At the same moment, a message appeared in his mind.

"Kill the dark giant and pass the test."
Su Li understood that the seventh test was to kill the dark giant after it appeared in front of him.
Sixth, the dark tentacle already has "superior" combat power. At present, the strength of this dark giant can be imagined, and it is definitely not something that he can fight against. When the message appeared in his mind, he did not hesitate to hit the mirage and take out the stone tools from it.
If there is a roar of terror, this dark giant moves.
If he guessed, the dark giant was stamping its feet, and the ground seemed to shake so fast that Su Li felt dizzy. He had an illusion that he was attacking a level 2 guide like a beautiful woman.
This is absolute power to crush, and even if he is holding a stone tool, he will not wave this dark giant, and then he will come to him, and that terrible dark giant will be shot at his head.
"Damn it!"
The other side was too fast. Su Li was shocked and launched the "sacred power"
The only way for him to evade is to exert divine power. Although this ability is suppressed by the dark source force in the sixth place, he is not sure whether he can exert it in the seventh place.
Launch the "divine power" and at the same time, he feels "reborn crystal" to make two preparations.
If the divine power works, he will be smashed to pieces by this dark hand. At that time, he will launch the "reborn crystal" and then split the right stone tool out to fight back.
The dark giant took a clap with a huge hand, but Su Li’s head was like nothing. Su Li’s right hand swung forward with a stone tool.
This time, the dark source force did not appear, and then suppressed his sacred force. Obviously, this can make the sacred force in the judgment of the dark source force.
Dark call a lucky seven seconds into the enemy’s state. Su Li is courageous and strong, which can save the crystal. The right-hand stone tool shoots a divine light and hits the dark giant.
Although this dark giant puppet is far stronger than a dark tentacle and much stronger than Su Li now, after all, it is not as strong as the second-level super-strong. I didn’t expect Su Li to have a counterattack force. Compared with the real human strong, the response is a little slow. A clap failed to hit Su Li and was hit by a stone tool.
The dark giant was swept away by the stone tool divine light, and the instant fly ash was extinguished.
Liu Xue’s strength can’t carry this stone tool, and even worse, this strength can’t reach the level 2 dark giant after.
After the dark giant was shattered, Su Li was in an enemy state and could withstand the impact of stone tools. It was necessary to make the living crystal busy again and throw this stone tool in.
Su Li’s mind immediately reappeared the message.
"Reward the dark heart by testing the first place."
With this message, Su Li saw that there were a lot of dark forces gathering in front of her, and soon she turned into a black heart-shaped crystal substance floating in front of him.
"Dark heart? Is this a treasure or a treasure? " Su Li made a "peep sign" observation and immediately a message appeared in his mind.
"The name of the dark heart is condensed by pure dark source force to form crystals, which contain powerful dark force. This force is very powerful from the dark source, but it is also terrible. You need to be careful to be swallowed up."
Sensing this message, Su Li looked slightly fiercely, but frowned slightly instead of immediately fusing this dark heart.
"This power comes from the dark source …" He thought of the sixth time when his divine power was suppressed by the dark source. It is conceivable that this dark source and other terrible things can make his divine power effective.
"I need to be careful to be swallowed up. What should I do?" Su Li gave a wry smile and wanted to think about it. He decided to put his mind at ease first and then look at the situation. After all, since this "peeping symbol pattern" wakes up, he needs to be careful to prevent himself from being swallowed up.
With a decision, Su Li reached out and grabbed the dark heart and wanted to put it into the world. When he didn’t want his right hand to grab the dark heart, he suddenly produced a terrible suction in his body and actually sucked it.
This dark heart, which looks like a crystal heart, immediately produces a violent reaction and suddenly emits a lot of black smoke like a struggle.
But it is strange to say that there seems to be a shape force around this dark heart that binds it. No matter how strong the dark heart erupts, no matter how strong it struggles and resists, it can’t be broken. This shape force is absorbed by the sudden terrorist force of the other body and continuously penetrates into his body through his right hand.
Su Li was shocked to see this incredible change in front of him. He knew where the sudden terrorist attraction came from, but it turned out to be his third talent, which had been nothing.
This third talent is full of mystery, even Su Li doesn’t know what it is. It has always been that if there is a ray of energy before swallowing it, the crystal can produce a ray of breath, but in addition, Su Lifa senses its message, not to mention the ability to make this third talent.
Chapter 561 The third talent
Now, it seems that it will take this dark heart as its prey and devour it desperately.
To Su Li’s shock, this dark heart formed by the power of the dark source can’t escape. The attraction of the third talent is constantly entering the body through his right hand and then being sucked in by the third talent.
With the absorption of a lot of energy from the dark heart, the third talent is so clear for the first time.
Su Li can clearly feel that he has a force of imagination, like a statue of a monster, which is slowly waking up.
This is the hidden potential of the third talent in his body, and he is constantly awakening by drawing on the power of the dark heart.
Su Li has always known that he needs enough energy to wake up his third talent, but he doesn’t know what energy is needed or where to find the energy to wake up his third talent
I didn’t expect to enter this dark refining field today and get a reward through this seventh. This dark heart was unexpectedly swallowed up by his third talent, which made him wake up.
This dark heart seems to be a living thing with self-awareness, and it is struggling desperately. Su Li’s right palm is constantly twisted to separate long and thin black tentacles, just like an octopus monster full of tentacles, which is very strange.
Su Li was more and more frightened when he saw it secretly. He just woke up in the message he "peeped at the symbol pattern" and needed to be careful about the reason why he was attacked by the dark forces.
This so-called dark heart is afraid of the root, which can be said to be a kind of creature in the dark. If it is really merged into it, it will be controlled by this dark heart in turn and become a puppet of this dark source.