bedroom.
I don’t know how long it took before Kang Peng’s bedroom door suddenly hit and he was waiting by Kang Peng’s side. For nearly a day, Hua Tuo cried in front of the door, "The rain of Princess Wang will spoil your health and that of King Wang. Please bring King Wang in to take shelter from the rain."
"Thank you for your kindness." Princess Anyang raised her head with beautiful face. Rain and tears have merged into a stream along Pakistan. Princess Anyang sobbed, "I have sworn to heaven that I must pray for the King here until he recovers, or I will never get up." Princess Anyang grew up in court and knew that she had not chosen Kang Peng’s life. If she could not be rescued, her growth would become a stumbling block for some people. If she did not move this stumbling block, some people would never be able to rest in peace. Although Kang Peng was fickle, his life was closely tied to that of Princess Anyang.
"Mandarin Hou, please close the door quickly." Dong Yi, who was shivering in the wind and rain, said, "My mother said that patients can’t be blown by cold wind. My father is in poor health and can’t be blown by strong wind."
Thin Hua Tuo gazes at the heavy rain and prays devoutly for Princess Anyang, sighing for a long time and quietly closing the door …
At the same time, in Chang ‘an Cheng Terrace, although the thunderstorm is heavy, it can’t cover up the exultation in the Bie Palace. When it was nearly midnight, the lights in the main hall were filled with people. Han Xiandi, Dong Cheng, Cai Yong, Ji Ping and Wang were all loyal to Han Xiandi, and there was another person who should not be here-Chen Gong.
"Brother Bo is addicted to clever tricks, ghosts and gods are unpredictable, and it’s really admirable to save Li Min from fire and water." Dong Cheng laughed and saluted Cai Yong, Cai Yong hurriedly modestly reciprocated, and Dong Cheng laughed again. "Dong thief never dreamed that he would be torn apart by military and political officials who trusted him before he died."
Today, in Kang Wang House, Chen Gong proposed that Cai Yong fill the vacancy and participate in Fuzheng Cai Wenji’s promise, but it was resolutely opposed by Xu Jingpai, who sought to lead the people’s justice, decency and orthodoxy. Li Jue, Guo Si and other veteran Dong Zhuojun were loyal to Dong Laoda and opposed to plotting to overthrow Dong Laoda Cai Yong. Cai Wenji was not an oil lamp. Dong Peng and Cai Yong’s relatives insisted on Cai Yong’s participation in politics. Unfortunately, Dong Zhuojun’s civil and military ministers were not good men and women, and everyone wanted to make more profit for themselves. Cai Yong was an excuse. After being demoted by the imperial court and Dong Zhuojun, Shu Ren and Cai Wenji argued and argued. No one on both sides said no, and no one ended up in a bad end. However, Cai Wenji was used to finding out the reputation of Kang Wang Dayin Dong Peng from Kangpeng’s room, so that Cai Yong could be assisted and Gai Kangpeng Dayin was angry. Dong Zhuojun was furious.
"Cai’s adult is really a pillar of the country. Please drink this wine fully." The face smiled. Emperor Han Xian personally poured a glass of wine for Cai Yong. Cai Yong was so happy that he kneeled nine times before giving thanks. Cai Yong said, "Long live Cai Yong’s milli-inch work, the real Cai Yong’s advice and secret helper are Chen Gong’s adult Chen. Please check long live."
Han Xiandi Daqi heard Cai Yong’s explanation before he realized that Chen Gong, who was loyal to the Han Dynasty when he hijacked the Han Xiandi and moved westward in Kang Peng, was dissatisfied with Kang Peng’s shaking of the country’s atrocities and refused to plead ill. In a secret conversation, Cai Yong, Wan Fu and others joined forces with Dong Zhuojun, who was also loyal to the Han Dynasty, and were more familiar with Dong Zhuojun’s military situation. Chen Gong once hated and analyzed Dong Zhuojun’s reactions after Kang Peng’s sudden death, recognizing that Dong Zhuojun would inevitably fall apart after Kang Peng’s death. That was the night when Cai Yong offered his advice.
"Chen Aiqing also please fill this cup" Han Xiandi poured Chen Gong a glass of wine and sealed it. "Chen Aiqing is in Dong Yingxin’s heart, and he has been rewarded for his hard work in the Han Dynasty." Han Xiandi had long seen Kang Peng get along with the original servant Zhu Xie, who was not pleasing to the eye, and was sure to be sent to the grave by Han Xiandi to accompany Kang Peng. His replacement was just picked up by Chen Gong.
After waiting for Chen Gong to bow down to Shane, Emperor Xian of Han asked, "I don’t know what Ai Qing is going to do next. How should Cai Aiqing and Dong Aiqing cooperate with Aiqing? "