"I’m not as strong as your body, and my body is not weak." Li Yan’s eyes flashed and a knee bump directly kicked this red Luo Tuo over, and then a rabbit turned over and jumped up and stepped on his face again.

A shoe print clearly printed Chiluotuo’s face.
"Li Yanzun is going to kill you." Red light flashed at the roaring glance of Chiluo Tuo. Not only that, but the skin in his mouth also emitted red light for a moment. A monster with scarlet scales and eyes like snakes appeared in front of him.
"Show the true identity? But still have to step on "said Li Yan is a foot down.
Red Luo Tuo, this is a precaution. A red scale claw blocked Li Yan’s foot and then roared and slammed Li Yan and flew out.
"After recovery, my strength became twice as strong." Li Yan landed heavily, but there was no substantial damage. He immediately turned over.
Red Luo Tuo also got up at the moment, breathing heavily, and the heinous murder pervaded the surrounding area, but Li Yan was not inferior, narrowing her eyes, and the same amazing murder was not inferior to this monster. His murder can slay hundreds of thousands of monsters on the battlefield and condense out, which is stronger than most reverse fate.
His friar looked at the two men fighting before and suddenly looked at them in surprise.
"No way, this Li Yan is too bold. Not only did he hit the big demon handsome face, but he also stepped on two feet."
"Good backbone deserves to be my shame brother. These monsters are so arrogant that you should step on a few feet. At the moment, the monster has not been repaired. Although Li Yan has a destiny to repair, there is not much difference between the two sides. However, if it is restored after repair, it is hard to say that the monster can be tough and tight."
"This Li Yan … has some abilities." The big fellow Liu Shen couldn’t help but praise that it’s not a matter and courage to step on his feet with a big magic handsome face.
Not all monks dare to resist the power of adversity, just as rabbits dare not resist lions.
"Now this Li Yan is in trouble. After the magic weapon recovers, the strength should be much stronger. He is in the wind. If the magic weapon has the heart to directly throw Li Yan into hundreds of steps, then this Li Yan can’t turn over, but the most important thing is not to watch this Li Yan fight, but to reach the top of the mountain as soon as possible." Liu Shen andao
Li Yan also knows that he is in a situation where his strength is less than twice that of himself. It is difficult to win. If he is not careful, he may be thrown down the steps and fall to the surface. It is impossible to say where he is. However, what he thought of later could not help but reveal a playful smile.
"Come on, son-in-law, win this monster." Xiaoru can’t help anything at the moment.
"Rest assured that losing will definitely be this thing," Li Yan said.
When Chiluo Tuo heard this sentence, he couldn’t stand it. He immediately roared and rushed away. He vowed that after the restoration, he must peel the Li Yan and cramp it, and then fry it in the oil pan for a few days to taste the magic means.
Looking at the menacing monster Li Yan, the corners of his mouth smiled even more. His mind moved for a moment, and several weapons suddenly appeared in front of him, and then fell down.
"What?" Chiluotuo looked up in surprise, but he was greeted by a heavy weapon, which could be crushed with one hand at ordinary times, but now he is furious and growls, and the whole person can’t move when he is crushed with weapons.
"Ha ha, it’s beaten. Just lie here and see if the people behind you will be kind enough to let you out, but I don’t think so. They dare not touch your monster or wait for you to come and save you. But it’s hard to say whether they can move these weapons. Xiaoru, let’s go." Li Yan walked over and laughed. He just thought of this idea with a brainwave.
Xiao Ruqiao’s face is also full of joy. I didn’t expect my son-in-law to win this magic weapon. "My son-in-law finally won this magic weapon. Is it so easy to let it go?"
"What else can we do if we don’t let it go? We can’t kill it. It can only humiliate him. It’s better to keep going when it’s a wave," Li Yan said
Xiaoru can’t kill this monster if she thinks about it.
Li Yan stepped on the monster’s face again before he felt satisfied and then left Xiaoru.
Anyway, it’s already a bitter enemy. Just add one more foot
Red Luo Tuo bit his fangs and glared at Li Yan at the moment without saying a word. The surging murder came out of his body like a tide. You can imagine how angry he is now. A rebellious monster has been trampled on by his face for three feet in a row, not to mention that he is even a rebellious monster and has never been so insulted.
Li Yan has no doubt that once this magic weapon is restored and repaired, he will definitely try his best to fight for himself. However, from the current point of view, this magic weapon is still trapped, and before that, he should expand his advantages as soon as possible. It is best to find something to deal with this magic weapon or protect himself. Otherwise, it is always uncomfortable to hang on to a sword.
His four evil creatures never dare to hit this Li Yan when they see Chiluo Tuochang. Pay attention, they don’t want to be trampled on.
"Red Luo Tuo is planted and insulted by a mere human monk in the realm of destiny. Now this red Luo Tuo even dreams of beheading this Li Yan."
"We can’t intervene in this matter. Let’s let this Chiluo Tuo solve it. After his restoration, this Li Yan will die. We are now rushing to humiliate this reincarnation emperor. It’s really hateful to imprison our repair department, otherwise these buffoons will be so proud."
These monsters exchanged a few words with each other to show that they had temporarily let go of this Li Yan meaning.
To put it mildly is to let it go, but Li Yan can’t do anything about it.
No one intervened. Li Yan and Xiaoru soon passed more than a dozen steps at the top of the mountain, and they just needed to climb one more step.
"Children-in-law, we are the first to reach the top of the mountain." Xiaoru said excitedly that she looked back and looked down on everyone. Don’t leave these people behind unconsciously.
Li Yan leaned against the wall and patted his shoulder and said, "Turn it over quickly and don’t fall short at the end."
"Well," XiaoRu quickly turned over to Li Yan also climbed up smoothly.
In front of us is a towering hall, a huge platform with three platforms, but there is no so-called Lingbao in the three platforms.