"If other city-states have no power, will the rich be cut off?"

"Leek? That’s probably what it means. Old Mohn has tried his best to search for longevity fruit, but one’s energy is limited after all, and many people don’t want old Mohn to continue to live.
After what happened today, I want him to die even more. "
Hearing Li Wen say this, Xu Le said that he didn’t feel guilty, but he was more or less uncomfortable.
After all, the old man Mohn looks good and is good for himself.
"Is that so? I see."
Xu Le didn’t take the initiative to go to anything like longevity fruit.
After so much experience, he won’t make a promise easily, because he has no definite result yet, and he is not 1% sure even if he seeks the fruits of longevity.
"Come on, since Mohn invited us to the party, we should all go and see it, just to show you a so-called elite circle."
Xu Le nodded and looked at Mrs Archie.
"Doesn’t she need to deal with one?"
"Someone will take care of it after we leave."
Li Wenxian left the proving ground, and Xu Le followed him in a small car.
When everyone followed Li Wen’s car to Moen Manor, Xu Le found that he still underestimated the life of the rich.
The roof of this man is like a castle, and it is not a normal castle.
Part of it is antique style, and part of it is that the battle platform is filled with all kinds of weapons and rockets.
The last part is full of all kinds of messy art, especially all kinds of beautiful women’s fruit paintings
"I didn’t expect Mr. Mohn to collect such art."
"He’s artistic. These are pictures of women he slept with."
Xu Le …
Wang Shu?
Xia Libo?
Xu Le counted the portraits placed here, and the more he counted, the more he marveled. This is the real model for us!
"I didn’t expect Mr. Mohn to have such a glorious past."
Xu Le praised Xia Libo and Wang Shu for saying that there must be Alley pie pie.
Because it has been approved by the lawmakers before, this banquet is just a pastime, and Mohn didn’t add any extras.
He also didn’t make any additional introductions and recommendations to Xu Le.
After the highest level of opinion is unified, the information will be gradually handed over to the concerned people, the concerned family officials, and they will know the information in Xu Le the next time.
Of course, when Xu Le investigates the future period, it will definitely not be less, and it will not rule out that some people have won more new energy sources to win over Xu Le.
For example, seduction and seduction are normal means.
Although Xu Le is a decent young man, he still needs a reliable guard like Alley in the face of seduction and inducement.
Since it’s a pastime, several people in Xu Le just eat and drink casually in this area.
Enjoy a maid’s singing and dancing, then have a taste of Moen Manor food, and you can almost go back to work.
Wang Shu and Xia Libo went aside to grab something to eat, and they left it to Xu Le and Alley.
Xu Le gave Alley a glass of wine and then picked up a glass of juice for himself. Alley also accepted the touch.
"Congratulations, Xu Le. I didn’t expect you to get this far. It seems that you almost became a member of parliament."
Many lawmakers have agreed to Xu Le’s candidacy, and what needs to be done next is Xu Le’s campaign.
Newspaper advertisements announce that these things are very important, but these are not things that Xu Le needs to worry about. Li Wen and old Mohn will arrange it.
The next thing Xu Le needs to do is to honestly make soap in the soap factory. Zion needs a lot of soap.
Soap is the cornerstone of his becoming a member of parliament and the road.
Xu Le couldn’t help feeling when he heard Alley say that.