All the ravens just made that kind of speech and wanted to test Cang Ming.

I didn’t expect the backhand to be held …
"Dark erosion is really unavoidable, but as far as I know, there are three ways to suppress the dark forces."
"Three methods?"
"The first is that the faded flame shines and the faded fire dissipates all the rules.
With faded fire shining, darkness can be suppressed for a long time.
The second is the vitality confrontation, that is, the forced hedging with the darkness on the fragments of forest rules, which is harmful to the body but can really suppress the erosion of darkness. "
After hearing the two methods, the crow looks a little ugly.
The first is illusory, and the second is that he already knows the information, which sounds a little nothing.
Cang Ming isn’t fooling him, is he?
"Lord Cang Ming, is there a third kind?"
"Ha ha, I know you are in a hurry, but don’t worry yet. The third kind is reincarnation."
"Yes, the flesh and blood are bitter and weak, and the life is soaring. If you want to get rid of the darkness, you can do it in addition to two ways."
Hearing this, the raven looks much better.
Cang Ming’s ability to say these methods should be based on clues or information about these methods.
This is his life.
"Which one do you think I should choose, Lord Cang?"
Cang Ming smiled unfathomably.
"That depends on which one you want to choose."
"think? Do I have a choice? " The raven was surprised. He didn’t know what Cang Ming meant.
Maybe … he didn’t dare to continue thinking about it because he thought it was too incredible.
But he was a little uneasy about Rarity.
"My Lord Cangming, I want to ask what kinds can be done now?"
"You have to wait patiently for a few days. You can have it in three ways.
So I said, I know you are in a hurry, but you really don’t worry. "
Cang Zhen mi Xu came to the raven with a negative eye and a negative hand
The crow was dazed, which was perhaps the most incredible answer.
He knelt in front of Cang Ming directly.
"I want adult Cang Ming, but I can solve the dark erosion. I am willing to help adult Cang Ming!"
Cang Ming smiled a little evil.
He patted the crow on the shoulder.
"It’s also a strange master. Don’t be so humble in front of others. You must always safeguard your own dignity, don’t you think?"
"It’s Cang Ming’s adult’s lesson."
The raven quickly got up and bowed his head and retreated.
With this episode, the two of them looked at Cang Ming, and their eyes were even more inexplicable.
But what really awed them was the flying feather not far away.
That’s a real god!
God of flesh and blood!
"Well, since several partners stood me up today, let’s wait for a few more days.
Whether they arrive or not in seven days, we will stick to the original plan, all right? "