Lin Yue went to the refitted large RV and patted its shell.

He accidentally found that the steel plate of this thing is quite thick!
"Boy bulletproof? RV bulletproof can be ok. "Lin Yue around this huge RV with a width of four meters and a length of fifteen meters and a height of four meters really felt that this thing was not the same as the RV he knew.
An RV like Earth … Where is it so big?
If you die, that’s half. Even if it’s good, usually.
Lin Yue went around again and finally came to the front of the car. He also observed the glass and found that the glass was bulletproof.
Pulling the heavy door, Lin Yue looked at the co-pilot and felt that there was no problem when he was a bed over there
He walked into the car and looked at all kinds of utensils and a large number of fixed tables and chairs. He looked at the toilet for five square meters and five square meters. After washing, he finally looked at the floor where he slept and found that there was a bed with a large width and a high-grade spring mattress.
"Boy, this thing is an RV? How many times more advanced than those who call themselves’ RV’? " Lin Yue sighed with emotion while wandering around the car.
Indeed, it turned out that when the earth watched those road-driving RVs or watched the video introducing RVs, Lin Yue once understood that those houses were narrow and the height was not enough, and the facilities in all aspects were not simple enough. How could cars be related to "houses"?
If you die, it’s not much different from that ten-dollar hostel
So Lin Yue has been unable to understand what kind of things can be called "RV"
But after the appearance of this RV, Lin Yue knew that this level had risen to the hotel level of several hundred dollars before it was closely related to the "RV"
"This car seems to be in accordance with the name or can transform … how to transform? Ten thousand upgrade design? Or say no? "
Lin Yue has a lot of upgrade design drawings, whether they are primary, intermediate or advanced, but do you need them for this RV renovation?
He thought about it and wandered around the RV for a while, looking for some modular devices that could be modified like M19 pistols. As a result, he couldn’t find them anywhere.
This is strange.
Lin Yue car turned a circle and even ran to the bottom and roof of the car without seeing the convertible position.
Strange …
He looked up and thought, but he saw the wall of the shelter and had an idea.
Wait, is that …
Lin Yue turned the RV into something and hit the tablet brain. Sure enough, a new interface appeared in the RV, and Lin Yue saw quite a lot of materials needed for the renovation proposal.
"What? Can you install a super-large drill bit to drill into the ground? Hmm? You can also get a crawler? Wait, this is … Boy, can I install a mechanical foot? " Lin Yue looked at this almost can be said to be "fantastic" all kinds of modification and reconstruction suggestions feel a little dazzling.
What’s more, he thinks it’s too jumping to unify these modification suggestions.
But the disadvantage is that if every part of this car wants to be rebuilt, it will be able to choose this direction, and other directions will be chosen.
For example, wheels can be changed into mechanical legs, but if they are changed into tracks, they can’t be changed back.
However, if you transform it into a mechanical leg, you can continue to transform it along this road and finally reach a boundary!
Lin Yue also had a wonderful idea after seeing the need to transform the mechanical leg of the wheel.
"Is it ok to change it to be an aunt like Transformers?" Lin Yue thought that the automatic device should be installed before he had to drive this big guy.
Isn’t there an autopilot that smells bad?
In the subsequent transformation, it is not in a hurry.
In addition to this RV, Lin Yue still wants to transform the armored vehicle that has been eating ash for a long time.
Speaking of which, I haven’t ever driven that thing out to fight … Can we try it?
Lin Yue felt that there were too many treasure boxes all the way out, and more and more things came out. Some things were seen once and then thrown into the warehouse to eat ash roots.
For example, the former forging platform, which was quite interested in building weapons by itself, got a sledgehammer for Xiaobai and threw it there.
Later, the sledgehammer was also broken in a battle, and he never went to the forging platform to make weapons.
Of course, Xiao Meng later fought with the incomparable impact of Machamp and his huge body
For another example, I would miss the melting furnace, but it was indeed true. In the end, because the treasure chest got a lot of titanium alloy, it was given a few times and then it went into the cold house.
Lin Yue felt as if he had to take a good self-examination.
"Do you want to make a list of things that have been passed and haven’t been passed much later, and then decompose them effectively, or exchange them out, but you can’t just put them away?"
Lin Yue felt a headache when he imagined that there were mountains of things in the huge warehouses of this main shelter.
But is there any way that the treasure chest will be so boring and dull in the end?
"Modification … let’s talk about it first. Let’s see him first." Lin Yueshi is not ready yet.
He does have some ideas about this modification, and the materials are enough, but at present there are still not many ways.
An RV … He has no plans to travel long distances, especially in this desolate world.
Lily Callahao really doesn’t want to move unless she lives not too far away.
Besides, it’s not the RV to go farther away.
Lin Yue shook his head. This thing is good, but at present it still has no too much value.
Put it away first. Who knows when it will be?
He looked at the design of the new "large-scale moving whistle and machine battery" in the flat plate.
This thing …
Lin Yue looked at the eyes a little and said
"Boy, this thing is really a battery. An area of 10 square meters is ok and the weapon seems to be launching grenades? Are you kidding me? This thing. "
Lin Yue didn’t expect that his newly-acquired battery design could be made. It’s really the kind of big guy like hanging a ship or a giant fortress.
"Launch grenades …" Lin Yue tried to think about it. Isn’t it an "immovable howitzer"?
But if this thing is put on the wall, hundreds of thousands of lizard people will surround the wall of his refuge. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of lizard people will not have enough roots once.
"Well, I’ve decided to install two sets on each wall early in the day. Anyway, this thing allows the little ice lizards to press the button to launch, but they are not afraid of the treasure chest." Lin Yue made up his mind and decided to equip his own wall with this powerful defense weapon early in the day.
Let’s not talk about it. Lin Yue thinks that a howitzer can knock down a giant creature, let alone a lizard man
Having decided this, he finally turned his attention to the M163 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun.
Not only did it come out, but also two cars came out!
Before the defense, he really didn’t have any good methods.
In the face of the enemy, they can rely on Xiaobai. If they come, they will fly armor and fly, and they are definitely not opponents of monsters who are born with wings.
Therefore, there is really no good way to deal with others by relying more on the inclined platform with medium-speed whistle and machine gun.
Besides, I met those flying lizards who were put into this different world by lizard people. What if there were something bigger and bigger that could fly into the sky?
For example, something similar to his Katyusha rocket came out of someone’s treasure chest and gave him a wave of high bombing …